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  1. Good article. I'd tend to agree with Big Dave - Im not sold on Herm as talent evaluator. I think Bradway has improved tremendously in that area though and needs to maintain that. I think Herm's strengths are as a leader and motivator, and he now has two strong coordinators beneath him. Like any good manager, if Herm can delegate to folks he can count on, I think he will be successful.

    As Max said, Herm's primary thing is not acquiring talent.

    This is a big year for BradHerm.

    I like the Jets' chances if Chad can get his shoulder back to a reasonable level and if Adrian Jones can handle the starting job.

    One thing is for sure, we will not be scrating our heads on 3rd and long anymore. Look for more pass attempts to actually be on the first down side of the sticks.

  2. Is disagree with two things about your Parcells thoughts. His decisions weren't always sound...no backup QB in 1999 cost the team the season. Also some of his Free Agent signings were terrible (Eric Green).

    That being said Parcells left the franchise in much better shape then he got it in. They had cap issues but some talent. He received a team with no talent at all.

    Amen about Hackett. Time for him to go. Good comparison to Wanny though. Both are good football minds (Wanny more so) but are limited when it comes to the bigger picture.

    Yup. Tuna was not infallible. He left us in a cap mess and we only made the playoffs once in his four years in charge, which includes the Al Groan year.

  3. Personally, I like McGraw a lot. He may not ever stay healthy, but he's done some good work. His play against Antonio Gates was key in both games.

    Just look what that guy did to almost every other team he played against. So at the very least, I like him as a specialist.

    I also like the way he toughed out his injury last year and got it fixed at year's end. He's not lacking guts.

  4. Good recap Meddle. I am still real curious to see how the two safeties pan out. Man if one of them at least can have a standout camp, that would be huge!

    Max, love the JN logo in your sig! Nice.

    I also am excited about the new safeties, especially Rhodes who could be a great fit with Coleman at some point. With Coleman, Muggsy and Rhodes we may have a nice trio at safety for some time. Not to rule out guys like Washington, Pagel and Maddox, who all possess different skills.

    We now have enough young talent for DH and Corwin to mold.

    Great competition, which I love, but the downside is that we'll have to let one or two of them go. That

  5. i cant wait to see how nugent kicks in giant stadium....hes gonna take a rath of Sh#t if he cant kick at home...but ive seen some clips of him from college and he should be fine..

    I think he'll be fine as long as he doesn't miss a big one early on. I just hope he has a chance to establish himself. He seems like the real deal, but kickers are sort of like closers and in NYC...

    Hopefully he gets off well.

  6. This is my post-draft article for FFM. Something to fill the empty down time of a long off-season.


    Of course, you should all feel free to complain if you think it sucks...



    Do Jet fans ever get a normal draft? Of course not! From drafting Lam Jones instead of Anthony Munoz to passing on Dan Marino for Ken O

  7. Take these broken wings and learn to fly...All your life...You were only waiting for this moment to arise.

    Greengal, great quote. I hear that little bird chirping in the background.

    Take these sunken eyes and learn to see...

  8. ...and I say Ty will go to the team that offers the most money. If the Jets pony-up the the best deal (and the most cash), Ty will come. Do not think, Jets Fans, that Ty will sign a one-year incentive ladden contract. I don't care how tight he and CuMart are, that will not happen.

    I tend to agree. If multiple teams were to step up to an acceptable level, then he might choose based on where he wants to be, but no way does he take significantly less to be a Jet or anything else.

    This is probably his last payday unless it's a short deal.

    Whoever does sign him will get a great player.

  9. Actually that's why I ask.

    It's certainly at least possible that even a player with that low sack total wouldn't be a bust...

    4-3 DEs, particularly 1st rounders are expected to put up sacks.... but hey, maybe Thomas has been unlucky, gets a lot of pressures, plays the run like a demon, and may be a mild disappointment but not a bust.

    I'm asking, not announcing. If Bitonti, Ham, Warfish, and YJF all drop into this thread firmly insisting Thomas isn't a bust, I won't be arguing....

    He's not a bust because he's a pretty good player. The stats are deceiving to a degree, but also telling in terms of what he needs to do. He needs to start finishing. That may happen.

    He's been stout against the run and uses his hands well. He has had a fair amount of pressures and is around the ball. He played a big part in our playoff games and stretch run.

    It's hard to totally gauge his play because of who he's playing behind. I think he's becoming a bigger part of the rotation.

    I suppose that he's failed to live up to his first round status, but he's not a bust. IMO, guys like RJ Soward and Derek Brown are busts.

  10. I ride and I wear a helmet. I know a few folks who don't. They know the risks but opt for no helmet. Their choice.

    My Dad, who raced up until he was 57, would be dead a few times if not for his helmet, so I am a big proponent, but people are allowed take risks if they so choose.

    Winslow, doing tricks in a parking lot after recently having his leg put back together is monumentally dumb given his contract and such, though again, it's his choice.

    My understanding is he did have a helmet on.

    Big Ben's deal is not about the NFL, because if he goes down - football will be his last concern. He'll likely be dead.

    Someone needs to get through to the kid that life is long and he'll be able to ride late into life. Now is not really the time for him.


  11. New York Jets - Pete Davidson

    Link to article


    Welcome back football geeks, and if you are reading this, you had better face the facts, because geeks are what you are. In fairness to us football compulsives, how could you not love this time of year? With speculation running wild from franchise tags to mock drafts to where Randy Moss will be playing next year, there's been plenty of action. Of course, we now know Moss is a Raider. In many ways, he's a born Raider, so good for Randy. Not so good for the Jets, who would've been a completely different team with a monster like Moss.

    So where do they go now? For certain, 2005 is a long way from last year's mess. At this point in the 2004 timeline, we were talking about Terry Bradway's job security. This season, the ship is seemingly on course and though the year ended quite painfully in Pittsburgh, there is some light emanating from the end of the Jets' tunnel. An oncoming train you say? It's possible. The Jets do have a number of players up in the air, but they seem to be working a plan that started with the signings of QB Chad Pennington and DE Shaun Ellis a few months back and continued recently when they slapped defensive end John Abraham with their franchise tag.

    It's hard to say exactly what the Jets' plans are. A lot will likely depend on how the Abraham tagging ultimately unfolds. Will the oft injured Abraham be signed long-term, be forced to play out his tag or could he be dealt? Each one of these possibilities would point Gang Green in a different direction for the free agent period. If he's retained as a franchise player, then he cuts into the cap at the rate of 6.7 million dollars this year. If he signs long-term, that number could get whittled down significantly. If he's traded for picks, it will open up a lot of cap space for free agent moves come March 2nd. There are rumors of the Jets coveting players that will go well ahead of the team's twenty sixth position in the first round of the draft. This could be an indication of potential deals that could send Abraham and/or Santana Moss elsewhere in a trade-up involving the 26th pick or a simple trade for additional picks. Abraham to Dallas is a persistent rumor, where he'd be reunited with Bill Parcells, who had a hand in drafting him back in 2000.

    This leads us to the continuation of the Laveranues Coles saga. If Coles is traded to the Jets, a rumor with nine lives, it will likely be for Santana Moss. If the deal ultimately does not occur, the Jets could decide to move the somewhat disgruntled Moss in another deal. Moss will not see a new contract until 2006 if he remains a Jet and that is apparently a problem for the receiver and his representatives according various rumors. There is also the possibility that Coles ends up as an unrestricted free agent. That opens up even more scenarios. Coles' injured toe is at the center of all this, and it's unknown just how serious the injury is in the short-term and the long-term. Also unknown is whether or not the player would consider surgery and what that surgery would entail in terms of rehab time. Not to mention how much of Coles' speed might be lost. At season's end, the Redskins wanted Coles to get the surgery and he refused. That could have a lot to do with how this all came down and does little to change Laveranues' reputation as a hot head.

    Barring a deal that opens up significant cap space, the Jets would seem to be a moderate player in the free agent game, they have money, but they have a lot of holes. The current rumors surround Coles, Derrick Mason, Fred Smoot and Ty Law, but others they could be looking at include T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Fred Miller, Jonas Jennings and Pat Williams. Of course, there are many other possibilities.

    Much of this will depend on what players the Jets are able to retain. Their big ticket names are Jason Ferguson, LaMont Jordan and Kareem McKenzie, but also included are names like Anthony Becht, James Reed, Josh Evans, Chris Baker, Alan Harper, Jason Glenn, Kenyatta Wright and Toby Gowin.

    Of the big names, Ferguson could be back, but is rumored to be talking with Dallas. The Jets want Jordan but cannot offer him the playing time that other teams can. He's at best a fifty-fifty proposition, though his agents say the Jets made a fair offer. As has always been the case with Lamont, Curtis Martin blocks his path to carries if he remains a Jet. Right offensive tackle Kareem McKenzie is represented by the Poston brothers and that always makes for a tough sign. He is a possibility, but he'll follow the money for sure and the market will determine that price. If it's reasonable, the Jets may get him back.

    Then there are the players who, though under contract, could potentially be cut. Sam Cowart and Ray Mickens are both older guys with injury concerns who could be released to open up space as could Reggie Tongue. Wayne Chrebet, Donnie Abraham and Doug

  12. Smizz, no lie, it took Max and dickkotite 4 minutes to disgust everybody on the Tobin board. They were practically planning a lynching for all of us.

    As for going to the church after visiting this gay board, would you, by chance, be taking a shower first? winkwinkwink :lol:

    Naw, Maxman was well liked. Dicky/Limo on the other hand...

    I predict this works out well.

  13. What's up, Zep? Welcome aboard, bro. Sorry things didn't work out on the Tobin site. It's a good site with some quality dudes, but I guess SOME JI people are just a LITTLE TOO INTENSE and FILTHY. I'm not mentioning any names MAXMAN, but I hope we didn't cause you any trouble over there. Again, thanks for the invite, and please feel free to post all you want here.

    I think this was an outstanding way to solve the JI problem. Congratulations and celebrations are in order. Kudos.


  14. This is THE year to get the Pats, if we're ever going to get them, folks:

    1) The loss of Romeo Crennel will be YOOJ (That's 'huge').

    Crennel came out of the Parcells Giants machine, and was largely considered the driving force behind the ridiculous swagger of the LT-Harry Carson front seven that, if you remember, used to intimidate opposing teams before they even gt off the bus. Losing Crennel means that there is no true go-between between the players and Belichick. The secret to Belichick? Players despise him, but they respect him. It was Crennel who was able to communicate with the Pats D, not so much Belichick. Look for a MAJR step back here. Mangini may be good, and quick, but there will be, no doubt a huge adjustment period for him. He may know his X's and O's, but he'll have alot to learn about the politics of being Beli's coordinator. At some point this season, he'll look up and say "God damn, we have no talent out there!"

    2) Weis is Gone

    If you want to say that Tom Brady is a prodigy, and that Tom Brady will/would be great in any system, I beg you to go back and review Vinny Testaverde's season in 1998. 29 TD's, 7 picks, 101.6 passer rating. That's Vinny Testaverde that Weis was working with. The point? Weis makes lemonade out of lemons. Now, I'm not comparing Brady to Testaverde, all I'm saying is that Weis knows how to hide the weaknesses of his QB's. In fact, he's a master at it. That Pats offense wasn't exactly Air Coryell up there, and Brady isn't exactly Einstein under center. If Scarnecchia over-estimates how much Brady can handle, look out.

    In short, now is the time to catch the Pats. It will be Belichick's show all the way up there, with no seasoned coordinators to help him out. Belichick is a genius though, so it shouldn't matter that he lost his coordinators, right? Assistants are interchangeable when you have a great HC, right? I say no--just ask Bill Parcells in Dallas.

    Homer! :mrgreen:

    Great post. I see a much tougher season for New England, but still a playoff season and a better than 50/50 chance at the division.

    The AFC is pretty brutal next year. Our division is especially tough.

    This is a potentially great site. Nice work.

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