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  1. Taiwan Jones still on the team? Not sure of his entire skill set, but he's a bell-ringer when he hits. start ALL these young players..throw em to the wolves and start planning 2017.
  2. Completion % on Passes greater than 30 yds... smith, 29%, career fitz, 11%, 2016 LOL
  3. If I remember correctly, Genos arm is strong enough but inaccurate. Im not a believer in him. I'll pull for him to play well, but I'm anticipating he won't be the difference in a win, but will, in all likelihood, be the difference if we lose. i think if Geno plays well enough to keep starting, it will be a big problem for next year, because I just don't want him as my QB and I think the franchise will keep suffering if he is the QB in future seasons. i won't be interested until petty starts.
  4. We need OLBs that can rush the passer. We need a fast-twitch, first-step, able to go parallel to the ground, pass rushing beast. IM SICK OF NOT HAVING ONE!!!!
  5. I'll pull for Geno. QB accuracy is paramount in the NFL, not running ability. I'd like to see some (a lot) accurate deep balls and receivers hit in stride, giving them a chance for YAC. id prefer to see those things from Petty, but putting Geno in is the right move this week. Also, the fact that Geno, and everyone else, knows this is a make or break scenario , is a good situation to see if he can handle the stress of it all.
  6. Omg, those night games are going to look like preseason in the stands.
  7. Can we start making trades to accumulate picks and/or players? trades never really happen in the NFL, but I'm guessing a contender might be tempted by Sheldon? Im not familiar with cap hits and stuff like that, but rebuilding needs to start ASAP.
  8. Our deep threats aren't deep threats with fitzys innacuracy. It has become incredibly frustrating watching our WRs without a chance to catch a deep ball AND without a chance for YAC because Fitz can't put it where it needs to be. i am DEFINITELY NOT part of the mob trying to chase Bowles out of town, but I definitely feel the need to see him make a statement once petty is healthy and yank fitzys ass out of game if this crap continues.
  9. I'm disappointed in Bowles too, but let's put the pitchforks away. we can't cut the HC again. It's a vicious cycle we must stop. With that said...what a moron!!!
  10. Are you guys still here? Red Zone Channel I said!!! lol nice challenge Bowles...go ahead, burn yet another 2nd half timeout
  11. Defense is a disgrace should be so much better red zone time for me. I can't watch this sh*t.
  12. Nope. Not the slightest. "That's the life we chose."
  13. Oh, I'm sorry, I must've forgot... "Pretty please, with sugar on top, RUSH THE FVCKING PASSER!"
  14. Yeah, but I've seen enough to be happy with the idea of him playing. Fitz has missed too many passes for my taste. I've grown very very tires of the inaccuracy. Even many of his completions are misses!! WRs need to reach all over the damn place and/or adjust their routes just to have a shot at catching it. At 1-4, 1-5 please give me petty.
  15. Yup its gotta be petty though. Hacks inaccuracy is a joke and he's a ways away from being servicable, IMO
  16. Does ANYONE think petty can be just as good as lynch and/or osweiler? I think he can. I think he would have thrown some nice enough deep passes to Marshall and Anderson that would have given us a chance. The inaccuracy of Fitz is crushing us. Other than his health, I have no problem with petty starting against the Steelers. No problem at all.
  17. Yeah..I'm starting to get frustrated myself. but I really like petty. Until I see what he's all about, you're right, the jury is still out. add Derek Carr to that list, too, right? even with this obvious QB issue, the defense is the thing that is infuriating me the most. They look like keystone cops.
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