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  1. Sweet...55 yd game winner was the first highlight...thanks
  2. I'm trying to find a video clip of Nugents 55 yd game winner vs Marshall. Any help?
  3. chad scott doesnt scare me. the pats sign chad brown(which is a very real possibility)????.....that would hurt. He's got 2 good years in a 3-4 defense. I hope they dont sign him.
  4. I voted for Donnie, but our run defense, although improved overall, got absolutely bitch slapped against Pittsburgh. Our defense is improved....but overrated.
  5. Were an 8-8 team if we dont address our OT situation and upgrade our defense. F Abe....great player, but he will always be one of the players I hate the most. I dont give a crap if he gets 20 sacks this year.....he'll always be a heartless puke. I hope he gets traded.
  6. I want article 1D. Herman Edwards is a used car salesman. Our coordinators are our only hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  7. The draft is loaded with RB's. I agree, this would be a mistake by the Dolphins
  8. OK...I dont know what the hell is wrong with me, but just about all of my posts here have confirmed my complete lack of ability to keep up to date on what the hell is going on in the NFL. Sorry. Back to L.J. SHELTON.... He was a 1st rounder in 1999 .....21st overall...6-6 330-340 lbs. Found himself on the bench last year. Here's my question...If he has been given permission to seek a trade, why are we not talking to him/them? Too much money?? I sure as hell woulnt mind LAW or SMOOT in GREEN, but O-line just became problem #1, IMO.
  9. The Jets, if they want to. They could get involved in The L.J. Shelton sweepstakes. Dennis Green seems to have problems with good players. Shelton was a 1st rounder last year right? Is Isnt he something like 360 lbs?? I dont know anything about the guy, but I would think he has much more upside than Adrian Jones. If he can be had, I assume it would be via trade only, right? Maybe Kendall can shed some light on the kid. At the very least, they need to take a look-see at Shelton. Considering our holes on the line, a trade for Shelton just might be more prudent than a trade for Coles. EDIT- Ummm...I(retard) cant box the quote.
  10. Arent the RAIDERS @ the JETS next year? I'd bet anybody any amount of $$$, that game is a MONDAY NIGHT blood-letting.
  11. That's the spirit. Thanks. :twisted: Anger management is for the weak! My next inquiry was going to be about the possibilty of O.Pace? Kendrell Bell possiblities? Ken Lucas? Vince Lombardi? Why dont you enlighten me 'He who's a ******* genius'? :wink:
  12. BITE ME. It's 10 o'****in clock, and I just got on. and...oh, yeah.....BITE ME.
  13. LAMONT- A very deep draft for RB. Actually, I'm no bitonti, but just looking at some height, weights, and 40 times...looks like we could even come away with an LJ clone. FERGIE- EFF HIM !!! Although he had a good season, we'll replace him with someone cheaper, and his backups were more effective pass rushers anyway. KMAC- C'mon Jonas Jennnings !!! BECHT- Did you say Becht? BWAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!
  14. Hey guys...whats the deal with Jennings? Anybody? That would be a very nice signing.
  15. I agree. Good players that get cut later can be had....cheap. I would be very happy with OT Jonas Jennings or Smoot....but I'm not gonna crucify Bradway if he doesnt get them.
  16. Sorry...I just saw it on YAHOO and it said "1 minute ago"....thought I had breaking news
  17. You fargin iceholes!!! I cant navigate around this place....bring me "MY ASSISTANT" or bring me death!!!!
  18. Pats declined offer. He's now a FA. Discuss. Bingo, Bingo, I got Bingo!!!!!
  19. You guys dont have T-shirts already,do you?
  20. 1)Go get kotite Ummmm....scratch that...I see he has 42 posts already!!!...I was wondering where he was....alright, alright,alright...I wanted to hit 2500 posts,O.K.? So shoot me. I got your e-mail about this site at about 2400, I was like "...they have got to be kidding me." YOU BASTIDS !!!! I'm a rookie again!!! They're better ne some METS fans around here, too. Yankee cocksuckers infested that place like rats.
  21. Glad to be here. 3 things... 1)Go get kotite 2)I'm clueless when it comes to Avatar's and would like someone to hold my hand and walk a mildly retarded Shadetree and his brand new computer(which is too big for a person with absolutely zero tech saavy) through the process without using those crazy, wacked out computer words like HTML,BB something,something......you get the point. 3)I was a big fan of the "MY ASSISTANT" feature 'over there'.
  22. This is the sh*t thats been missing "over there"...LMAO!!! BTW...Just got HALL OF FAME status "over there"...now I have to start all over?? Oh well..I go where the humor is. When's kotite coming over to the dark side?
  23. Retard here, I dont know how to.... 1)create an avatar 2)create a signature picture Any help? Also...I liked the "My assistant" aspect of JIer. Is that available here?
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