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  1. I could thorw the ball 50 yards, but the point is you have to complete some of them to open up the oppossing D. Plus, it would help if it was not preseason and against a bad D. Credibility.

    Yeah, sure you could.

    A smart Pats fan would be bummed by what he saw from Pennington, because that was bad news for New England. In that better competition is bad news.

    Will we unseat NE? I have no idea, but I am more hopeful than in previous years.

    Bad D? By calling that D bad you call your credibility into question. That defense bears little resemblance to the 2004 one. Better pass rush, better LB's and Smoot to bookend with Winfield. Cottrell is still a problem, but the talent is significantly improved.

    Pennington's arm, regardless of the little boy TX digs, looked better than it has in three years. Looks like there was more wrong than what happened in Buffalo. Perhaps Chad wasn't lying when he said that.

    All the people who harped on the timing of the surgery and whether or not the QB would be ready, should step up and say they were wrong.

    Chad is back and he's better than when we last saw him. Bad news for anyone looking to beat the Jets in 2005. It's a taller task than many were thinking.

  2. People are missing the boat on Thomas. He's a pretty good player who had his development stunted by that incident, some injuries and immaturity.

    He played MUCH better last year and has shown well at points this year. I feel very comfortable with him in there.

    Obviously he does not give you a dominant pass rushing presence. He may improve in this area. Marcin has a better bead on him that Carter did.

    He's failed to live up to what Bradway envisioned, but for me, the criticism should end there. He gave us a solid effort last year in ABE's place.

    He also has the potential to get a lot better and it would not shock me if he did.

  3. he had the benefit of the best running game in football as well as the best defense. he was never asked to 'win' the game much like dilfer on the 2000 ravens. both the D and the running game can only get worse from where they were last year. only time will tell what '05 will hold for ben, my guess is a step back from last year, especially when he is called on the carry the team.

    Who are these QB's who carry their teams? No, I don't expect the kid to "carry" his team. That's a pretty high standard.

    I was not questioning the fact that he was backed by a good team. No matter how you choose to slice it, he was a rookie QB who won tons of games. He also has GREAT ability. What is it that he cannot do physically?

  4. i was never that impressed by him. most of the big plays he made were scrables, broken plays, and a few play action passes. teams that kept him in the pocket and made him throw the ball against a 'true' coverage gave him fits.

    keep him in the pocket and slow down the run - keys to beating him. i am with Tx on this one.

    The guy is big and quick with a big arm. He can make plays outside the pocket.

    The guy was a big winner as a rookie. Not sure what you were looking for. Tx only suggests that teams will adjust to him. I'm sure that he suggests that Ben lacks the ability to adjust to that.

    It's pretty hard to question his physical talents. They are so abundantly clear. What throw can't he make?

    God help us all if Billy B ever gets a QB like this guy. No diss on Brady.

  5. Exactly. And for all the cooing about Martin's exceptional vision (though it is good), it's not like he gets so many more yards because of it. What I tend to see is our interior linemen opening up a gigantic hole, Curtis running through said hole, gets stopped immediately as soon as someone gets more than a few fingers on him. Then the announcers chime in on cue, "And that's why he's so great. Just look at how fluid he is." Nevermind that they just saw him run 10 yards through a 10-yard-long/8-yard wide lane, which any JV high school running back can do.

    Happened with his one nice run vs Detroit. One guy got 5 fingers to drape against Curtis' thigh as Martin was already past him; the announcer during the run: "...Martin breaks a tackle and cuts right..." That was no "tackle" & he again went as far as the lane allowed. As usual. Big lane = big production; no lane = no production.

    Martin's YPC is the most overrated I've seen. He's always had a strong (if not great) OL his whole career. When said line opens up holes big enough for ANYONE to get 5+ yds, the credit goes to Martin-the-great. When Martin has to make something out of nothing & fails, then it's not Martin's fault - the line didn't do enough.

    I used to see this equal-but-opposite thing with Jordan. I swear I thought it was done on purpose, to justify all of Martin's carries, given the predictability & repetition:

    - Martin stays in on passing & running plays;

    - Jordan comes in once in a while. First play with Jordan is ALWAYS a run, up the middle, that every DC in the game knows is coming with the snap of the ball.

    - Jordan gets stuffed as the D puts like 300 men in the box.

    - Martinites: Jordan is "nothing special" or "didn't show me anything" like they were Curtis' girlfriends or something.

    I'd love to see Martin only come in ONLY when the whole world knows it's a running play, get taken out immediately afterward, & see him sniff at even 3.0 ypc.

    The winning coach is a dunce and the HOF back could be replaced by a high school player. Um, ok.

    Curtis has always had great lines? What has Priest run behind?

    And, BTW, the Jets HAVE NOT always had great lines. That is a major fallacy. How do you back that up? Curtis' rushing numbers, I bet. We

  6. You make a great point here.

    Brady never would have been able to last in the NFL if he looked like he did his rookie season. He was a skinny little runt who would have taken a severe beating.

    I feel there are two reasons why Brady is at the level he is now.

    One, he moves in the pocket better than any other QB in the NFL.

    Two, his decision making skills are superb. That can be attributed to good solid coaching.

    Brady has the pocket presence you want. No argument. Good feet and well coached.

  7. JM - The Patriots day could be over. No sane person can argue that. Given the coaching and personnel (only Johnson and Bruschi) losses, it is not unreasonable of the Jets' fans predictions of the Patriots' demise.

    The main difference in our opinions is the degree of the demise. The Patriots are too talented to just fall off the face of the Earth and back to their pre-1994 days.

    On offense, Dillon is the only player over 30. From Brady to the receivers and through the last man on the OL, the starters are all under 28. That is the main reason for my optimism. Brady and the offense can carry this team while the D transitions. IMHO, I liken this to the 49ers of the 80s. After beating the Phins in 1984, they did not win another title for 5 years, but they were always winning 10+ game sand in the playoffs. With the Patriots' youth on offense, plus the youth of their DL and secondary, this team will still be very good.

    They might not win it this year. My gut says they do, but that is a matter for another day. I realize the Colts and Peyton might eventually be able to beat the Patriots. Big Ben and the Steelers will also be a threat. Even the Jets, although to a lesser degree, will challenge for the division and ultimately the AFC title. My only point is, until Brady and/or Belichick hangs them up, the Patriots are built to be ther and will go on a run similar to the 49ers run from 1981 to the late 90s. They might not win it every year, but they will contend.

    Gimmie - As Jet Moses attested to, I and quite a few others, have been on this forum or a kissing cousin of it since 1997. So long after the Patriots' demise from their current run I will be here. It is not like I am going to suddenly mature over night and start working at work. :wink:

    I realize the sun is setting on the Patriots' dynasty. As I said above, it is just a matter of how long it is until the lights go out. IMHO that is still quite a few years away.

    As long as Belly is running that show, they will always be able to re-invent themselves.

    It's not like the Pat talent level was ever that strong. They've consistenty played above their collective level of talent. That's not a diss. That type of team synergy is something special. The team building they have done is impressive and the waves of depth are what got them through last year.

    The Patriot coaching staff showed the ability to take blocks of clay and over time, mold them into what they envision. They find the good football player inside and they do it fairly consistently. For every Brandon Moore, they have a Klecko and a Bruschi. They get credit for that.

    Brady is a fine QB. No doubt. Does he make it with an average organization? Maybe not. The Pats built him up physically and coached the dickens out him. Brady gets all the credit in the world too. He lifted the weights and soaked up the great coaching. Still, you enter a different off-season program and learn from lesser coaches and you get a different yield.

    I have hopes for a down year due to all the losses like Bruschi, Law and both coordinators. Even guys like Patten and Johnson will be felt at points.

    This does not mean that the Pats won't repeat, only that there exists some scenarios that offer hope to everyone else.

    In the long term, it

  8. We'll see sport . Torn rotator cuff aside we will see. The NFL is ciricular and always has been.

    What in the world will you do when this run ends?

    Suddenly your Football IQ will take a hit and somehow you will have to fill your lifes void of no longer hanging on opposing teams message boards simply because the PATS became relevant in 2001.

    Hard to argue with that.

  9. Question for the PAThetics... wasn't Pennington the last QB to win up in NE for like a 2yr period?

    Not sure if that fact is still in tact as I am not as consumed with the Pats as you are with us(hell you live here) but it does boggles the mind how such a terrible QB held that distinction.

    I guess thats why TX aways says "in Chad last 3 games against NE" rather than include that game.

    Save the reply about the Pats dee in 02 as well because we have heard it before.

    Yeah, I missed that little detail. :roll:

    Chad has had his moments against NE. He'll have more of them. The more he plays against them, the better he'll get.

  10. Pats fans get pissed when China Doll doesn't play.

    Always a better chance for a Pats win when he plays.

    1 TD and 7 INT's in last 3 appearances against the Pats.

    Yep, well worth $64 mil. :^o

    How many of those picks were made by a guy who could be picking off BRADY this season and perhaps beyond?

    We'll see how much you pick off Pennington going forward. Don't expect the kind of gimmes you got from Roethlisberger and McNabb.

  11. Meddle, that quote was made July 30, 2004. The way I interpet that is that "one year remaining" meant the 2005 season.

    If 2004 was the final year don't you think they would have said "he is in the final year of his contract"?

    I'm not 100% sure on this however.

    Anybody know?

    bit, I know you know. =D>

    There were articles (I wrote one) about Tuna potentially stealing Chad and about how the Jets could not tag all three guys (not Becht obviously). I am pretty sure about this.

  12. Cimini stated that the Jets intend to use Law on more man to man coverage. I'll beleive that when I see it. IMHO, it would be a mistake for the Jets to do so.

    Of course. Now that Ty's a Jet, we will hear all about what the HOFer cannot do.

    He played zone in NE because Belly LOVES ZONE. He does better than any coach in history. Sometimes even when he uses man he disguises it as a zone and vice versa. Law can do anything. The Jets will mix coverages and play what best suits them in a given match up.

    DH knows his stuff. This issue worries me not.

    The only relevant issue with Law is his health.

  13. everyone is overlooking the fact that Chad didn't get 64 mil he got 22 mil plus salary. The backloaded years will be restructured. Maybe after 2 or 3 restructures 10 years from now he will get something close to 64 mil but those numbers aren't real.

    Looking at the bonuses, the first pick of the draft the year Chad signed was Eli Manning, who got 21 Mil. Chad got 1 mil more than Eli who hadn't played a single down in the NFL at the time. Regardless of what you think about Chad's value, 1 mil more than Eli Manning is only fair.

    Of course you are correct. Wasn't overlooking it, just wasn't going to go there. If was a 64 mil bonus, I'd have flipped out and been on the other side of this argument.

    But Bit is right. Just look what Smith got. Yikes.

  14. And there lies the problem with PennyBoy's contract, the timing of the extension.

    The Jets totally jumped the gun. Rather waiting to re-do the contract at the END of last season, the Jets went ahead and completed the deal BEFORE the season began.

    There was absolutely no downside risk for the Jets to wait until the end of last season.

    If they did, do you think that PennyBoy would have received a $64 mil deal? No way in hell.

    And on the other end of the spectrum, let's say PennyBoy lit it up last year (very highly unlikely :wink: ), the Jets would have probably paid a little more but at least knowing they got a proven commodity for the money spent.

    Huge mistake by the Jets FO signing the extension when they did.

    Sorry Charlie.

    You are WAY OFF. Yes, in retrospect, Penny would be cheaper. The deal was done without the benefit of hindsight.

    No risk in letting him play it out?

    If Penny does not injure his shoulder and plays out last year, we are almost certainly playing one more week. I can only imagine the amount of money Dallas would have tossed Penny's way if he was coming off of a great year and healthy while Dallas is in win now mode with a HOF coach who never stays too long and to top it off they desperately needed a QB. We know that Tuna likes Chad. He drafted him.

    So your discounting of the risk is fraudulent, my friend.

    They only had one franchise tag to play with, so tagging Chad costs you Abe or forces your hand.

    In no way do I question Chad's contract. I can still see the deal working out fine. He is scheduled to start the opener. We also know the guy is tough enough to tough it out.

    The bottom line is, we are lucky to have the guy.

    Now if you want to say that a healthy Pennington is not worth what the team paid, that is your opinion and your right. We'd just disagree. Carry on.

  15. I thought the contract was fair. But the Brady deal blew it out of the water. That hurt...Brady giving them a discount.

    All they care about in New England is winning. Freaks.

    Perhaps Brady is too chicken sh!t to go out on his own. Tommy Boy is afraid to get even a little close to the edge of Belly's nest.

    Just kidding, mostly.

    Pennington's deal was fine. If you look at it in terms of his shoulder injury, then it's not. It's only fair to look at the deal in the context of when it was offered to the player.

    If Brady destroys a key body part in pre-season, his contract looks bad too.

    In this regard, all signing bonuses are risks. It's spent money that restricts long term. Same for all teams. Just gotta go for it.

  16. I think it's great we got Ty Law, but-

    Is anybody gonna even throw the ball against the Jets? Think Rick Mirer handing it off 44 times in a row.

    If we end up with injuries, then you are right. One thing that Law could bring is an ability to put a safety in the box. The ascension of Miller over Barrett could add to that ability. I don't see that happening this year, but it is possible at some point.

    We'll see what KJ does to us tonight with his 3 carries...


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