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  1. Start petty. IMO, it will be a half-ass evaluation because the whole team has packed it. After yesterday, they'll all mentally be on the golf course.
  2. Open container laws favor NJ. I'm fine at METLIFE
  3. Jesus Christ are we talking about cutting Mo now? just get a goddamn LB corp to help the goddamn defensive line. Giddammmut!!!! I can't even text my fingers ate so angry!!! goddamn..this is the worst year I can remember in ages.
  4. It was awful, indeed. I always remember the van dyke fumble as the most gut-wrenching part for me. as bad as that game was, I think Vinny going down with the Achilles on opening day the following year put a deeper pit in my stomache. And I never forgave gastineau for the roughing the passer penalty.
  5. Holy sh*t wtf am I doing w my life? I feel bad for STH
  6. Joe, we have a revolving door at HC since forever.... HOW IS THAT WORKING TO YOUR LIKING?
  7. I understand your frustrations and, sadly, it's hard to disagree with you. The ting that bothers me the most is the locker room and the Mo/Sheldon missing meetings story. But, I think staying the course is more prudent.
  8. A freaking joke One of the biggest problems this franchise has is the merry go round at HC. Please stay with Bowles . anyone read MMQB today? Peter king mentions how cowher had not won a super bowl in, like, forever. Then he had two losing seasons in a row but the Rooneys signed him to an extension. And how about jack del rio? How many people here laughed at his skill-set? Well, He might be sitting at the top of the very strong AFC West when the clock strikes midnight tonight. We are severely lacking skilled defensive players at important skill positions. We have a QB situation from hell. im sick to my stomache over this damn team. But dumping Bowles will make things worse, IMO
  9. Why the FVCK are some saying petty is no good!? We don't know that!!! Petty should be starting the rest of the year!!! That all there to it.
  10. Just saw that Fitz is starting. sheesh..this sucks. Being a fan for this team is mentally exhausting. I love football, yet cursed to be a Jets fan. **** this team. **** em all.
  11. Who cares...Aprils draft and July/August arethe only times we all like each other again. It'll be fun. @ New Orleans has always been a dream road trip of mine. Too bad they'll suck and I'll have no desire to go. I hate all of you.
  12. Dies the owner really have that much say in the schedule?
  13. I'm sick of the calling for Bowles head and I am REALLY sick of the revolving door at HC, but putting Fitz in next week would DEFINITELY get my Irish up.
  14. You're not the only one. Keep him out there the rest of the year!!!!
  15. Yes, enough already with the Fire Bowles crap. Stop with the revolving door at HC. I remember people calling jack del Rio an idiot too. Did he miraculously become a Mensa member? Just stop already. We need so many players it's ridiculous. It ain't the coach.
  16. Just stick with petty the rest of the way I hate this team. I'm wasting my life giving them so much of my time and energy. I feel REALLY bad for those of you that own season tickets. You guys should cold-call woodys office demanding another continental breakfast.
  17. Being a Jet fan sucks, and God owes us.
  18. This'll be a tough start for him. Out OL hasn't been great and the Rams have a good D. I want him to show enough to keep the job, but I'm worried about him remaining upright. I would looove to see our young WR catch some deep balls in stride though. We Haven't seen that all year. Fitzys misfire in the deep post on the opening drive last week was the final straw for me.
  19. "Pretty please, with sugar on top, hit the f***ing deep post."
  20. Petty plays well and youngsters show talent and grit (and throw in that dexter pick-6) and this place might have some good vibes again!!!
  21. Being a jets fan is only fun after the super bowl with the fun peaking in July and August, when delusional dreams of 11-5 dance in everybody's heads. After Labor Day, we all hate each other. You all suck and I hate you.
  22. Mcdougal pick-6 tomorrow!! please prove me right, dexter!
  23. Everyone a believer in Mauldin. Meh.
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