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  1. Let's pretend all women are GREAT and men are the bad ones. Which is a crock of junk. ****TY relationship people don't like to deal with stuff....and I don't need to bicker to make my point or be heard...and If the girl I am with needs to get petty with me to make her point...welll....that's my fault?
  2. Here is the definition of the word BICKER. Tell me where it's needed in any HEALTHY relationship. BICKER- To engage in a petty, bad-tempered quarrel or squabble Sorry....I lived with someone for 12 yrs who LOVED to do this to me. and to be honest....it's not something that is needed,not even in small doses. It doesn't do anything but cause problems.
  3. No...it's sucks for us men at together. We'd rather NOT talk to you at all if we are going to bicker about stupid ****. MEN HATE TO BICKER AND YOU LADIES NEED TO REALIZE THIS.
  4. Nah....I married that once.... I'm living in a no bickering zone from here on out.
  5. Why the **** am I reading about Obama in this thread? Are you alll so ****ed in the head you can't even keep on 1 simple topic? what a joke
  6. Bob.....such a fitting name for you ,I bet that gets a chuckle when you introduce yourself at the gloryhole.
  7. BobThePenisFan....if you have ANYBODY convinced you are a straight male...I'd be SHOCKED. I just call em like I see em. Nancy
  8. Bob....I think it's safe to say NO HUMAN has ever fantasized about you in the shower. You have the sexual appeal of a piece of plywood
  9. besides the obvious...looks. And since most of this MB likes the same sex...you guys are free to answer the question too.
  10. then tape is shut and throw it in a lake? or set it on fire?
  11. Is there a pile or box we are suppose to throw our Ex's in?
  12. Hey...I'm popular on that short bus....Just like you are a big hit in the YMCA showers.
  13. As a man...you shouldn't have to add men to your list...unless you're Max or Thor99
  14. You know they just announced his name....Look at the girl he is with. Her body language says it all. Her fake smile...her clenched hands and her pointed foot leads me to believe she is very uncomfortable and expecting a parade of BOOOO's and pretty much embarrassed to be dating that slouch...at least in public.
  15. You were waiting for it...with your mouth open.
  16. I hear they plan on throwing a giant rope around 124's neck and using him in the Macy's day parade....I guess Charlie Brown has a hole and they need a replacement.
  17. * Walks back in....looks around....shakes head again....Walks back out *
  18. PA Announcer : " If you are a lying ,cheater who has stolen a million dollars from a dead man raise your Hand! "
  19. I could live on a diet of Feta Cheese , Greek Olives & Artichoke dip...I mean not very long but I could do it.
  20. http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/8109/reviswallxi8.gif - Revis http://brandenam.deviantart.com/art/Brett-Favre-101404525 - Favre I didn't make them....
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