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  1. As Max said, Herm's primary thing is not acquiring talent. This is a big year for BradHerm. I like the Jets' chances if Chad can get his shoulder back to a reasonable level and if Adrian Jones can handle the starting job. One thing is for sure, we will not be scrating our heads on 3rd and long anymore. Look for more pass attempts to actually be on the first down side of the sticks.
  2. Yup. Tuna was not infallible. He left us in a cap mess and we only made the playoffs once in his four years in charge, which includes the Al Groan year.
  3. Personally, I like McGraw a lot. He may not ever stay healthy, but he's done some good work. His play against Antonio Gates was key in both games. Just look what that guy did to almost every other team he played against. So at the very least, I like him as a specialist. I also like the way he toughed out his injury last year and got it fixed at year's end. He's not lacking guts.
  4. Max, love the JN logo in your sig! Nice. I also am excited about the new safeties, especially Rhodes who could be a great fit with Coleman at some point. With Coleman, Muggsy and Rhodes we may have a nice trio at safety for some time. Not to rule out guys like Washington, Pagel and Maddox, who all possess different skills. We now have enough young talent for DH and Corwin to mold. Great competition, which I love, but the downside is that we'll have to let one or two of them go. That
  5. I think he'll be fine as long as he doesn't miss a big one early on. I just hope he has a chance to establish himself. He seems like the real deal, but kickers are sort of like closers and in NYC... Hopefully he gets off well.
  6. Do they make a 2002 DVD? Take care of that disc, it will be the last one of it's kind in Patland...
  7. This is my post-draft article for FFM. Something to fill the empty down time of a long off-season. Enjoy. Of course, you should all feel free to complain if you think it sucks... ----------------------------------------------------- Do Jet fans ever get a normal draft? Of course not! From drafting Lam Jones instead of Anthony Munoz to passing on Dan Marino for Ken O
  8. Greengal, great quote. I hear that little bird chirping in the background. Take these sunken eyes and learn to see...
  9. I tend to agree. If multiple teams were to step up to an acceptable level, then he might choose based on where he wants to be, but no way does he take significantly less to be a Jet or anything else. This is probably his last payday unless it's a short deal. Whoever does sign him will get a great player.
  10. That's not all he's entering... Anyone know what position they were in? That might give some insight into the condition of his knees.
  11. He's not a bust because he's a pretty good player. The stats are deceiving to a degree, but also telling in terms of what he needs to do. He needs to start finishing. That may happen. He's been stout against the run and uses his hands well. He has had a fair amount of pressures and is around the ball. He played a big part in our playoff games and stretch run. It's hard to totally gauge his play because of who he's playing behind. I think he's becoming a bigger part of the rotation. I suppose that he's failed to live up to his first round status, but he's not a bu
  12. I ride and I wear a helmet. I know a few folks who don't. They know the risks but opt for no helmet. Their choice. My Dad, who raced up until he was 57, would be dead a few times if not for his helmet, so I am a big proponent, but people are allowed take risks if they so choose. Winslow, doing tricks in a parking lot after recently having his leg put back together is monumentally dumb given his contract and such, though again, it's his choice. My understanding is he did have a helmet on. Big Ben's deal is not about the NFL, because if he goes down - football will
  13. Tull and Rush both belong in any Rock HOF. But who cares? Musicians don't get into music in hopes of being enshrined in Cleveland. It's not the same as Cooperstown is to a ballplayer or even Canton.
  14. New York Jets - Pete Davidson Link to article -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome back football geeks, and if you are reading this, you had better face the facts, because geeks are what you are. In fairness to us football compulsives, how could you not love this time of year? With speculation running wild from franchise tags to mock drafts to where Randy Moss will be playing next year, there's been plenty of action. Of course, we now know Moss is a Raider. In many ways, he's a born Raider, so good for Randy. Not so good for the
  15. Sorry... Did not realize it was a debatable issue. Either way, this place is a Flowtrain away from making JI insignificant... Apart from reading those insightful and unbiased Chris Mayone articles... 8)
  16. Yeah, when good posters are not welcome, I'd call it a problem. Call it the JI sanitization if you prefer.
  17. Naw, Maxman was well liked. Dicky/Limo on the other hand... I predict this works out well.
  18. I think this was an outstanding way to solve the JI problem. Congratulations and celebrations are in order. Kudos.
  19. Homer! Great post. I see a much tougher season for New England, but still a playoff season and a better than 50/50 chance at the division. The AFC is pretty brutal next year. Our division is especially tough. This is a potentially great site. Nice work.
  20. Outstanding guys & Gals! Have a blast and I will try to stop by when I can. Seriously, a great move. Sorry things did not work out at Tobin's site. I was bummed at how stuff went down. This place will undoubtedly be a great hangout. Best wishes, Meddle/Zep
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