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  1. The defender had a big part in him not catching it. if fitz is accurate, were tied.
  2. Fitz inaccuracy is a killer. Accuracy is king in NFL..thats why hack isn't gonna pan out. I'm a fitz guy, but this is getting on my last nerve...Bring on petty!
  3. Yup the defense as a whole is an embarrassment ..I hope they come out in something different, cuz this sh*t ain't working for a game and a half
  4. It don't mean sh*t unless this defense starts walking the walk. this defense has YET to show me sh*t. Blame Bowles, blame the players, I don't care, because the end result is they are highly overrated.
  5. OMG, yes!! That mush rush sh*t drives me batty!!! Get after him!! I do not want him to finish the game w that knee!! GET AFTER HIM, DEFENSE!! Stop being good and start being elite!! Win the game by yourselves, dammit!!!!
  6. If fitz keeps imploding, it'll get worse and that 6 will grow exponentially.
  7. Forte has that Curtis Martin quality of never taking big hits. He's got 2 productive years left.
  8. I'M STILL WAITING FOR THE DEFENSE TO HAVE A STATEMENT GAME!!! "Pretty please, with sugar on top, rush the fvcking passer."
  9. Gastineau. Why are we talking about Geno? Petty is the better option, IMO
  10. So true. Im in the "fitz is our best option" camp, but so many of his passes are 15 yard completions that should've been long gainers because fitz has our WRs reaching all over the damn place.
  11. Doesn't mean they looked good D needs to WIN games for us to contend for playoffs
  12. Go right to petty---if you're gonna make a change.
  13. Yeah, I get ya with points scored..but the chiefs have been pretty much moving the ball at will and converting 3rd downs like crazy. This D is not playing at the level I thought they were capable of playing. We needed this D to step up and be elite. They look like a bunch a pansies.
  14. To be fair, Reid a great coordinator and their offense isn't really crappy. but I agree w you 110%, this defense is all bark, no bite
  15. Fine ..QB is a problem I feel this defense is a problem, too. A big one.
  16. "Pretty please, with sugar on top, rush the ******* passer."
  17. Play him, take a big lead, then rest him. LOL.."take a big lead" ...LOL
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