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  1. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone - Norman Brown Version
  2. Right before his last strike he was overheard saying " God...let me get this last one and I can die a happy man " And he did.
  3. But Duct tape is silver....if you catch my drift
  4. Just so we are clear....you can have both in the same package. We are real...we do exist.
  5. Notice I didn't list Take the kids? She can have every material possession she wants....Just dont take my kids.
  6. iR_gkmLCBCE&eurl That kid kicked 2 cops ass and helped the criminal escape!
  7. Man...the last time I had this much "downtime" I was a happy man....but not so much this time.
  8. People are ****ing crazy. I'll tell you what ...Take my money...take my house..take my car...**** the neighbor..do whatever makes you happy... but I'm not going to kill you...I'm moving on without you.
  9. I love that movie. Just an awesome old flick
  10. Your avatar...is that the truck from one of my favorite movies of all time...Duel???
  11. Make your week 9 selection here. You pick 1 player each week to be the "stud " of the week. The scoring system is listed below...The guy who accumulates the most points over the course of the season will be crowned STUD Champion. The Champion will get 5000 Vbookie points!! * Special Thanks to Greengal for being the Stud or Dud official score keeper and always doing a great job and BZ for keeping the ranking together. You guy are awesome and your help with this game is always appreciated! Scoring 6 pts for Every Rushing & Receiving TD 5 for Every 100 yd Rusher & 100 yd receivers 5 for 300 pass yds 4 for passing TD Rules * You can only pick a player once....Please keep track of who you pick. * You must have your picks in by 12:30 pm Sunday afternoon. * If you select the same player twice ,you are eliminated from the game. * Please make your selection BOLD and easy for us to read,Also add the Team your player plays for. Week 1: Brian Westbrook (Phi) Week 2: Tony Romo ( DAL) Week 3: Willie Parker (PIT ) Week 4: Matt Forte (Chi) Week 5 : Jay Cutler (DEN) Week 6 : Clinton Portis ( WAS) Week 7 : Brandon Jacobs (NYG ) Week 8 : Drew Brees (NO) Week 9: Anquan Boldin (ARI) Last weeks picks :http://www.jetnation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64058&highlight=stud+OR+dud 2008 Stud or Dud Score board and Rankings http://www.jetkingdom.com/studordud/2008-stud-or-dud/
  12. What's the scenario is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time...Also Check the rhyme & I left my wallet in El Segundo are classics. But better than the Wu-Tang Clan? No way.
  13. Just wait till you get your hands on your first set of boobs
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