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  1. I agree 100% if we are to make any noise, it has to begin with a dominant D.
  2. Sad, but I agree. how about a game void if silly mistakes PLUS a win lead by the defense!?!?
  3. Going into arrowhead and winning is a tall order for any team. defense has to win it. Andy Reid one of the best. I want to believe in this defense. Dominating at arrowhead on Sunday would be a great way to start making me believe. Go JETS!!!
  4. The defense has to get better. much better stop being good, and start being elite
  5. I'm just praying for 2-2 in the next 4. 11-3 ?? It would make for one helluva Christmas
  6. Very excited about Jenkins we need OLB production from versatile OLB s
  7. My wife want to take RV trip. We're both off summers. But I point out behemoths like that and say,"looks too stressful to drive. How the Hell am I supposed to make a 3 point turn in that thing!?" good luck, max!
  8. ^yup, what gaffney just said. He did what amaro couldn't. He worked on, and seems to have succeed, eliminating the drops. hope he's healthy for KC.
  9. Good point. I hope it all starts clicking. He has major upside with that speed for a LB. im starting to worry what you said about Lee, might be coming true for Mauldin somewhat. He doesn't appear, early on, to have progressed. Draft position was, of course, different and it's still early, but Mauldin needs to make up for what he lacks physically and I'm just not feeling it.
  10. Love his acceleration in the open field and love his acceleration through the tackle. he really did deliver a blow on that Tyrod sack. Lucky because he was close to one of these new cam Newton head shots that they're gonna start calling.
  11. Markus Wheaton vs Cincy or Victor Cruz vs. Saints?
  12. I am concerned that our OLB haven't made the impact we were all hoping for. I agree on the point about Jenkins, I hope he makes an impact when he finally arrive in the starting lineup. But, the pass rush from the edge doesn't seem to be there. There could, hopefully, be a gameplan reason behind the lack of edge pressure against the Bills, though. Tyrod Taylor can be dangerous if you lose contain on a blitz from the edges, so maybe the gameplan was to set the edge instead of committing upfield on the dangerous scrambler. We're only 2 games in, so um hoping this lack of solid OLB play from Mauldin and others, as well as the Revis sh*t-show, is just lousy, CBA practice rules and some game planning stuff, and not a season-long trend.
  13. Yeah plus there's some good karma associated with them because of the win. I still want an 70s/80s throw back..just once
  14. great win.. Offense responded throughout the game. but if the defense doesn't start stepping up, were on the outside looking in.
  15. The good news? They looked pretty good The bad news? They're still acting like the Jets.
  16. Yes..TX is good for the board!! Kinda like Francesca, you either.. 1)love him 2) hate him 3) love to hate him
  17. That's great...I hope the jets make the night special for you two.
  18. fitsz completes a pass right to the 50 w 59 seconds left and Marshall dropped it.
  19. lol met jif, Duane, Phil, Air Force nice to meet you guys Nice to meet you guys enjoy the game jetnation road trip on the bucket list
  20. I don't know what people look like?! ive creeped out two people already
  21. I'm here.. Who am I looking for? Am I looking for white guy named terry?
  22. Im in the Parking lot my immediate concern is the wind affecting fitzys Ducks
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