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  1. I love the west/northwest. But California earthquakes would prevent me from living there. and that mount rainier is gonna blow without warning and Seattle will be kaput, too. i overthink sh*t.
  2. I want petty,but I can't say I hate this idea sad
  3. Please, for the love of God, give me a pocket passer. i vote to stick with petty and improve the defense and OL
  4. ...thought I'd bump this recipe for those of you heading to supermarket and getting ready for snow and football. im making this tomorrow for football. So psyched. Snowed in and watching playoff football guilt-free.
  5. Chicks in the sideline annoy me. "let's go to the person we hired to meet federal hiring guidelines and find out something no one cares about. Leslie, what do you have for us?"
  6. I don't have faith in Maudlin.
  7. The more I read about the guy, the more I agree with the post above. If the guy IS Sean Taylor and everyone in the room believes he is Sean Taylor, you snatch him up and don't look back. I know everyone, including me, believes an OLB pass rusher is more of a priority, but do the available pass-rushers equate to this kids talent level for his position? Our pass defense was horrific. I think a Sean Taylor- type that appears to be a "lock" might be better than a 2nd tier pass rusher that appears to be a "maybe." AND I've been pounding the table for a goddamn OLB pass-rusher for, what feels like, a decade!! I would NOT be unhappy with this pick.
  8. IMO, I think you have the argument skewed the wrong way. you seem to emphasize that it slowly faded with The new stadium, then add that he also bailed on the team after the butt fumble. i think the bailing on the team incident sealed his fate much more so than the slow fade. My opinion? I want him back. Reality? Not gonna happen shot in the dark? Somewhere down the line, we go 10-0 and fans are suffering from the irrational exuberance that blinds us, then he, and the chant, has a little playoff run.
  9. Ha...I said "wtf" when I saw that too. Mustve been a massive, mud-slinging thread. How the hell does one get 375K negative reps!? Joe Willy only has 1100 !!!! I remember Jetsrule128, I think. ..
  10. It's all hindsight sean Taylor was top 10, right? He was a beast.
  11. Sports illustrated has us taking him in their newest mock. I know nothing about him. I'd rather see an OLB PASS RUSHER or Dalvin Cook, but it's early. you guys have an opinion on taking Adams ?
  12. wow. Shocked at all the Giants-hate. Some the best football I've ever watched in my life has been the NYG. Mostly because I watched most of them with my Dad those Parcells years. My father speaks of SB 25 like he witnessed the parting of the Red Sea. I guess I'm just not a hater. I want the Chiefs to win it all. The WC games are all gonna be dog sh*t..blowouts all around probably with the NYG-Packers the lone exception. The divisional rounds could shape up to be classics if all the favorites win. and some real intriguing SB possibilities... Cowboys vs. Pats would get all-time hype and ratings NYG-Pats III would be great if NYG go 3-0 vs them. Unlikely this year. Defense is good, but not as good as previous champs Pats-Seahawks II - Carroll passes for a 1 yd TD just for sh*ts and giggles Pats-GB - Rodgers vs. Brady
  13. Wouldn't be upset if he was an ex-Jet either. wouldn't be upset at all. Clean house **** this team **** em all
  14. I do not disagree. Bowles did not build a culture where this behavior would be unacceptable. But Bowles is staying, which is why I asked, "...who, among the players, is responsible?" I THINK I'm at the point where Sheldon, Marshall, Revis, and others could pack their sh*t and take a hike. I hate them all. They're showed me nothing but unprofessionalism. But, like Geenwave81, suggested, maybe Sheldon isn't as responsible as everyone, including myself, wants him to be. It's possible, the leaders (for lack of a better word) in the locker room are the REAL cancers. Maybe the cancer is Marshall? Back to Bowles...this chump needs to own some of his sh*t, and demand a culture of professionalism. He can't, IMO, let the inmates run the asylum again. Some teams, and some coaching staffs, know when they have true leaders in the locker room and let them police themselves. These NYJ have not earned that trust and Bowles needs to recognize that fact. I don't have a lot of confidence that Bowles will change his stripes. Wish I did.
  15. Let's talk about this one... im in the "get rid of this POS" camp right now. But, let's play devils advocate for a moment... maybe Brandon Marshall was the one dividing the locker room? Maybe HE was the POS? We know the lockerroom was devoid of leadership. Do we know who, among the players, was responsible?
  16. Stop making me look bad with relevant facts.
  17. Well...he didn't exactly make hackenberg NFL-ready, did he? players play...Obrien couldn't clean up our dumpster fire. Coaches make a difference, yes, but our players suck ass. I'd be fine bringing him in as OC. I think. **** this team **** em all
  18. He just Broke Reggie whites Tennessee team record for career sacks .. can't be that bad. What makes me nervous is taking a pass rusher at 6 that's NOT a guy with ALL the tools. If the pass rusher doesn't have all the tools give me Cook. It's gonna be sooo nerve racking cuz we need the OLB pass rusher so bad. Btw...Glad to see you posting often, Bit..love talking prospects - it's an annual Jets fan disease.
  19. Cook looked great..I'd love him at 6 if beast pass rusher is not available.
  20. I don't care what we get for Sheldon. I want him gone. Ok ok ok....I DO care what we can get for him. But I'm pretty sure I want him gone. Pretty sure. Its amazing how we talked about the possibility of having the best DLine in the history of the franchise. We have ONE D Lineman that I respect and it ain't Mo and it ain't Sheldon. It's Williams. Omg I hate this team more than any Jets team I've ever hated. And all those other teams I hated I hated the coach. THIS team? I hate the players ..almost every last one of them.
  21. Holy crap I want dalvin cook. We need difference makers. Unless there is an OLB with ALL the tools there, I would be extremely happy with Cook. ...plus, I think it would be fun to watch all the happiness leave his body when the Jets draft him. There would be memes everywhere.
  22. Joewilly12 has to be trolling. He can't be this classless. woody has been brutally honest about the Jets and he's also been an obvious homer. He wants them to do well and when they suck, as usual, he has no choice but to tell it like it is. Good for you, Damian woody, now go tweet you want dalvin cook
  23. Woody hit the nail on the head. ...clean house. Start with Revis. ...then Sheldon. Cut/trade his ass too.
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