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  1. http://omg.yahoo.com/news/joaquin-phoenix-confirms-hes-done-with-movies/14926?nc I like this guy and have always thought he was a genuine ,quality actor .
  2. Where is Haggis? I haven't seen him in a minute.
  3. Make your week 10 selection here. You pick 1 player each week to be the "stud " of the week. The scoring system is listed below...The guy who accumulates the most points over the course of the season will be crowned STUD Champion. The Champion will get 5000 Vbookie points!! * Special Thanks to Greengal for being the Stud or Dud official score keeper and always doing a great job and BZ for keeping the ranking together. You guy are awesome and your help with this game is always appreciated! Scoring 6 pts for Every Rushing & Receiving TD 5 for Every 100 yd Rusher & 100 yd receivers 5 for 300 pass yds 4 for passing TD Rules * You can only pick a player once....Please keep track of who you pick. * You must have your picks in by 12:30 pm Sunday afternoon. * If you select the same player twice ,you are eliminated from the game. * Please make your selection BOLD and easy for us to read,Also add the Team your player plays for. Week 1: Brian Westbrook (Phi) Week 2: Tony Romo ( DAL) Week 3: Willie Parker (PIT ) Week 4: Matt Forte (Chi) Week 5 : Jay Cutler (DEN) Week 6 : Clinton Portis ( WAS) Week 7 : Brandon Jacobs (NYG ) Week 8 : Drew Brees (NO) Week 9: Anquan Boldin (ARI) Week 10: " Da Burner " Mike Turner (ATL) Last weeks picks :http://jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64729&highlight=stud 2008 Stud or Dud Score board and Rankings http://www.jetkingdom.com/studordud/2008-stud-or-dud/
  4. Smizzy


    I was speaking in general,not at you.
  5. Smizzy


    we have like 4 rules here....I don't think there are hard to follow. So watching a 30+ yr old man call me names for enforcing the rules is a joke to me...Sorry. I have 2 kids and I only have to tell them something twice and they follow the rules.
  6. Smizzy


    Wrong side of life....but how hard is it to follow a couple simple rules? You do it every where else in life...why come here and act like a jerkoff when you wouldnt anywhere else? It blows my ****ing mind.... We have to make a thread like this to show you we are serious about it and we are called names and compared to the internetz biggest *******? Why? because you don't like having rules? It's not funny and when you push and push and push...expect to get pushed back. I'd like to show up one day and be able to read the board without having to clean it up first....why should we have to waste an hour sifting through threads for political comments when they have NEVER been allowed?
  7. No politics mean NO POLITICS. Doesn't matter if it's your bitter commentary or if you put into joke form. We do not want it here. You risk being banned as per max's post in the lounge the next time you bring it up...in any manner.
  8. Smizzy


    LOL...Yes...We are *******s because you grown adults can't follow 1 simple rule and we have to threaten you like your parents use to. I'm really sick and tired of having to clean up after so called "MEN" who act worse than 4 yr old children. YOU GUYS TAKE THE FUN OUT OF BEING HERE WITH YOUR PETTY ANTICS AND BULLSH*T. GROW UP.
  9. Great job & totally original!!! Making political jokes when we asked you 300X not to! Where is the ban button?
  10. for an Oz. or for a speeding ticket?
  11. I can't stand Dick Gear. He's overrated
  12. Well...you ladies sure don't make it any easier on us,that's for sure.
  13. Yes.... she's pretty ... so she's a keeper. Talk about shallow.
  14. I do. I'm dying to peg someone right in the face!!
  15. I haven't had a good snowball fight in a long time (Thor...not that kind of snowball you disgusting freak). I'm going to start random snow ball fights where ever I go. Men,Women .... children...young...old....disabled... beware....If you get hit with a snowball in the face and you don't know who threw it....it was me. Church...The Mall...Jail...where ever... It's on Keep your heads on a swivel this winter....I'm headhunting!!!
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