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  1. This team disgusts me. **** you, Mo, you POS. Every. Last. One of them. I have never hated a jets team as much as I hate this one. And it's the players I hate the most. It's so disgusting. **** this team. **** em all. i can't wait until playoffs start so I can watch players I respect, effort I respect, accountability I respect.
  2. Understatement of the decade. The defense this year was an embarrassment. The most embarrassing displays of professionalism I've ever seen in all my days as a jets fan.
  3. I'm fine with it. I think I want him gone for numerous reasons, but I think I'm fine with it. id like to see growth from him and I hope I do. i want Sheldon gone. I want ruthless cuts and a youth movement. I think. Its hard to be rational right now with how much anger I feel over this year, so I preface everything with "I think"
  4. Yeah..someone will scoop him up, but he won't be good on TV in my opinion
  5. The world should have listened when Ozzie newsome never considered Rex HC material.
  6. Yeah..someone will scoop him up, but he won't be good on TV in my opinion
  7. I hate this team. I'm in my mid-40s and THIS team is the saddest version of a Jets team I have ever seen. I have ZERO respect for 90% of the players that trot out there with the starters. This is a bunch of individuals collecting paychecks they don't deserve. Football is not a priority for them. Perhaps the saddest indicator of this team is that football does not seem like a priority for the most talented players on the team. The most talented players in this team have disrespected Bowles and they have disrespected the long-suffering fans. A small part of me is undecided because, as the owner, I would have burst into that locker room or put myself in front of the cameras and told the world that Sheldon Richardson, mo wilk, and quite a few others are the beiugest pieces of sh*t I've ever laid eyes on and they can be in the next train outta town... and the rest of the roster is on notice until I find players that give a sh*t. Maybe I'm not undecided. Maybe Bowles has to go because this culture of unaccountability continues. But, I believe Bowles gives a sh*t-I believe he truly truly cares. It would be with great disappointment that I might HAVE to fire him, because the inmates ran the asylum. This sh*t might have rolled downhill and MUST stop at the HC, and sadly end with him being fired. But i will NEVER hate this team, nor remember this team, by thinking of Todd Bowles. I will remember this team, and hate this team, by the pieces of sh*t wearing the uniform on Sundays. It's THEIR effort, it's THEIR lack unaccountability that will forever disgust me about 2016, not Todd Bowles.
  8. ^This X 1000 ...this team is devoid of leadership. Bowles led us to believe through season 1 that he would be understated, yet hold players accountable. He seemed to to be that accountability factor we were looking for after Rex. Season 2 has revealed that Bowles, and the locker room, lack accountability for themselves and, more importantly, their long-suffering fans. i would trade Sheldon and my entire draft for a HC that could bring me a team I could be proud of, be optimistic about the future for, and, perhaps above all else, hold themselves to standards of hard work and excellence. **** this team. **** em all.
  9. Yeah, can't argue w OL pick, but theees no one worth it at 5. pass rusher or peppers, IMO. i agree w petty, genius (ha-autocorrect for geno-I'll leave it) and hack ...mainly because I believe in petty and would rather see him start 16 games.
  10. Thanks for post JetBlue..I really like petty, but the biggest mistake of the year was not starting him earlier. we won't know sh*t about petty when season is over ... i dint know schedule rest of the way but.... 1-Miami - weather will dictate game, not QB play. Plus miamis best pass rusher going against our backup LT. 2- NE @ Gillette. Ha 3- buffalo last game of year. Our OL and Petty will have everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them on Jan 1 between the matchups and possible weather issues, not to mention half the team is trying to save their health for 2017 pay checks, pettys evaluation and/or grades, good OR bad, will be INCOMPLETE. **** this team **** em all
  11. I agree. its hard to argue with fortes career and he HAS Had his moments here. But he doesn't leave me saying, "he needs to get the ball in his hands more" like Powell does. Powells acceleration is above average and it's THAT aspect of his game that leaves me shaking my head, asking, "am I the only one seeing this? Why the hell isnt he the starter!?"
  12. I bet the 10,000 people who are going to the game will be excited to see how our back up LT and QB, who should have started 4 weeks ago, fare.
  13. Yes, I kinda agree, except for the back up reps to hackenberg. I like petty and I am not a big fan of hackenberg. I'm kinda furious haven't seen 3 more weeks of petty.
  14. For **** sake, can we please get a pass rusher in here!? i want to see more of petty. Saturday's weather is gonna suck so , come Sunday morning, we won't know anything new on the petty front either. One of the biggest mistakes this year, IMO, was not starting petty 3 weeks earlier; at the end of the year, we won't know sh*t about our QBs.
  15. I want to see the team acquire Glennon or garrapolo ... but I really like pettys demeanor and, if he shows improvement regarding his reads and looks confident in the pocket and shows me improvement with his accuracy (jeez-I'm asking a lot) I'll be fine with petty starting the year next year. I don't give a sh*t if they go dig up kenny stabler (too soon?), this year's team has caused me to never ever ever think they'll ever be good again. This has been the most disappointing of seasons I can EVER remember, and I'm in my 40s!! This franchise has failed me and I will never trust them again. EVER!!! **** this team!!! **** em all !!!
  16. Kinda sucks. I like forte, but I'd like to see much more of Powell. how bout trading forte? Same cap hit?
  17. Does cutting forte save us money?
  18. I STILL don't think Bowles needs to be fired, but I agree with your point of view 100%. The kid has some intangibles that, I believe, SHOULD have been enough for a coach to give him his shot. which brings me to the biggest negative no one is talking about..and it's not about Pettys play today. The biggest negative about pettys start today is that it should have occurred 3 weeks ago!!
  19. Does Ruben foster have great first-step? Does he have that pass rusher bend and get parallel to the ground? If he has those things, he'll be gone by 5. I haven't watched him, but 4 sacks? Meh
  20. Even when we're good, we suck. The team is really that special. That takes talent and effort to be good and suck.
  21. I chose 0%. We have no talent at too many important positions.
  22. I've always pictured some type of stealth fighter flaring,front to back, across the top of the helmet ala Michigan Wolverines. posting this sucks because it just means we don't have football to talk about anymore. **** this team **** em all
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