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  1. Sure...If you PM it to me...I'll keep it a secret but otherwise everyone will see it .
  2. or you could cheat and do it the easy way like Mrs.T !!
  3. add this around what you want in bold ["B"]["/B"] minus these "
  4. You don't need the wrench. Get a screwdriver and a piece of paper towel...use the paper towel to hold the nut in plant from the bottom and use the screwdriver to tighten it. It does not need to be done from both end.
  5. Green Eyes and Right Handed.... and remind me NOT to date Jetophile!
  6. River Phoenix had potential to be great.
  7. When you & 124 make love ...who gets to be Ghandi and who gets to be Mr.Clean? Or do you guys just both pretend to be Yul Brynner ?
  8. BP wants you to eat his pork roll
  9. How the hell can you eat this horrible food and NOT end walking around with bubble guts all day? I just can't eat mystery meats. **** fast food
  10. This thread is classic on so many levels.
  11. To Die For , We Own the Night & 9MM he was also great in
  12. Once again , The Holiday season is just around the corner and your friends here at JetNation.com have decided to get it started early! This is the Official JN Secret Santa Sign Up Sheet. This yr we will have a $40 limit (w/shipping). You must buy a NY Jets or Football related Item for your Secret Santa. Names will be randomly pulled from a hat and given to your secret Santa in private! YOU HAVE UNTIL THURSDAY DEC 11TH @ 8pm TO SIGN UP!! The Official Secret Santa Sign up List
  13. Smizzy


    No big special effects....just a really good suspense thriller. Awesome movie.
  14. Sorry ,Mary Heart. I don't tivo Entertainment Tonight .
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