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  1. Yeah, sure you could. A smart Pats fan would be bummed by what he saw from Pennington, because that was bad news for New England. In that better competition is bad news. Will we unseat NE? I have no idea, but I am more hopeful than in previous years. Bad D? By calling that D bad you call your credibility into question. That defense bears little resemblance to the 2004 one. Better pass rush, better LB's and Smoot to bookend with Winfield. Cottrell is still a problem, but the talent is significantly improved. Pennington's arm, regardless of the little boy TX dig
  2. People are missing the boat on Thomas. He's a pretty good player who had his development stunted by that incident, some injuries and immaturity. He played MUCH better last year and has shown well at points this year. I feel very comfortable with him in there. Obviously he does not give you a dominant pass rushing presence. He may improve in this area. Marcin has a better bead on him that Carter did. He's failed to live up to what Bradway envisioned, but for me, the criticism should end there. He gave us a solid effort last year in ABE's place. He also has the
  3. Who are these QB's who carry their teams? No, I don't expect the kid to "carry" his team. That's a pretty high standard. I was not questioning the fact that he was backed by a good team. No matter how you choose to slice it, he was a rookie QB who won tons of games. He also has GREAT ability. What is it that he cannot do physically?
  4. The guy is big and quick with a big arm. He can make plays outside the pocket. The guy was a big winner as a rookie. Not sure what you were looking for. Tx only suggests that teams will adjust to him. I'm sure that he suggests that Ben lacks the ability to adjust to that. It's pretty hard to question his physical talents. They are so abundantly clear. What throw can't he make? God help us all if Billy B ever gets a QB like this guy. No diss on Brady.
  5. Big Ben has all the talent he needs. Just a question of how hard he is willing to work. He needs to mature some. He could suffer a bit of a smackdown this year due to his cockiness. Then again, he could also back it up. Either way, I expect him to have a long successful career.
  6. The winning coach is a dunce and the HOF back could be replaced by a high school player. Um, ok. Curtis has always had great lines? What has Priest run behind? And, BTW, the Jets HAVE NOT always had great lines. That is a major fallacy. How do you back that up? Curtis' rushing numbers, I bet. We
  7. Brady has the pocket presence you want. No argument. Good feet and well coached.
  8. As long as Belly is running that show, they will always be able to re-invent themselves. It's not like the Pat talent level was ever that strong. They've consistenty played above their collective level of talent. That's not a diss. That type of team synergy is something special. The team building they have done is impressive and the waves of depth are what got them through last year. The Patriot coaching staff showed the ability to take blocks of clay and over time, mold them into what they envision. They find the good football player inside and they do it fairly consi
  9. Yeah, I missed that little detail. Chad has had his moments against NE. He'll have more of them. The more he plays against them, the better he'll get.
  10. I think, in this situation, he has the right to go on feel... Gotta trust your gut sometimes.
  11. How many of those picks were made by a guy who could be picking off BRADY this season and perhaps beyond? We'll see how much you pick off Pennington going forward. Don't expect the kind of gimmes you got from Roethlisberger and McNabb.
  12. There were articles (I wrote one) about Tuna potentially stealing Chad and about how the Jets could not tag all three guys (not Becht obviously). I am pretty sure about this.
  13. Uh, what am I missing? He would have been a FA at the end of 2004, not 2005. If Penny had a healthy 2004, he would have had the hammer.
  14. Of course. Now that Ty's a Jet, we will hear all about what the HOFer cannot do. He played zone in NE because Belly LOVES ZONE. He does better than any coach in history. Sometimes even when he uses man he disguises it as a zone and vice versa. Law can do anything. The Jets will mix coverages and play what best suits them in a given match up. DH knows his stuff. This issue worries me not. The only relevant issue with Law is his health.
  15. Of course you are correct. Wasn't overlooking it, just wasn't going to go there. If was a 64 mil bonus, I'd have flipped out and been on the other side of this argument. But Bit is right. Just look what Smith got. Yikes.
  16. I think you are wrong. The entire class of 2000 (ABE, Ellis, Penny and Blecht) came off the books together.
  17. Sorry Charlie. You are WAY OFF. Yes, in retrospect, Penny would be cheaper. The deal was done without the benefit of hindsight. No risk in letting him play it out? If Penny does not injure his shoulder and plays out last year, we are almost certainly playing one more week. I can only imagine the amount of money Dallas would have tossed Penny's way if he was coming off of a great year and healthy while Dallas is in win now mode with a HOF coach who never stays too long and to top it off they desperately needed a QB. We know that Tuna likes Chad. He drafted him.
  18. Perhaps Brady is too chicken sh!t to go out on his own. Tommy Boy is afraid to get even a little close to the edge of Belly's nest. Just kidding, mostly. Pennington's deal was fine. If you look at it in terms of his shoulder injury, then it's not. It's only fair to look at the deal in the context of when it was offered to the player. If Brady destroys a key body part in pre-season, his contract looks bad too. In this regard, all signing bonuses are risks. It's spent money that restricts long term. Same for all teams. Just gotta go for it.
  19. If we end up with injuries, then you are right. One thing that Law could bring is an ability to put a safety in the box. The ascension of Miller over Barrett could add to that ability. I don't see that happening this year, but it is possible at some point. We'll see what KJ does to us tonight with his 3 carries...
  20. Cool. I like closure. I thought we were pretty much on the same page.
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