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  1. We need new uniforms. What the hell, right?
  2. Petty...25/35, 375 yds, 3 TDs irrational optimism replaces irrational pessimism until next Sunday.
  3. Thanks for update... I look at this update, coupled with the cluster**** of a season we're having, and I just see players I want to see put in the starting lineup. 1) Petty - obvious reasons 2) Taiwan jones - was i the only one that absolutely loved this guys tackling ability in the preseason? I thought he was gonna get the nod after our ILBs went out. 3) Freddie bishop - how about we get to see if he can rush the passer with the big boys. 4)dexter mcdougal- im STILL not giving up hope on him. 5) Powell - I like forte, but I'd REALLY like to see what Powell can do with more carries. I think he's highly underrated. i just want a reason to watch. Right now, I'm just thanking the good lord for The Red Zone channel.
  4. The jets are prepared for angry fans at this breakfast I hope?
  5. Is this like Jet Nation Tinder? "please pick me up at a NJ rest stop, and we can talk torture ourselves after a continental breakfast."
  6. Yeah, moggelz, why don't you go hug a tree or something. no sensible optimism allowed. Pessimism reigns supreme!!!!
  7. I notice that too about joewilly. In his defense I hate the whole goddamn team right now. Every last one of them. I even hate their mothers. I wish none of them were ever born. Except for Petty, he's cool.
  8. The calling for Bowles firing is outta control. lets stop the merry go round at HC and build the team.
  9. lol @ the title of this thread ^stop making me find a silver lining-it's ruining my vibe
  10. I think petty will play, too. The CS will watch the week of practice pan out and if the Petty vibe is right (which it is), they'll announce later in the week. God willing, he'll play decent and we get 7 games to change the putrid existence of our lives.
  11. Yes...that's exactly what we should be asking. These guys(Bowles and chan) still have OLD Parcells in them. Parcells was willing to put more trust in some young guns when he saw the writing on the wall. and when he knew the game was changing, he changed with it. It's time for petty, ya bunch of maroons!!!
  12. I might buy a ticket if petty starts. I'll bet theres some fed up fans who feel the same way, too.
  13. I was done with Fitz the moment that missed deep post hit the turf. I don't care about his guts to take the lead. Bowles is making a mistake. I don't want Bowles headnon a platter, but he is DEFINITELY making a big time mistake not getting petty his look-see.
  14. I'm not buying that anymore. The inaccuracy on the deep ball, shoot, the inaccuracy overall, has me out of my effin gourd!! PUT THE KID IN!!! if he's not announced the starter I'm gonna flip!! i haven't read all the threads today, but, for the love of God, did anyone see Fitz misfire on the deep post on the opening drive!?!?!!? I was done with him the moment the ball hit the ground. PUT THE KID IN!!!!!
  15. No, I will not let it go. they need to know!! You can't go into the off season not knowing!!
  16. He passes my eye test every time, whatever that's worth. How bout that missed deep post by Fitz on the opening drive? Petty woulda put that sh*t right in the bread basket.
  17. We need to know NOW. Screw waiting. Get the kid in there. Did anybody talk about the deep post that Fitz missed on the opening drive? Holy Jesus, I kicked my dog while screaming for petty!!
  18. I want the guy in there, I don't give a crap what he was three weeks ago.
  19. Yes. We demand reparations !! i have tickets to miami, Saturday night, dec 17th. Ugh.
  20. i really have no reason to watch if Petty isn't playing. This whole franchise is one big cluster****.
  21. Marshall speaks glowingly about everybody. Hes a stud, but driving me nuts with his drops.
  22. I'm all for glennon. Love the kid. but, please, for f*** sake, can I see what Petty brings to the table!? I will always pull for the Jets to win games, especially against the Dolphins and the rest of the east, but Fitz going on a bit of a winning streak and keeping the job for most of the year is gonna screw us in the end. I was really happy with the limited playing time Petty had in preseason. I am dying to see what he can do with real bullets flying.
  23. I wish we'd stop talking about firing Bowles. It's lunacy.
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