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  1. Doesn't the nozzle have the best job? I don't get it.
  2. I beg you....Please,Please,Please let him back. I could T-off on him all day.
  3. I would like to take 5 minutes to say I don't have a problem with any of you guys. I am speaking because I am the most vocal Sooth basher here and I also work here...I speak for myself ... I have a problem with the condescending and arrogant manner in which Sooth goes about his business. I also have been around a while and happen to know first hand he is everything I call him. You don't need to listen to me or back me up....take 5 minutes to take a look around and look at how he treats people. This is how he is and no matter how hard anyone tries to push this all off on us it is not. Sooth is in the place every 5 months because he is a bad guy and he handles things badly.He treats people horribly. Anyway...my point is you don't have to come here and post and you don't have to visit here either....but don't think that this site,it's owners or it's posters dislike your poster base because of Sooth or the fact you post on JI. If you hear different...someone is lying to you. We root TOGETHER FOR THE JETS and we should not be divided by a .com LIMOLADY & SOOTH ...you still go out of your way to call us cheap imitation.com...why? Because we are a NY Jets based fansite? Are you the only one to be able to root for the Jets? You banned all of us and told Max to make his own site if he wanted to talk Jets football. So he did...and 4,000 people are here. When We started JN...JI had 4K people. And considering the numerous ideas taken from us and employed on JI...well one really has to wonder how *****ed in the head you would have to be to call US a cheap imitation ? Sue....you are loyal and I respect that...but bashing us in his honor ? What does it accomplish? You guys can say what you want about me...do not lump the posters of this GREAT site in with my comments or your hatred for all things JN.
  4. It was too easy but he had to go because he was just spamming every thread with his agenda. Had he kept it in the one thread...I would have let him stay.
  5. Can you do me a favor for like 3 minutes? Just get off the tip of my dick so I can take a piss? I'll come right back.
  6. The JI VS JN thing is a joke. There is no competition between sites. My problem is with Sooth and it always has been. There shouldn't be posters bashing posters. We are all Jets fans.
  7. Add one more to the Smizzy Fan-Club .... I'd also like to thank you for further driving up our post count today.
  8. I'm scared he might confuse me with something to eat.
  9. Yea...It's nice to watch from inside...after that? It's all downhill.
  10. Rich much like the gravy-like blood pumping through sooth's veins? or Rich like all the money he made off VIP memberships?
  11. It's Tattoo ,you silly fruit basket. Go run back and tell Sooth I wanna take a trip to Jacksonville with him
  12. Type. I can barely type them.
  13. I got nothing? C*ckshinner...where is your proof? I'll tell you what....go get the transcript of JI's first live chat and I'll go get JN's...and we can compare the dates on them. Cool?
  14. I want someone to morph Sooth's face over Grimmace's body.....or even the Stay-Puft Marshmellow man
  15. I'm almost honored that private fatbody himself would show up to come at me,almost Seriously Sooth... go on a diet. You are grossly fat. Men should not posses kankles after the age of 16 months
  16. You seriously doubt what? We had all of those things first. I can prove we did...but for ****s and giggles...why don't you run back to Jabba and get some proof and prove me wrong? You called me out...I gave you examples and they aren't good enough? You said we stole from them....where are your examples? Name something....anything. I DARE YOU Your first 2 posts on this site are to discuss this? Me thinks me hit a nerve. Listen .... Sooth is liar & a thief and ever worse. Right sooth not to mention a hypocrite. I also would like to say I never said one word about Limolady. Not once. As for me? I look damn good bitch...even with an extra 30 pounds. You come here to attack me on my looks? We don't need threads that bash Sooth to kick his ass on the Big-Board...even with however many more posters they have.... god damn it,they are just FUN! See ...if Sooth wasn't such a tool it might not be this way. Ps....Don't brown nose to close....1 wrong move and that giant ass of his could swallow you whole
  17. I'll give you 3 for starters... Live Chatroom Live Chats with Beat Reporters JI had TheGarv Videos... JI went out and got thekidfromBrooklyn videos You frequent both sites but say it's the opposite? How so? Please tell me what we have taken from Sooth or JI besides his posters or ranking on the big-boards?
  18. It's just a little prick right?
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