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  1. Moutain Lions on vancouver Island....be careful hiking
  2. Personally, I wanted Mayfield. I guess that dream is dead. The other 3 don't excite me, but draft one of them they must. Accuracy is king in the NFL...which one is the most accurate?
  3. Jamal Adams dalvin cook a sam Darnold win-loss record The Mets
  4. I'm all for tanking for darnold. im exhausted. The 2016 team broke me. This summer will suck, and, as a jets fan, summer was the only happy time-full of false hope and false bravado. Summer was all we had. as far as Howard? Meh..he looks good, even very good, but I really want Jamal Adams but all indications seem to be he'll be gone. and, as Jetster posted, we HAVE ignored impact players on offense. I'm all for Dalvin Cook at 6...maybe a pick like that will resuscitate my August.
  5. Cut em all and create space. insert young players, let Bowles prove something to us with all the young talent, or take a hike. draft darnold if Bowles proves nothing. **** this team **** em all
  6. ...Or Sean Taylor, which everyone seems to be saying about Adams.
  7. Since we're on the subject, I don't think I would be unhappy with the Alabama ILB, Reuben Foster, as the choice at 6 either. im sure picking foster would be a trade down scenario, but if he IS the teams target, I would not be unhappy.
  8. This would be a great start, IMO. fournette is exciting, but I'm feeling his career will be short and injury-riddled.
  9. I'm still stuck on S, Jalen Ramsey. I hope we draft him.
  10. Just watched Greene's "A Football Life" in NFLN. Doesnt make him a great coach, but the episode was awesome. So I'm happy with this hire. Our pass rush and our OLBs have been non-existent for as long as I can remember.
  11. I'd be happy with any number of defenders... tabor adams foster hooker sucks no legit pass rusher is there at 6
  12. Yeah. The value at 6 for those positions is terrible, but it doesn't mean you won't draft Sean Taylor, Ezekiel Elliot, or Ray Lewis. Sometimes you're forced into a corner with value, but end up with a beast. I hope that happens to us. I can't remember a time it ever did (ha!), but the sun shines on a dogs ass every once in awhile, right?
  13. Re safeties...This guy has hooker rated higher than Adams. safety with off the charts ball skills would be nice, IMO.
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