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  1. I don't think that's the choice. I don't think signing any veteran stops them from drafting a QB from the third round on. If they do it right, Simms will be in a death match for his job, too.


    As soon as the best player on the board is a QB, I want them taking a QB.  Geno's footwork is a mess, though he has promise if it can be cleaned up.  I am not willing to count on that.  


    Personally, I would not sign any veterans.  I want a depth chart full of young talent--all with a chance to be the solution.


    Solve the QB problem.  Use overwhelming force and make sure you get it done.

  2. Can we have an Alturrean Verner discussion in here, or should I create it's own thread?  


    I don't think he's the player we all have him made out to be.  I'll try to find the article, but it shows he is best suited for off-man coverage, playing bail technique.  

    For his price-tag we can find a better suited DB for our defense.  We need press guys.   Sam Shields, Vontae Davis and Brandon Browner come to mind

    How about Cro at a much lower number?

  3. The last triple option guy we drafted was Stephen Hill.




    Big difference when it's a receiver.  This kid can play.  Hill was a huge projection and a project for sure.  I would not give up on Hill just yet.  Give him a second year in a decent offense.  If he flops, then move on.

  4. Doesn't Vick have a serious turnover problem as of late? Isn't that the biggest concern with Geno?... I don't see us shelling out a fat contract to Vick.

    A big fat contract would be a huge mistake.  I assume we'd sign him to a one-year deal.  Who out there is looking to give a multi-year deal to Vick?

  5. If that's what they want  - we're hosed. Our defense is developing into a top 3  - it would be wise to build a consistently ok offense to go with it, not 45 points one week and zipsh*t the next.

    Vick had some good moments with Mornhinweg's offense.  I can see the upside, but I'd prefer to deal with the long term rather than clog the depth chart with older players like Vick.  I don't want any of the available vets.  Waste of roster space and money.

  6. Vick gives you the lightning in a bottle factor.  If that is what they want, then bringing him makes sense.  Personally, I'd rather draft a few kids to compete with the kid we have.  Make finding the long term solution at the position the top priority.  Solve the longstanding QB problem and things can get better.


    I'm not a big Geno fan, but he's got enough talent to keep developing him, but they can't make the same mistake they made with Sanchez.  They must continue to develop the position.  No Brunells.  No Garrards.  No sage without talent.

  7. You need to be dead certain that they are that elite athlete, though. If they turn out to simply be an adequate starter, you're much better off with an adequate starter at WR or CB.


    The position is changing.  Traditional tight ends are tougher to value and have been risky propositions in the first, but if you are looking at players with Vernon Davis/Jimmy Graham skills, then using a first rounder makes sense.  These are tight ends that can used anywhere in the formation.

  8. Alright.  sh*ts and Giggles.  Any clue when Gronk, Gonz, Reed and Troy were drafted?


    HOF-bound Tony Gonzalez was drafted in 1997

    HOF-bound Ed Reed was drafted in 2002

    HOF-bound Troy Polamalu was drafted in 2003


    Since them, the argument can be made that nobody of their "equal" had entered the league.  To equate their play with that of TEs who weren't mentioned as first rounders until this year, or with safeties that may be the top of this class, but will still be available at 18, is ludicrous.  


    Notice I left Gronkowski out of the drafted list above? I did that for a reason. 


    Since Gonzalez entered the league, the Pats have drafted TEs, lots of them.  Drafting the next Gronk (a second rounder btw) isn't as easy as you make it


    1998: Rod Ruteledge

    2000: Dave Stachelski

    2001: Jabari Holloway

    2001: Arther Love

    2002: Daniel Graham

    2004: Benjamin Watson

    2005: Andy Stokes

    2006: David Thomas

    2006: Garrett Mills

    2010: Aaron Hernandez

    2010: Rob Gronkowski



    Uh, yeah, you missed a few big producers, like Vernon Davis, Dallas Clark, Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates.  That's off the top of my head.


    The guy's point was, as I understood it, that when you get a really good player at TE or S, it's not a waste of a first rounder.  I agree with that.  The TE position is an evolving one if you haven't noticed.

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