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  1. I merged the two threads. Now this is the one and only Nite Crew thread.
  2. This should be merged with the original Nite Crew thread Just saying...
  3. Steven Segal will cranium **** Jon Claude Van Damage and then run off like a sissy girl.
  4. Hey Guys....isn't Chan that guy we had over for the JN 1000 man " fundraiser " ??
  5. I hate Thor99 and I want his Mods powers stripped. Down with the Incredible Bulk!
  6. who wants to come over and play twister?
  7. Smizzy

    i am sorry

    Without a doubt...they did.
  8. Smizzy

    i am sorry

    I hope you guys realize....once Greengal & Jets Babe team up... We're ****ed.
  9. Make your week 8 selection here. You pick 1 player each week to be the "stud " of the week. The scoring system is listed below...The guy who accumulates the most points over the course of the season will be crowned STUD Champion. The Champion will get 5000 Vbookie points!! * Special Thanks to Greengal for being the Stud or Dud official score keeper and always doing a great job and BZ for keeping the ranking together. You guy are awesome and your help with this game is always appreciated! Scoring 6 pts for Every Rushing & Receiving TD 5 for Every 100 yd Rusher & 100 yd receivers 5 for 300 pass yds 4 for passing TD Rules * You can only pick a player once....Please keep track of who you pick. * You must have your picks in by 12:30 pm Sunday afternoon. * If you select the same player twice ,you are eliminated from the game. * Please make your selection BOLD and easy for us to read,Also add the Team your player plays for. Week 1: Brian Westbrook (Phi) Week 2: Tony Romo ( DAL) Week 3: Willie Parker (PIT ) Week 4: Matt Forte (Chi) Week 5 : Jay Cutler (DEN) Week 6 : Clinton Portis ( WAS) Week 7 : Brandon Jacobs (NYG ) Week 8 : D.Brees (NO) Last weeks picks :http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=63525&highlight=stud+OR+dud 2008 Stud or Dud Score board and Rankings http://www.jetkingdom.com/studordud/2008-stud-or-dud/
  10. Wow....I thought I was gonna open this thread and see a picture of Sooth nursing off of one of Cannizero's utters
  11. I'll pass. I only listen to heterosexual rap.
  12. You sound like a D*ckrider ... YES HOMO. ~ Real Talk ~
  13. I have been a big Kanye fan since Through the wire...and I HATE that voice box ****...but this album is not the normal for him...obviously he lost someone he loved and dedicated an entire album to it. It's grown on me...Heartless is my **** but I do hope the album he's working on now is old Kanye....full of soulfull beats that make me want to sprain my own neck.
  14. Hey...It's Kobe! **** LilGAYNE Kanye West is a beast
  15. He's name is Piney...not Tiny
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