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  1. Well said, Tinstar. Revis worries me more than Wilkerson though. This defense has me pulling my hair out.
  2. I don't think we should be calling for Bowles' head. i think we should upgrade the talent on D. too many teams go through too many coaches. I prefer we ride out the growing pains and build the talent base. Im sick of the merry-go-round at HC
  3. I cannot believe he's still in look st that completion to Marshall..even THAT pass sucked-low on his back hip and he was wide open
  4. Ha.. this is a classic game for Jets fans. A dominating win won't even come close to easing our worries.
  5. C'mon...it's the Browns and their, what, 3rd or 4th QB this year? if Mauldin has 2 or 3 sacks today, are we to assume he's arrived and our OLB issues are over? I don't think so.
  6. Yes, I haven't seen it this year. agaun, though, Jenkins is a rookie and was OUT a bit. I think what I've seen from him will make him a starting SAM in this league. Its Mauldins WILL position where we need to consistently beat OTs with speed and a repertoire of moves. As much as I really like mauldins story, his motor, and his performance last year in limited snaps, he is just not making the impact needed from a weak side NFL LBer.
  7. Oh, it's broke. Mauldin hasn't done sh*t. I like what Jenkins brings but his time has been limited. All of our LBers have been sub par at best. Lee has been the best of the group. Lee has also made it obvious what the rest of the group sadly lacks-speed and quickness.
  8. I haven't lost faith in Bowles yet. i don't think Sheldon Richardson anywhere else but the 3 is a good move, but I think he's been trying to hide/compensate a sh*tty OLB situation. With the way Sheldon has played at the 3, Bowles will stop toying with that sh*t. This defense is the biggest disappointment of the year for me, but I just cannot single out Bowles for the problems and start calling for his ouster. If he plays hack before petty, I'll be lighting a torch and grabbing my pitchfork though.
  9. Jets at Cleveland One cannot simply watch Jets at Cleveland and NOT think of Mark Gastineau. The replay of that play in one's mind, like death, is inevitable. I wish I could go back in time and have a conversation with my 16 year-old self and stop the tears. Stop the pain. Heal the broken heart.
  10. Jack Coan, senior at Sayville HS, and committed to Wisconsin, might be able to step in tomorrow and be more accurate than the sh*t I've been seeing every Sunday. Jack Coan in '21 !!!!
  11. For the love of God, fix the defense!!! go ahead and take yet another flyer on a day 2 or day 3 QB, but please do not reach in the top 10.
  12. ^this Anyone watch his "A Football Life" last night? Gave me chills. I feel he should be in the HOF, but there MUST be other ex-NFL players that also made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, no? If yes, they should be honored, too. Maybe the NFL should charge the taxpayers to build a "veteran wing"? But, still, I'll never set foot in that place until Joe Klecko is enshrined.
  13. Petty in '17!! Please, God, let the best OLB fall to the Jets.
  14. I agree 110% I AM SICK OF THIS DEFENSE!!! The QB problems and lack of this OLB beerfish speaks of in the above post have been almost-equal crutches for so damn long I wanna puke!! I watch the games on Sundays and I'm more pissed at the D than I am at the QB. This has been happening for years!!!
  15. So whats your argument, who's better at being inaccurate? I don't want any inaccuracy from my QB! QBs who are inaccurate suck, Fitz, Geno, and Hack included.
  16. I don't want to see hack. he suuucks. I doubt very much his accuracy is improved enough. That Pro Day was laughable. how does a 2 year project become a 1/2 year project!? I'm not buying. Give me petty. I saw enough of him to want to see more.
  17. I really liked Taiwan jones. When he hits, the last row in the stadium can hear it. I just hope he can make progress with the rest of the required skills of an NFL inside linebacker. the defense needs to improve dramatically .. in sick of this sh*t I've been seeing
  18. Seriously, give me a damn reason to watch. the jets need to seriously address this defense .. they are absolutely sh*tting away a talented D line by not gettting production anywhere else
  19. Ochi played for THE stony brook university ...home of the mighty sea wolves and Asian-American intel finalists
  20. Any threads talking football today?
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