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  1. Meddle, Dinger's favorite offensive pass play is the crossing route. These killed the Pats two years ago in the playoffs.

    Although the actual routes may not be longer yardage wise, crossing patterns take more time to develop than a quick in, out or curl pattern.

    Despite what he may have done versus the Pats, the Tenn offense has featured a wide array of routes, including sideline routes with the larger guys. Derrick Mason ran a lot of curls.

    Slats, as for him riding his number one receiver. I'm not sure how to say it, but every team has a top receiver. Tenn has been able to use a lot of guys when they have them. Last year they featured two 1,000 yard receivers who both found the zone with good frequency. That's after losing Ty Calico to injury and McCareins to the Jets.

  2. "master motivator"

    Speaking of comfort, at least Edwards has almost zero input other than his insipid pre and post game speeches.

    How do you know this?

    You don't, but as it gets repeated enough, it becomes fact and as it becomes fact, it becomes all the more baffling that we keep winning more games than we lose.

    Herm Gump.

  3. Saying Hermy is a top 10 coach is as dumb as saying PennyBoy is a top 10 QB.

    The team has finished in the NFL top ten in two out of the last three years and the year they missed was the 2003 debacle where we were out of it by the time Penny got in there.

    I guess our HC and QB are non-factors in our success.

    Or maybe you don't know what you're talking about.

    It's pretty tough to rank HC's, especially in the mid-range. You know the great ones and the terrible ones. People 'round here like to paint Herm as the latter, but that is just silly talk. His accomplishments are tangible. He's clearly a good head coach.

    Just because he's less than BB does not mean he's not good. He is good.

  4. Please.

    Any good QB would check off and audible at the LOS if he saw (and knew) what the defense was going to do.

    High school QB's can even do that.

    Another weak excuse TS.

    Yeah, he just looks into the hearts and minds of the defenders and sees that they are expecting the draw. Rubbish. Come on dude.

    Look at last years performances. You guys say top ten, but four of those ten top ten teams were NE and Pitt. That's better than just top ten. That's four games against one and two and half of those games are conveniently not on Brady's sked. Can we say that he'd be no better than .500 against himself?

    The little comparison also conveniently discounts two games against the #11 ranked defense of San Diego and both games were on the road. SD was 12-3 against teams other than us.

    Three of the four games against Pit and NE were after his shoulder injury. Another statistical convenience.

    Anyway, you want to sing the "Chad has not won the big game" song? Fine. I'd point out that he's won playoff games every year he's played them, so he can win them too. He's had to play three out of four on the road. In one of those years, his road status was partially due to Vinny's 1-3 start.

    Brady has had Weiss and Chad has had Hackett. Brady has had Belly to Chad's Herm. Brady is backed by NE's D while Penny has had a far less supportive defense, which is catching up some now. When Brady gets his team in FG range, he sees Vinatieri running in from the sidelines and Chad ... ok, I must stop.

    If Pats fans want to play this game, that's fine. I remain confident in Pennington.

  5. med's under the impression that our new OC is some sort of Norman Einstein. A lot of firm opinions about how he'll be utilizing our personnel to the fullest, and the live game adjustments we'll be making.

    I hope he's right. I just don't remember anyone talking about this guy in genius terms before the Jets hired him.

    And somehow, I think I would've remembered the name "Heimerdinger."

    You think being adaptive is equivalent to being Einstein? OK.

    I am saying that he's not Hackett. His reputation is that he uses his players strengths. Look it up.

    Not sure where I equated him with the great minds of our time. As far as his rep, I know that the Titans have been good and that they wanted him back.

    What Donnie's rep? How'd that work out?

    You always pump that "look for guys from successful programs" thing. That's what they have done two straight years. I'd think you'd be happy.

    You two dudes seem to think that Heimerdinger is like Hackett, and will be rigid with the system and fail to use player's strengths. Maybe I am missing something. Please enlighten me.

  6. But here's the deal, bro: What Chad does well is find the hot receiver in his pre-snap read and hit him with it on a 3 step or a 5 step with a nicely timed pass. That's the whole West Coast deal. Unless Dinger makes a huge philosophical shift all of a sudden, that's not what's going to happen here. I'm not saying that Dinger isn't going to bend a little to take Chad's weaknesses into account, but he's not going to scrap his whole Tennesse offense either. Either way, Chad is going to have to almost re-invent himself, almost back to his Marshall days, and there's no question he's going to be opened up to more hits this season than he's ever experienced before. So far, he hasn't shown the ability to stay healthy, freak injury or not. When you look at McNair's injuries--bruised sternum, knees, toes, elbow--those are all contact injuries, meaning there was nothing "freak" about them. Is CHad going to be able to take those hits now and avoid injury when he wasn't taking those hits before without ending up on IR? All I'm saying is that there's a huge question mark there, and as Jets fans, we better keep our fingers crossed. Dinger isn't going to baby Chad and neither should we.

    McNair gets injured in large part because of his running days and ways. If he'd played his whole career the way he's played the last few years under Dinger, he'd be in better physical shape today. It's Hemerdinger that has gotten this guy to stick in the pocket and make throws. Sure they call some foot plays for him because he's so good that way, but his Vick days are over.

    You are very correct on the quick reads, but there is more to Chad's game than the three yards looks. He looks off guys well and finds a ton of intermediate routes. Granted there was less of that last year.

    Chad does have some limitations. He's got average or less than average mobility. His arm is only adequate, bit so were a lot of very successful QB's.

    Chad does not need to reinvent himself. He only needs to be healthy.

    You are acting as if this coach is Hackett. That he's set in his ways. This is a coach that sees the talent and uses it. He is not going to ask Chad to be McNair. He didn't ask Volek to be McNair.

    Dinger is a WCO coach, but unlike Hackett, his offense can change with the times and his personnel.

  7. I don't know, homey. Besides, I don't WANT Dinger making concessions to Chad. If a nack has to get out in the pattern to open up a crossing route, Chad is just going to have to man up and take the hit. You just cannot advocate making concessions to Chad because you're afraid he'll get hit and break. If he can't take a shot, then he can't be your QB. It's that simple. Chad is a tough guy and he's a smart guy, but his three great weaknesses are 1) A weak arm; 2) He doesn't gamble with the ball, even in big spots and 3) He's fragile. Bro, NONE of these things are going to fly with Dinger. I'm telling you, Hackett used to cheer when Chad would settle for a 5-yard dump pass on 3rd and 10 because Hackett was all about his system. Dinger is about putting the ball in the end zone. Guys who aren't helping him do that are going to end up on the bench.

    This is why I think it's imperative that Chad has to get back on the field for an entire camp. The guy has developed so many bad habits under Hackett that Dinger is going to have to break. This is going to be HUGE. The first time Chad dumps it five yards short is the first time Dinger is going to scream at him. I;d much rather that happens the first week of camp instead of the first week of the season.

    Tom, step away from the ledge.

    You missed my point, which could be my fault.

    I'm not saying that the offense will be changed to fit Chad's weaknesses. Sure it will - in part, but what I was trying to say is that the offense will be set up to maximize what he does well. That's just smart football.

    What he does well is read quickly and make a good decision. The good news is that what qualifies as a good decision is a little different than before.

    I don't buy the weak arm thing. The kid throws a nice ball. It's not McNair or Culpepper or Favre, but it's good enough.

    He got by with half a wing and competed well at the end of last year. That should account for soemthing.

    Fragile? Maybe. He's had two injuries and one was a freak thing.

    On the other side of the ledger, I've seen the kid take plenty of hits and get up.

    As for the dump-off thing, that is about Hackett. That's what our offense was supposed to do and that's why we all wanted a new offense.

    Personally, I think Penny will take to Dinger like a fish to water. I see some problems for us, but Penny getting the new scheme is not one of them.

    That said, I do think you make a good point about being on the practice field in TC. Because you are right about changing some habits. I think they'll get that done.

  8. Again TS, you are right on the money.

    McNair has always done a phenominal job hanging in the pocket to let the play develop, thus a lot of his injuries.

    Keeping a TE or FB in to block goes against Dinger's offensive philosophy. Just don't see it happening.

    Like I said in a prior post, this offense will only go as far as the OLine can take them. That's a heavy burden for 5 individuals.

    A gross oversimplification.

    The more targets out there the less likelihood that the QB has nowhere to go.

    Yes, he'll have less time in total, but he'll also need less.

    If we run a seven step drop, or a 7-step and a double move on the outside, it will likely work off of a play-fake or something to freeze the rush and YES, sometimes we will ask our line to step up and protect. It's called football.

    We do have a decent line. I don't thinks it's as good as some of those ranking that have come out recently, but we are in the upper half of the league.

  9. Dinger also uses alot more option routes in his offense, which also take longer to develop. I agree that Chad is an amazingly smart QB, but the fact remains is that he's going to have to sit in the pocket longer and learn how to take a hit. If he makes pre-snap reads and continues to dump it off to avoid taking hits instead of letting a play develop downfield, Dinger will beat the living sh*t out of him. Steve McNair is built like a tow-truck and he was always dinged up. Chad is built like an accountant and is just as, if not moreso, vulnerable to injury as McNair. I just can't see Dinger making the concession of keeping the FB or a TE in to save Chad's a$$, $64 million or no $64 million.

    I think you are underestimating our new OC.

    Sure he tailored Tenn's offense to McNair. You want a guy like that throwing a ton of dump-offs? McNair is built for taking hits and throwing darts way downfield.

    Dinger will tailor our offense to our QB and it's other assets.

    Just watch.

  10. Meddle, Dinger's favorite offensive pass play is the crossing route. These killed the Pats two years ago in the playoffs.

    Although the actual routes may not be longer yardage wise, crossing patterns take more time to develop than a quick in, out or curl pattern.

    Yes, and what about the other guys in pattern? Are we sending all five targets on crossing routes? No.

    The point is that you attack the defense in multiple ways and allow the QB to find the holes. The Pats do it much the same way. I have always loved Weiss' offense and I was a big fan of Tenn's as well.

    I anticipate a refreshing change.

    I have my doubts and they are mostly about our tackles. If the OT

  11. I agree. This is the song I've been singing since Dinger got here. I'm excited about more offensive opportunities, but without the TE staying back for pass protection, and the WR's running longer routes, the pressure on the OL is going to be much more severe than under the hated Hackett. Paul's system was boring and predictable as hell, but he protected Chad as best as he could.

    Chad was getting banged around in three step drops, I'm not looking forward to the injury reports once he starts taking seven step drops.


    Free your mind and your ass will follow.

    You say longer routes as if they will run nothing but long routes. Not the case.

    Hackett used a lot of max protect with late breaking valves, but that means it'll will also take longer to get guys free. If you flood the zone with receivers, you eliminate much of the doubles and make quick reads and releases that much easier.

    Ying and yang.

    What this new offense will most likely do is put more of the game in Pennington's hands. It will fall on him and it will be his responsibility to get the ball out of there when it needs to be out of there. If that means tossing OOB then so be it.

    If Penny is not up to it, then we are in trouble. As long as the shoulder is sound, I like his chances.

  12. I agree with both of you for the most part. My fear is that Dinger does not protect his QB's--everybody is out in the pattern all the time, and its up to the QB to deliver it before he takes a hit. If he doesn't get rid of the ball, that's the QB's problem. No more max protection sets for Chadwick. When you look at the injuriy-riddled careers of both McNair and Volek in Tennessee under Dinger, you really have to question whether Chad will have a chance to last. IMO, I don't think Dinger is going to change his philosophy just because Chad is brittle, so that means that the two most important players on the 2005 Jets will be the rapidly declining Jason Fabini and the unproven converted TE Adrian Jones. Could be scary.

    Well stated, Mr. Shane.

    You and I are on the same page. That is most definitely Dinger's MO, and yes there is inherent risk.

    Here's the good part. Neither McNair nor Volek sees the field as well as our QB. So while this offense could be risky, the upside is tremendous. The more players in the pattern, the more dangerous Pennington is. He major strength is making pre-snap reads and quick decisions and identifying the path of least resistence.

    I hope we can keep him healthy, but I am also very excited about what he can do in this offense.

  13. The opener's almost three full months away. He's throwing now. He's working with the trainers in an every-other-day passing regimen.

    He should be ready for training camp in six weeks.

    He will be ready for the opener six weeks later than that.

    That said, I'm not optimistic at all about him lasting the season once he starts it.

    Based on the "time windows" that Slats eluded to, I agree. He's on course. So unless there is an "event" (setback), he will be ready.

    Re-injury is a legit concern, especially early on. Eventually the repaired joint (muscle structure) will toughen up. Just avoid that big hit early.

    This is one potential plus with the shot gun back in the fold. They always have the option of dropping him back when there is a great speed rusher on his blind side. The gun allows the QB to get an early look at the blind side rush. One more reason why Hackett's rigid approach was problematic. The gun does not need to be a major part of your offense, but it should at least be somewhere in your bag of tricks.

  14. What Garb clearly doesn't understand is that we know Randy well, for over a year now. That's our fourth chat with the guy and he's been to our tailgate.

    We're not trying to grow our site with the Lange chats. We're not trying to create a precious document or what have you. We're just getting access to someone with access, who happens to be a pretty cool laid back guy.

    Randy does it just to be cool. All those involved had fun.

    Feel free to skip our stuff in the future - Garb.

    It was nice to see some of the other Jets fans show up. Hope you guys make it next time. That should be late August.

  15. Big Ben is a stud and had a great rookie year. He was nursing a thumb injury in the playoffs and some of his throws were very indicative of that.

    One of the best pro prospects I've ever seen.

    He'll have his bumps along the way, but he should have a great career.

    Someone said he was not the total package. Get a clue. That's exactly what he is. What skill is he lacking save for game experience?

  16. No contest.

    No way is it "no contest".

    Hernandez was clutch in every phase of the game. He was the ultimate leader that you just don't see anymore, at least if you're a Met fan. He had his golden years with us but was at his best in the four or five years before he was a Met. People forget that he could run as a younger player. He was usually good for around 10-15 bags.

    11 Gold Gloves + an MVP and titles with two organizations.

    Mattingly never won a title and played his whole career with the Yankees. It's not like he's Ernie Banks stuck in Chicago. He was the leader of talented teams that consistently fell short. You can deflect and say that he was a championship player on a string of good but not great teams, but some of the criticism has to stick. As a Mets fan, I cannot see a Hernandez-led team doing that. All our Hernandez/Carter teams were intense teams that competed. For Yankee fans, look at O'Neil. Sure the stats don't blow you away, but the player does.

    Hernandez also played in the 70's and 80's in the NL versus the 80's and 90's in the AL. Those factors alone will impact the stats if you want to look at just the stats, which Donnie supporters must do. Mattingly hit between Hendu and Winfield in his mega years and that certainly would help anyone

  17. David Cone was a HOF talent. To me, that is unquestionable. He could pitch with anyone when he was healthy.

    If he had 200 wins then I would say he should be in and I would not cry foul if he got in anyway. There's much worse in there already.

    The thing that killed Coney are the two freak injuries. He missed '87 (I think) with a broken finger and missed a lot of time to the aneurism. Both sort of freak injuries.

    He has the arm, stuff and make-up plus he was damn good in the big spot.

    IMO, he's real close and would definitely be there without the freak injuries those two years, which almost unquestionably cost him that 200 plateau.

  18. Chiefs ahead 28-27 in the opener with .03 seconds left. Jets have the ball on the 36 yard line of KC.

    Nugent comes in to hit the 43-yard gimme FG (because if he is as great as Jet fans say, it's a gimme) to win the game.

    Under pressure he over-kicks and hooks the ball wide left.

    As usual, Jets lose.

    Nugent will be extremely lucky to convert 70% of his FG attempts next year.

    And you guys wasted a 2nd round pick on a kicker after the one you had last year hit on 83% of his attempts. :shock:

    I was with you until you ref'd Brien's %...

    As a Pat fan, you should KNOW - that a kicker's % is far less important than how he kicks in crunch-time. AV has had off years, but was always there when it counted.

    That's my kind of kicker.

    I do hope NUG's get out of the box well, but as long as he avoids a pattern of missing big kicks, I think he'll be ok.

    One plus is that he'll have a full year (at minimum) under his belt before he can lose a plyoff game for us.

  19. JMO many fans will be pleasantly surprised by the play of Jones. The weak spot of this line was Fabini, not the RT, and this will continue to the be case.


    I was hoping they'd go for it and put the kid at LT, but I assume they have their reasons. I still think that's the long-term plan.

  20. I think the Jets are ranked perfectly. I am taking a wait and see attitude with Jones myself. I have faith in him but until I see him do it I won't proclaim the Jets line to be great.


    If anything, I think we are ranked a bit high. If Jones is ready, then we'll be ok.

    Our key will be picking up the blitz better than we did last year. You wanna beat NE? You better pick up the various things they throw at you.

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