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  1. So would you think it's a good move if Mangini threw Farve off the field for doing it?
  2. He slapped a Seahawk in the face and got a penalty....so Mike threw him off the field. Sounds to me like Mike has a problem with Davis because this **** happens in every game...it's called the heat of the battle. Singletary has been on the job for how many days? Did you hear his rant in the post game presser? How can you make that assessment of a player after a week on the job and toss him for something 500 players do every Sunday that didn't cost you the game? Did you miss the fact you entire team got their ass beat by a horrendous Seattle team,Mike? It looks like a dick move to me
  3. When the best thing about your football team is a ****ing message board.... you know you suck. This entire staff needs to be fired. Every last one of these mother****ers need to be shown the door and Eric Mangini can take his "High character" , low Athletic ability players with him.
  4. Yea...I don't like it. The first 3 songs I heard I liked ( Coldest Winter ,Heartless & love Lockdown ) But this Robocop song is terrible. I watched an interview where he said this album in just soemthing different he wanted to do...he fully plans on doing this hip-hop thing from here on out.
  5. I'm glad someone else is watching....good show IMHO
  6. Welcome to the nite crew.....check your pillow at the door
  7. We had a batch of bad Acid go around....no worries...it's 7 hours in and we are coming down now
  8. Truth. The only thing they could find was a shatner mask...so they spray painted it white and that's what the first mask was.
  9. I haven't had the heart to tell him. I know how he feels about me and I don't want to disappoint him,The guy has my picture in his wallet
  10. Mrs.T ...that might the solar system...but you're in my soul & system
  11. considering 7/8 of your body is covered in fur...where do you think?
  12. http://planet-facts.com/uranus-pictures.php I go there every summer on vacation ,I took this picture myself
  13. WTF are you babbling about? All the smilies are bald and look exactly like you!
  14. a pic of my anus Oooops....that's uranus
  15. I'm the King of the world..therefore King of the Nation by default
  16. Haters talking all crazy Like Imma talk back to 'em Nah Imma let the bat tattoo 'em Black & Blue 'Em & Chew 'Em Up and spit em out give you haters a little taste of what Im all about
  17. Jessica Beil was a bonus...good remake. Very good. But the original had the 3 minute scene with her running through the woods in total darkness and all you could hear was her screams and that chainsaw....****ing awesome scene.
  18. I would liked to have seem something similar to 1,000 corpses and then them end it like this in the 3rd one. I just wanted another pt.1 ....like every other horror franchise....the entire movie had a different feel to it. Just not the same at all.
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