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  1. This. It's not that TE and S are not important, it's that there are fewer difference-makers at these positions. If you get a crack at one, they are worth what the elite players are worth at the other positions, or at least they should be. Having an elite versatile S right now is enormous for a defense.
  2. Maybe somebody moves up for Sammy, but the Jets have two third rounders and it's a deep draft for receivers. It seems like a good time to hold on and get as many good players as you can. The Jets do need an impact player on offense, but a QB is where they should be looking if they are considering moving up. Get a QB that can really play. That's how you level-jump the offense. If you look at what the Jets will have in terms of picks, maybe a smaller move or a few smaller moves is more likely than a significant move up in the first round. They could use a few later picks to move up in
  3. Demaryius blew his achilles. Big factor in how long it took him to break out.
  4. I don't like bringing in more vets at QB. It's a waste of money given the Jets' situation. That said, if i was going to bring one in, it'd be Vick, who Mornhinweg knows well. That would be going for lightning in a bottle, but it does have some upside if Vick has a good year and stays healthy. A risky bet to be sure. If I am the Jets, I am paying things forward as much as I can. Keep opening the cap window as you build from within and develop talent. That should allow you to keep the key players like Wilkerson and it should allow you to make the key moves you'll need to make when you
  5. Don't go s***** off Indy just yet, gents. They aren't PAYING Andrew Luck like a stud QB yet, so things look great. Meanwhile, they traded their first rounder for a RB that will need to be paid around the same time as Luck, which was stupid. They will have significant cap problems soon enough and they have issues onr their offensive line and some holes on the D too. They need that cap space just to fill in those blanks. Indy still needs to be smart if they are going to win more than they have. If they did not have Luck, they'd be a doormat.
  6. You don't get either one of them in my opinion. Don't waste precious money on older QBs. Add guys who you think can actually move the needle. There are a lot of good QB prospects in this draft. My goal would be to either add a stud early or to play the numbers game and add two with mid-to-late picks. No has-beens for a rebuilding team. Give Mornhinweg as many talented prospects to work with as you can.
  7. Mornhinweg likes to get vertical more than most WCO guys. Get him the talent and you will see plenty of aggression.
  8. New one…. http://rotobahn.com/scouting-report-odell-beckham-jr-wr-lsu/ Scouting Report: Odell Beckham Jr., WR, LSU NFL ready By: Pete Davidson : February 08, 2014 9:46am Odell Beckham Jr. is a player we really believe in. On paper, he’s not the best receiver in the 2014 class, but we’re leading with him just to underscore how good we think the former LSU Tiger is. He reminds us a lot of both Randall Cobb and Percy Harvin as a receiver and as an athlete. While he’s not likely to play snaps at tailback as both Harvin and Cobb do at times, he is a very good open field runne
  9. Exactly. And, there's absolutely a stay-and-draft scenario too. One thing that all the extra picks allow (I am assuming 5 extra …. a 3rd for Revis plus 4 relatively late comps), is a key move up here or there if you spot a slipping value.
  10. Not a good way to maximize value. Strategically moving back or up when a good deal is there to be made is good business. Just don't have a dolt like Tanny making the deals and picking the players. If you have a lot of guys on the board that you like at any point, then trading back can be a no-brainer. You can get the same level of player and add selections in doing so. Win-win. Any good philosophy on running a team has some flexibility built-in to take advantage of opportunities. Seattle is both conservative and opportunistic. They paid large for Harvin, for example, and gave up
  11. I hate dealing up, but QBs are the exception. That assumes you have a real QB available. Sanchez was fugazi. These guys are not. My problem is that I don't like Geno enough and I want a legit QB. There are no vets with that kind of upside out there, so it's the draft. I agree with you on Idzik. He's conservative, which is pretty much what I want. I liked his approach last year for the most part. They did some much needed austerity and played the comp pick game well. They should have a lot of picks this year due to that and the Revis deal. My big concerns are that they did not
  12. I'll try to be around when I can. Do I even want to know who Shane wanted? Matt Leinart?
  13. That IS frightening. You live long enough and you see all kinds of things.
  14. Very true. Of course, he did it for a bad QB. The trick is to know sh*t from shinola.
  15. Les Miles runs a good program, so I'd expect this guy to be solid. He's also been in the NFL before with the Broncos and Giants.
  16. I said that I doubt Idzik has the stones. That's a comment on the likelihood of it happening. I'd love to move up for Manziel or Bridgewater and I'd give up next year's #1 and then some to do it. Everything would look better with a legit QB. I'm in.
  17. I like Saturday games just fine, but Thursday games are horrible with work and school for most fans on Fridays. With all the head injury concerns, you'd think they do away with the ultra-short week too. Not a big Thursday football guy.
  18. Sure. But he's been an injury guy. Hopefully he gets stronger in the offseason program. I expect him to get better on the field, but he can't help from the sidelines and with no Revis and no Cro, we can't have Milliner out.
  19. He also needs to stay healthy. That's been a real issue with him.
  20. Did anyone mention PSLs? No description of Jets fan torture is complete without mentioning PSLs.
  21. Agreed. Draft the best players that you can use. Rex scrambles well of defense, so there's no need to reach for a particular position. Get players that will make a difference.
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