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  1. In all fairness to Ty, he was high on X when he made this comment
  2. Make your week 11 selection here. You pick 1 player each week to be the "stud " of the week. The scoring system is listed below...The guy who accumulates the most points over the course of the season will be crowned STUD Champion. The Champion will get 5000 Vbookie points!! * Special Thanks to Greengal for being the Stud or Dud official score keeper and always doing a great job and BZ for keeping the ranking together. You guy are awesome and your help with this game is always appreciated! Scoring 6 pts for Every Rushing & Receiving TD 5 for Every 100 yd Rusher & 100 yd receivers 5 for 300 pass yds 4 for passing TD Rules * You can only pick a player once....Please keep track of who you pick. * You must have your picks in by 12:30 pm Sunday afternoon. * If you select the same player twice ,you are eliminated from the game. * Please make your selection BOLD and easy for us to read,Also add the Team your player plays for. Week 1: Brian Westbrook (Phi) Week 2: Tony Romo ( DAL) Week 3: Willie Parker (PIT ) Week 4: Matt Forte (Chi) Week 5 : Jay Cutler (DEN) Week 6 : Clinton Portis ( WAS) Week 7 : Brandon Jacobs (NYG ) Week 8 : Drew Brees (NO) Week 9: Anquan Boldin (ARI) Week 10: Mike Turner (ATL) Week 11: Roddy White (ATL) Last weeks picks :http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=65174 2008 Stud or Dud Score board and Rankings http://www.jetkingdom.com/studordud/2008-stud-or-dud/
  3. do you believe this to be true? Are we destined to be what are parents are? Or is it in us to be able to recognize and break the cycle on our own? Just curious as to what you think....
  4. Just like the "What are you listening to now thread" GOB will merge this with the existing 3 yr old thread and lay claim to it.
  5. I Have deleted a couple pics as of late...NO NIPPLES GUYS
  6. Serious question here... Do you think unattractive people should feel unattractive all the time because you wouldn't date them? Obviously the girl shouldn't have these up on the internet if she is concerned about what others will have to say...this is the internet,people are cruel..... She shouldn't be in a bikini with Halloween makeup on posing for pics but should she wear a bag on her face and hide from the world because she's unattractive in your eyes? Everybody deserves to be happy....feel normal and feel loved the same as everybody else....regardless or your attractiveness ....your weight or whatever other flaw you think you have. Look at Thor99 & Max ... if both of those 2 guys can find happiness with a female then there is hope for all of you.
  7. * People who can't do the speed limit. If it's 55 and you are doing 40...I should have the right to kill you * People who cut out in front of you only to make the next turn that is less than 200 feet away even though there isn't a car behind you for 300 miles * People who don't say thank you when I hold the door for them or people who don't waive when I let them cut out in front of me. * Any Idiot in Crocs * ARSHOLES who swear in front of kids * People who judge others by how they look and not by who they are * People who take advantage of the generosity of others
  8. LOL...In Florida....they have the police blotter on the tv everyday from 3-7pm and the show their MUGSHOTS with a description of the crime!!! It's awesome!!!
  9. I give blood every day so I am pretty tired in the afternoons,so I can only do so much.
  10. Only if there is time after I feed the homeless and teach the illiterate adults in my neighborhood how to read.
  11. I'm simply saying there isn't a job in this house I can't or haven't done more than once. I'm versatile and I'm what I'd call competent. I happen to marry a female who was far from domesticated. So while some you are stuffing your faces with Whoppers and bringing your laundry home to mom to do...some of are capable of living on our own. Not saying you're not....but I'm not a female because I can do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. And are the ladies who have a lazy man or no man at all MEN because they ...mow the lawn.,..take out the trash or do any of the other MANLY jobs around the house?
  12. I clean...I cook and I changed 90% of all the diapers of both my kids. I grew up with my mom and my sister. I was " domesticated " very early on. I lift the seat when I pee... I bake pies from scratch... I cook all the meals my family eats.... and I do some shopping...and wrap Christmas presents every yr I do laundry and take out the trash The MAN of the house is suppose to do the things a MAN should do....but I also like to do the things not expected of me. I'm like Michael Keaton in Mr.Mom only better looking and a much better cook....but...I'd prefer to have someone in my life who wants to share all that and be on my "team" and do things together...maybe next time around.
  13. ... if you are 275 pounds or heavier ,you are almost impossible to kidnap. ... if you're handicapped , you a guaranteed the best parking spots. ... if you're unfortunate enough to have taken a picture of BP with your camera , you can sell the photos to the National Enquirer for $3500 a photo Feel free to add your own...
  14. Great....first your vagina....now this. You're a mess
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