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  1. I think he is a QB worth adding, and he could possibly beat out Smith, but I'm not giving up what they paid for him. Maybe in a weak draft, but the Jets have very good uses for those two 3rd rounders.
  2. How are we getting that guy? We'd have to move up and I doubt Idzik has the stones for that. I hate moving up, but I'd do it for a franchise QB. Moving back from 18 has nice possibilities too. This would be a great draft to move back in if you make a decent deal. Obviously easier said than done.
  3. I'd be shocked but thrilled if either Barr or Mack fell to us. Doubt we get that lucky.
  4. I like Decker a lot, but paying a premium for what he does is not the move for the Jets right now. Try building through the draft and use free agency when needed. This draft is loaded with receivers. Get good young bodies for Mornhinweg to bring along.
  5. Wide receiver is very deep. If they have a WR they truly love at 18, then great, but you may not lose much by waiting, so taking the best player that you can use at 18 makes the most sense. You will be able to get high quality receivers with all four of the picks they have in the first three rounds. They could easily go for a OL, pass rusher, S, CB, TE or QB at 18 if the right player is there. Anything but a C or a DT if the player is good enough.
  6. This is the thing. We're good. So are they and the Dolphins are potentially right there too. This division is NASTY. Sign Revis and take it to the next level.
  7. Agreed. The offense may get it together, but you can't count on it. Revis is required.
  8. Ha. Totally agree. Matt Cassel was a a product of NE and a steal of a deal for BB.
  9. Imagine this story... "Jets Players Kick In To Save Fellow Employees" FLORHAM PARK - As is usually the case, when things get tough, you can count of the generosity of professional athletes. Having all they need, our stars are one of the few American subcultures that can spring into action when their fellow citizens are down and out. Jets' DE Shaun Ellis may have put it best when he said "these folks are our family. You don't allow your family to have their knees taken out. We're all rich beyond our wildest expectations. We should step up for those who take care of us on a re
  10. As much as it pains me to say it, the Raiders have great uniforms. Silver and black with skull and crossbones. Good stuff. I also like the Lions. I think they'd fly off the racks if they ever won a game. Maybe I just like silver.
  11. Wow, Slats and I agree. I want an impact offensive talent with our first pick. The only reason that I'd avoid that is if there is a run and we'd have to reach. There is no way I would pass on Maclin or Moreno if they made it to us. I'd be interested to see what other people think in terms of what offensive players are worthy of our pick. It seems that as we roll on, the odds of Maclin being there are getting lower and lower. I hate trading up and we lack picks as it is. Assuming Maclin is gone, who are the targets we might draft, who are not reaches? The o
  12. The need for or the potential need for an asterisk next to three Super Bowls is nothing to be taken lightly. It's sort of a big game. What I really love is how Patriot fans try and make it sound like the Pats gained no advantage by cheating. That's some funny stuff right there. The height of denial.
  13. Dude, that was the single worst moment of my season ticket tenure. Those damn towels were everywhere. The Steelers had equal support at our building. Totally pathetic. At least we rained on their parade and won the game.
  14. You'll get no grief from me, and next year, I'll probably be joining you.
  15. Dominant running game? Maybe, but I'd settle for good. We also need to protect a lot better and one of the worst offenders still starts at RG. He's not a terrible player, but he was lost in pass protection, especially against New England and teams that mixed up their blitzes. Not to totally dismiss what you're saying. Faneca is a great player at the position we sucked at more than any other. If the weak-link theory has any validity, we got a lot better right there. Can his presence have the added benefit of making the kids adjacent to him better? That's sort of the big question.
  16. Agreed. He can help a team if his knees are up to the task. GB is pretty loaded with young talent at receiver, so it's not an indictment of KR.
  17. Well, they might have simply gone to the kid since they had some free games to use as an audition, but I agree with the thrust here, which is that Clemens is better if he's reaching his potential. The question is, will he start doing the things he failed to do last year? I really liked what I saw from him physically, but he absolutely must start stepping up in the pocket and throwing on time. That's the one glaring negative difference that I saw (when at the game) between the two quarterbacks. Clemens held the ball when it needed to get out. He also slid left and right when yo
  18. I agree with the end the most. He was a genius when he was running defenses back in the 80's, but the way the Pats defense always looked like they knew what was coming is no longer some amazing thing. Fry the weasel.
  19. Lots of assumptions from a person with a clear agenda. Law took advantage? Do you have any clue what he played with? He came back early at age 32 and milked that foot through an entire season and picked off what? 11 balls? Plantar Fasciitis is a brutal injury that can take years to fully heal. It's why Law was a risk. It's why he was not forced to overwork himself. I would bet that Kendall had a turf toe or something that required rest. I seem to recall a toe injury. I play shoulder intensive sports with a bad cuff and have for close to 20 years. You'
  20. What a bunch of crap. I like Mangini, but we don't know anything. We hope it. Strength program last couple of years? Bull. The Jets were in GREAT shape last year at the end. That team played three straight OT games on the road versus very tough teams with an injured QB and no Abraham. They showed up in Pitt and gave a 15-1 team a great run. My ass they were not in shape. People don't like Herm? Fine. But this whack the guy now that he's gone stuff, to pump up what Mangini has not yet done, is cheesy at best. Like I said, I like Mangini and wish him the
  21. Mr Sherry is correct. The Jets cap situatiom is misrepped. We have constraints but not the problems being portrayed.
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