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  1. Geno Smith is probably not the answer, so I would take Teddy or Johnny Football so fast it'd make your head spin. Never turn down a chance to get materially better at QB.
  2. I like the depth at the skill positions in the draft. I'd rather use the cash to fill S or OLB or G versus WR, RB or QB.
  3. As soon as the best player on the board is a QB, I want them taking a QB. Geno's footwork is a mess, though he has promise if it can be cleaned up. I am not willing to count on that. Personally, I would not sign any veterans. I want a depth chart full of young talent--all with a chance to be the solution. Solve the QB problem. Use overwhelming force and make sure you get it done.
  4. Big difference when it's a receiver. This kid can play. Hill was a huge projection and a project for sure. I would not give up on Hill just yet. Give him a second year in a decent offense. If he flops, then move on.
  5. If they are going to spend, spending on the defense would seem like the way to go.
  6. I like McKinnon's upside better. Is Grice totally healthy? Didn't do anything at the combine.
  7. You actually see a similarity? This kid will be a very good back. Just watch.
  8. This kid was a triple option QB at Georgia Southern, but he's got a serious future as a tailback in the NFL. I'd love to see the Jets steal him with a 4th rounder. He'd be their best RB eventually, IMO. http://rotobahn.com/scouting-report-jerick-mckinnon-rb-georgia-southern/
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