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  1. This is so sad. I pretty much agree with sh*t-canning Bowles, yet I continue to hope the HC turnover stops. I can't even fight for/against with you guys with any type of passion anymore. it will never stop. It will never. Ever. Stop. This team has taken more time off the top of my life than I care to know. **** this team. **** em all.
  2. maybe...but I just want the turnover to stop. I think our talent is extremely lacking. I'd rather address that before we start over again....again.
  3. That's the way I feel about this situation. We lack too many players at too many skill positions to put 100% on him. And, again, the NYJ coaching turnover is a joke. I want it to stop.
  4. I'm really really down on Bowles, but I'm STILL leaning towards keeping the staff intact. Ive had enough of the coaching merry go round w this franchise. jack del rio is 10-2. It's not because he's a genius. jeff fisher, IMO, is a good coach, yet he's had mediocre record for ages and there's an Eric Dickerson-led mutiny going on out west. id rather let Mac continue to be the above average GM I consider him to be and hope Bowles can grow.
  5. Omg .... this just might be true im miserable... just miserable
  6. Bowles will stay. And I thought he should.... ..but last night was a damning indictment of Bowles. He has lost the team. I hate the constant constant constant HC turnover of this franchise. I wish I had an answer. I just don't. This franchise has finally broken me. I'm broken. "A man can be destroyed, but not defeated." -Santiago, The Old Man and the Sea
  7. Blind, 3-legged mutt..answers to "Lucky"
  8. Bowles has got to be in trouble. I didn't think it was possible. I thought he HAD to get that 3rd year. But this is getting ridiculous. I think, in the end, he WILL be back. If he is, I hope he really reflects on his shortcomings and doesn't remain the stubborn mutha effer he appears to be.
  9. I want Andy Reid and the chiefs to take it all. id love to see a Chiefs vs Raiders AFCCG. still a good rivalry
  10. I'm 45..still not over my last game and some plays I held myself responsible for. its really quite pathetic.
  11. Pffft.. let me tell you about my 4 touchdowns in one game for Polk High. Lol offensive kids will remember that play for life and never let go. That poor CB will be distraught. Football is a cruel bitch sometimes.
  12. Yeah..I've agreed with this up until this morning when I read these gailey quotes. I'm still on the side of "Bowles needs more time", but I am losing patience. The team lacks leadership and lacks a professional culture that, one short year ago, we thought they had.
  13. I'm getting my torch and pitchfork ready. ive had enough of this sh*t. GET PETTY HIS REPS YOU MORON!!! Has Charlie casserly chimed in on this? I want to hear his opinion.
  14. Ugh.. New Orleans has always been one of those "bucket-list weekends" for me. It's falling down the list fast. First the retired saint earlier in the year, then the big shootout earlier this week, and now this horrible story. Place is a sh*t hole.
  15. I teach ESL/ELA and every week I tell me kids, "Don't forget, YO SOY FIESTA" Kids love it and crack up every time. Thanks, Gronk.
  16. All I really want is the PATS to NOT win the SB. If this helps achieve that goal, I'll be pretty happy. Im pulling for Andy Reid and the Chiefs fans. Great fans, Id like to see them get their ring.
  17. We need to draft defense, IMO. QB? Holy sh*t the agita ..I just assume go with petty
  18. Our OLB situation has been a ckusterfucj for Eleventeen hundred years. **** this team **** em all
  19. He's a good coach. Hes got a sh*t secondary and 0 to work with at outside Linebacker. is jack del rio suddenly Vince Lombardi? Just stop. He's good, not great. You don't need a great coach to win a super bowl. It takes a great team. Having a great coach sure helps, but the great ones sure ain't coming here.
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