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  1. Hey, it's all wins and losses, but there's little question that we saw a nervous coach up there at the podium. I think the fact that he NEEDED water shows the point I was trying to make. If the press was inconsequential, then why was he so nervous? He's a human being and human beings don't mix well with the NY media. Anyway, if he wins. it won't matter. Just win baby.
  2. Not exactly a poor move in terms of self preservation either.
  3. Ask yourself why he's standing next to the genius. Why... Maybe because the kid is someone who he respected. Who did you want?
  4. What he should have said was "does anybody have a glass of water". He was nervous as hell. That's cool. Get out of the way. This was a rush job.
  5. There's no way this guy is going to spend that kind of time and that is good. It's just a question of composure and experience. It is new for him. Belly can hate the media all he wants, he is carrying a big stick. The NY media has turned on Larry Brown already to some extent and he's clearly rebuilding. Bradway even went to lengths to start the process of protecting Mangini if you listened to all his PC last week. He said, very clearly, that he will be taking a bigger role with the media. I think we know why now. You are right that it is ultimately about how well you
  6. That makes sense. Just do what Tuna, Shanny and BB do. Yeah, you've got reason to act like guys who, in total have seven SB's. Yeah, the media will lap that up. A total non-issue? That is denial. Nothing matters more than the actual coaching and I said that, but to discount the NY media for a man who has NEVER dealt with any significant amount of media is folly. Hopefully he wins out of the gate and it does not matter.
  7. Belly had Cleveland and part of that was the town turning on him due to political stuff. Kosar/Vinny and the team moving. He's got a whole new job. I trust that he knows the football part. Now he must add being the man - the leader plus dealing with outside responsibilities like the press and NY is where you get the biggest helping of it. It's a lot for a young man. Hey, he must have some weaknesses, right? I'd say that if we see problems, they will be in these areas. The things that can only be learned by doing. Another example is that he'll have to cut guys. Stuff like
  8. We have seven local sports sections plus all the other stuff. It never ends. Hey, if the kid wins right off the bat, then he can control the media. If he's losing, he'll be under more scrutiny. This town's media is vicious if it does not like you. Of course what really matters is coaching, but this is not some small market. It's why BB may have advised him to think differently about his first job. This kid has how much experience at the podium? And how much at the podium after losses? After losses where he is clearly being second guessed? It's always a problem
  9. You have to like the move. Lets hope he handles the media well enough to get by, since that will be the biggest new challenge for him besides being in charge. There are some advantages to youth. Plenty of energy. No burnout. Hopefully he and Tannenbaum can squeeze Bradway out and last a long time.
  10. I am a big fan of Pennington, but I really hope you are wrong here. I feel fairly certain that he'll be back and that he'll be able to play, but no way can the Jets bank on that. At the bare minimum they must draft a QB for the future and they ought to find a better vet to back Pennington. There will be some guys who want to come here because they'll think they can play. I want Pennington back on the field but I also think they need to get some competition at the position. The idea that Pennington cannot play when healthy is a flat out fallacy.
  11. I am not giving up on the season, but at this point, you need to get time for guys like Miller. Besides, he could end up being a weapon that makes you more competitive. I agree with others that McCareins is a better option when we are backed up to our end zone.
  12. BZ is as solid a Herm supporter as I have seen. And I know of what I speak. I carry the homer tag in my other forum in large part because of my refusal to turn on Herm. Keep on keepin' on, BZ.
  13. Yes, and Mr. Brady never faces them. As I said before, that's a nice perk. Penny gets it twice a year at minimum.
  14. My point was not that he can get it deep and that almost any pro QB can. It's throwing the ball accurately and on time that gets it done. Arm strength is not best measured by deep balls. That's basic. As for schemes that will work. Yeah, crowding the middle of the field might be the best angle of approach, but it's been tried by most teams with limited success. What the Pats do goes well past that. Also, remember that Chad's incompletion at the end of the first game had a lot to do with circumstance and that combined with NE
  15. Rubbish. If a mere tactic was all it took to throttle Penington, then all teams would use that tactic. The reason NE and Pitt have had success, is that they are indeed better defensive teams. On a percentage basis, Chad had as much trouble as everyone else. It
  16. Exactly. Re-injury is a separate issue. Is he more susceptible to injury in that area? Maybe, though I gotta tell ya, after I finished rehabbing my shoulder, I was MORE protected than when I was healthy. Why? Because they worked my shoulder into tip top shape and built us mass. Hopefully Chad's rehab was top notch. I have to think it was. The joint gets repaired during the surgery, the rest is all rehab. So, he should be able to take the pounding within reason. However, Chad is certainly off of warranty at this point. There
  17. Not at all. I have worries, but Chad's rehab is no longer on the list. The guy is looking better than before. Ask me about ABE or Law's foot or Robertson's knee or Barton. Plenty of things to cross off the list of worries, but one less is always nice. And to rip the Minny secondary is just silly.
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