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  1. Right. That's my point. We agree on the facts. No problem there. My point was that the Pats did lose Law. They got unlucky. The injury made it impossible to keep him at that number and they probably don't keep him anyway. Thing is, the injury made it impossible for them to compromise. Without the injury, the Pats could have and likely would have found common ground with Law. But, at this point, after the injury, Law
  2. No, my point is that Law left over money. I understand that the Pats could have paid what we paid, but it was a money issue because of the original contract. I'm not saying that the Pats have mismanaged their cap. I could not accurately assess their cap situation. It's hard enough tracking one team.
  3. Yeah right. The Jets are no lock just because they have Law, but he's a loss and the Pats lost him because of the salary he commands. We'll see if you don't need him. You may be right. It's also possible that this is the year where you really need a guy like Ty. A guy who can lead - AND play. We'll see. If nothing else, it's a great season long story line.
  4. This is bad. The question is how bad is it? Depends on how long he's been playing with it and just how much cartilage is missing. There are some options. Even if it's degenerative, there is micro fracture surgery, which, though extreme, has worked for a lot of guys. He's pretty young for bone on bone. It's pretty strange.
  5. In the battle of fine print, I will bet on Tannenbaum versus the Postons. Call me crazy - or - just call Lavar Arrington.
  6. Since then... Lava for Moss Dinger for Hackett Jolley for Becht Blaylock for Jordan Jones for McKenzie Pennington post surgery (probably a plus) Nugent for Brien Feel free to argue the effects of these changes, but one thing is for certain. This is not the offense that played in Pitt. Pennington said that his arm was so gone, that he'd have missed the next week in NE. Now, you may have a QB with less than full arm strength, but at least he can now use the correct arm angle on all his throws and make those throws without pain. Chad's accuracy
  7. That's pretty weak. I think I'll go by what Law said. Clearly the money was, and always is, anyone's primary concern. Curtis was a factor. Staying in the division and getting two cracks at NE was a factor. Herm, according to Law, was a factor. I don't buy that we were the only folks willing to pay. Nor for one second.
  8. I don't doubt that. Point is that he's had little time to apply his knowledge. I don't see it as a big problem.
  9. Nice write-up. You negative mofo. Could the fact that Dumbo read the D quicker have something to do with him getting all the snaps in the new offense all off-season long? I heard Jones held up pretty well and has looked good in practice. I hope you missed the good stuff. We need that guy badly. Ethan Brooks is no answer.
  10. Marino is as good as anyone in history. A first ballot no brainer selection if ever there was one. My hatred of him as a player is the ultimate form of an opposing fan's respect. He and Larry Bird wrecked my sports life in the 80's. Hated 'em both for their greatness. Ken O'Brien or Dan Marino? U-g-h Ugh Ugh Ugh.
  11. 34 is what Law will be in year three of the deal. Year three. Small difference. Also, let's be fair. NE has a championship resume and we are a team looking for its first title in years. Easier for you guys to get players to sign at a discount. It's sort of apples to oranges in that vein.
  12. So you've seen the structure of the deal already? What was Woodson worth at age 31? Darrell Green? Ty Law is not just some guy. You ought to know that - and I think you do. This may or not be a great move. I happen to love it,but hey, I have been wrong before - on occasion. This move fits. Assuming it gets done of course.
  13. I was referring to a series of posts throughout the thread - and whole bloody internet for that matter.
  14. It took four years to fire Hackett and you might want to consider that Herm was not really the guy who hired Hackett. Bradway is a factor here as well. TX's rips on Pennington are so tired. Nothing else worth saying there.
  15. Jay Fielder has a career QB rating of 76.9. He's thrown 68 TDs to 66 INTs. Chad has a career rating of 93.7. He's got 53 TDs to 27 INTs. They both win more than they lose. Fiedler's success has more to do with the Miami D than anything else. Chad has been a winner with the Jets for crying out loud. Look at our history. You are missing the boat. We have a championship caliber QB in his prime. He'll be good for another 5-6 ears if he stays relatively healthy. He's not a perfect quarterback. Chad's skill-set does not compute for you. I get it. You are missi
  16. Dude, you really sound like you care... Look at the span on the entire post surgical timeline. Look at when he began throwing activities. In that context, you should be able to see that six weeks is actually an eternity. if you can't, then you will just have to take my word, that six weeks is a very long time in this context. I have gone through a handful of exhausting rehabs in my day. Six weeks is forever. Remember, at this point, the injury is basically healed. He's just building arm strength. Could he play an NFL regular season today? Who knows. In six weeks,
  17. Will you be talking about the bad wheel if he signs in NE, or will a miracle have occurred in that scenario? It will be fun to watch Ty laying down the Law in GREEN...
  18. I think the Jets are really counting on Pouha to play a lot of snaps and probably start. He probably comes out on passing downs and for a lot of rest, but I see him playing a lot. Pouha and Adrian Jones are the two biggest question marks on this team, once you assume that ABE and Penny will be ready.
  19. Because guys are undealable after signing long term contracts. Massive cap hit.
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