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  1. are you a squeezer? or do you let it go on it's own?
  2. Whenever I can't sleep I find that a good old fashioned homicide always tires me right out.
  3. wzyT9-9lUyE I think Max should challenge Sooth to a dance off...
  4. I'm sure you're dying to "stab" me but we both know that's NOT what you have in mind. You silly fat ****
  5. We seem to live in a world where people don't care about anything but themselves. Where it is OK to hurt someone or be mean to a person with very little cause or justification. A place where if you are mad at someone you pull no punches and just say and do the worst things possible to hurt them and exact some revenge. It seems as time goes on... there a fewer and fewer GOOD people left in the world and more and more cold,heartless individuals who only care for their own well being. I wish I could be one of those people who is self centered , self absorbed , heartless and doesn't give a **** about anybody but myself. Unfortunately , I'm not. So where do you fall? Are you a good or are you evil?
  6. I am thrilled we won too....however I've been less than thrilled with Farve and I started a thread about it. Shoot me.
  7. Oh...and it's only a matter of time until you are all calling for his head. I guarantee it.
  8. I'm sorry...the QB I'm watching is forcing passes into double coverage and seems to only be able to hit the DB past 20 yards. He's 38 and a SHELL of his former self.... anything is an upgrade over Chad Pennington...but this Farve isn't the Bret Favre we know...keep telling yourself he is.
  9. And more INT's than we had all season too. Does that factor in for you ?
  10. Ahhh....stat whores amuse me. i watch the games...you can look at the box score and pretend he played a good game all you want,
  11. Anybody watching these games can see the Farve that played in green bay last yr...is still there because the guy who showed up in NY is DONE.
  12. Oh....I know....cause YOU ARE DONE! I would finish you off with some stuffing and cranberry sauce and serve your old tired ass for thanksgiving...you TURKEY!
  13. LOL...what?! It means I will come kidnap your ass with duct tape! It was a joke...it does not mean don't post.
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