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  1. Thanks,Verde! I'm doing my best to change the world 1 soul at a time!!
  2. Well...first Dukes of Hazzard then Transformers now they are making the G.I. Joe movie.... If they Make an A-Team Movie next yr I'll piss my pants. Hope this is good. The guy who played Darth Maul is playing Snake Eyes
  3. This thread is for our Day-Crew .... What's up productive members of society?
  4. " I blaze.... haze for dayz...blackout thinking of ways to get paid "
  5. 2...3...oral exams and a blood test and we should be able to get you fitted for your JetNation assless chaps in no time.
  6. It's true. Look at Thor99 ....That guy max met in the bathroom at his local bowling alley and 2 handjobs later,,,he's a mod.
  7. You better tear that up. Matter of fact....right when you finish...scream out "I'M TRANSFORIMING!!!" She will totally dig it
  8. You know what Smiley I want to see? You knwo the one where he's doing the sheep from behind? I'd like to see our "JN" giving it doggy style to a "JI" symbol. Make it happen bitches
  9. Max, I plan on robbing him when it comes time to pay . Dumbass
  10. LOL...I'll give you 10K Vcash for every user you ban on JI that joins JetNation Chop,Chop!
  11. We have 450 pound weight limit.
  12. No fake users...I'll be checking IP addresses!!!
  13. Do you remember how many hours I spent finding smilies for us? Ahhh....I remember when you use to love me like it was yesterday
  14. I will give 5,000 Vbookie cash to anyone who get their Jets friends to come join up for JetNation. Just post in this thread with your friends username and you will BOTH get 5K in vcash * Rules & Regulations There are none. I don;t care where they are from as long as they are Jets fans and I don't care how you get them( Pm system works best) I look forward to handing out tons of cash.
  15. TheBigFagu on her best day couldn't **** with me.
  16. Do me a favor and stop Hijacking threads.
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