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  1. I had to be 6 or younger because we moved out of that house when I was 6. But I remember watching it with my mom in our old livingroom and how suprised she was when it was him in the shower
  2. I though House of 1,000 corpses was brilliant. An truly original horror film that I wanted to rewatch immediately when it was over. The Devils Rejects? Was a horrendous piece of **** but He's remake of Halloween was awesome.
  3. How many of you **** your pants when it was Bobby in the shower? C'mon admit it
  4. Haloween > Friday the 13th > Nightmare on Elm St.
  5. At least she looks like she knows WTF she is talking about.
  6. Me too!!! I LOVE HORROR FILMS!!! Now Let me check thsi trailer out
  7. The is dedicated to the TheBigRagu, which translated in swahili means "he who has tiny penis & big mouth " Enjoy!
  8. I resemble that remark , Completely.
  9. What does your heart tell you? Follow it to which ever thread you feel better suits you
  10. Day-Crew - Anybody who goes to bed and is not up to party with the nite-crew Nite-Crew - Anybody who slept all day because you were all posting all nite Capice?
  11. and probably your thong too ,you silly little fruitcake
  12. I always felt bad for smurfette I mean there were like 500 smurfs and then her. You know she was destined to grow up the town whore and never find true love.
  13. Lol...I'm 31 and i'm thrilled,lol.
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