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  1. how hilarious is it to watch a desperate males fall all over themselves to try to impress a girl. Talk about an EPIC FAIL.
  2. We get it...it's cool to try to bash me .....try harder because you suck at it.
  3. Just like I stuck up for you in your birthday thread when you were being bashed....I will stick up for our posters here when they are bashed.
  4. You can speak...just do it quietly so nobody can hear you.
  5. Sorry....I forgot to add you have to do all your own homework too
  6. When they make you a mod...then you can tell me what to do,until then...put me on ignore like you promised to.
  7. If you pay all your own bills and do all your own laundry....lol....you can post here.
  8. This thread is for anyone above the age of 25...if you are younger than 25...go play with your lego's and let the adults talk about grown up stuff.
  9. so now you admit you were trying to be mean by saying that? Make up your mind...or ask someone else to do it for you
  10. Actually we delete anything that is off topic and unnecessary. The funny thing is...out of all those deleted posts....there was only one person who called the other person a name. and that was you Jets Babe.
  11. She doesn't like you....why? maybe because you called one of our most respected posters an old hag the first 10 minutes you were here. A lot of people took offense to that. You act like you are innocent here and the victim of some random attack. It's a two way street and I already talked to Jetophile...
  12. WHo are the " ****ing skanks" you refer to in your user title?
  13. No,calling her an old hag and saying "thank god you don't have kids" because she called you out on your homework is though
  14. I read the deleted posts just now.... She mocked you for having someone do your homework...you responded by calling her an old hag. Which is the same exact insult you used on greengal. We get it...you're 20 and you like to call people old.
  15. I'll quit my job right now as a mod if anybody on this website thinks what you just said to her is OK. & I was here when you called greengal and old hag the first day you got here.
  16. I'm outta here...this thread is sh*t. I can't believe the nerve of some people.
  17. Dear Jets Babe....this post is about as immature & Ignorant as you can get. Old hags? That would make you what? The next time you go out of your way to offend the posters of this site....it will be the last time. I don't care how cute you THINK you look in a bathing suit. And how dare you say anything about her having kids? You can take that garbage elsewhere. there was not one deleted post in this thread. I agree. So explain why you keep insulting the women here with the old hag comments. You are young....doesn't mean your are any hotter or better looking than someone twice your age. In fact....the more you talk...the LESS ATTRACTIVE you get.
  18. Gargamel stole her to feed to Azreal .....but I plan to rescue her.
  19. He murdered Smizzy...So he's doing shots to kill the pain.
  20. NO...it's actually one we want nothing to do with.
  21. That's ok...people are mad I think bickering is stupid.
  22. I'm not offended....but "bicker" was a bad choice of words and I'm sorry I upset the ladies on JN but I hate to break it to you...but NOBODY likes to bicker...it's petty and uncalled for and it's NEVER healthy. My point was bad relationship people come from both sexes. Men as a group or women as a whole are not evil or bad....but we have bad apples that spoil it for the good people like me. I am just speaking my mind.
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