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  1. TheBigFagu!! Welcome back to JN....Why does your breath smell like sooth's nutsack?
  2. I worked all day and I married to something that resembles the swamp thing and the creature of the black lagoon. Spare me the trouble and spell it out you yella belly.
  3. When I had my Jaw wired shut for 9 weeks...all i could eat was Won-Ton Soup....9 ****ing weeks of it. Needless to say I haven't had it since.
  4. ME too....and it's more hearty than a normal soup....but it was always soup to us.
  5. Never had. My mom makes stuffed cabbage and I can't stand it.
  6. I call BS! First off...The spider wouldn't eat a dead bird Second...how the **** did the bird get stuck in the web? C'mon...
  7. Any soup fans out there? Potato soup is my favorite with Pasta fagioli a close second. You?
  8. Would you rather Faba handle your initiation? He's a lot more gentle & will call you after.
  9. Alright.... We won't use the Street Cone. Cool?
  10. The worst you will suffer is a little anal chaffing and that will only last 2 ,3 weeks tops.
  11. Do me a favor and knock it off. If you don't like someone. Ignore them with the Ignore feature. I can't have you guys going toe to toe in every thread because you don't get a long. Thanks.
  12. Yea...that and you didn't need to tape signals to win your super bowls
  13. This thread is wrong. Please have some consideration for your fellow poster and treat them they way you want to be treated.
  14. I just sh*t my pants ,,,,,,,,,, filthy turds every where,,,,,, went to the movies and almost sh*t my pants,,,,,,,
  15. Although you have forked over your hard earned money for information you could have got for free anywhere else ,I don't care If you don't like how I run my site. Go to ********.com and play with the rejects. You won't be missed and you were never really appreciated to begin with.
  16. The Ebonic Plague? Are they that desperate for traffic? C'mon Sooth...****...Stick $500 in my paypal account and I'll come back and drive up your post count for you.
  17. Here on JN ,we have 1 Chad-O-Phile who takes the cake. I believe you knwo Ecrub,lol.
  18. I was hooked after the very first episode on the first DVD. Bergen... I highly recommend it. and you can get the first 5 seasons cheap on Ebay....I bought one season and someone had stuck a bunch of $10 bills in it,lol. I got more money in cash with the DVD than I paid for it,lol.
  19. Mangini is an idiot and was obviously to blame for Chad inability to be a good QB. We need a new staff and we need to bring chad home!
  20. It took me a couple months too...but wtching them on DVD was WAY better than waiting for the TV. And I agree LJ...the last 2 seasons were iffy...but the first 4 were so awesome....I hope they can capture some of that this yr.
  21. Me too. I actually agree with Bergen and the way FOX amped this show up is the reason I didn't watch it for 5 seasons. Now I own every season on DVD. This will actually be the first season of 24 I watch on TV and not on DVD.
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