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  1. Didn’t read all the posts but any chance of a Pay per view event?
  2. Bocajetfan

    Frank Clark

    The greater number of malinials and younger that I encounter have no clue that there are consequences for their actions. Easy to blame others than to take responsibility. It seems to be the way in society today.
  3. Bocajetfan


    Tom I was one of those all in on Rex. In the end IT WAS TIME FOR HIM TO GO. Can you honestly say Idzik drafted well? My dislike for him is for the job he did with draft picks not Rex. Would hope most fans feel that way. Rex is done but how the Jets roster sits today is affected by the job he did here. Thanks John🤬
  4. Bocajetfan


    Would hope the percentages would be 15% Rex 75% draft picks 10% Duke
  5. If they have an O-lineman rated 5-6 maybe a solid choice 10 or higher no way.
  6. Bocajetfan


    Across the street is The Roslyn Hotel. My Fathers Place has re-opened there. Just had a High School Reunion there 50th.
  7. Bocajetfan


    Before it was My Fathers Place the building was a 9 lane Bowling alley 😁 Grew up in Roslyn.
  8. Bocajetfan


    No love for one of my favorite all time guitarist Chuck Berry?
  9. Bocajetfan

    If we can’t trade back...

    I think most fans want to see the Jets trade back. We also know it takes a partner to do so. There may be partners out there but there are partners then there are partners. Finding a partner that makes sense could be difficult. Not looking for a Kings ransom fair and equitable.
  10. Bocajetfan

    If we can’t trade back...

    This is why the Draft is such a crap shoot. Its not just individual talent but how that talent impacts the team as a whole. Can a player be impactful for 5 plus years (second contract). If you believe any player can impact your team that way draft him regardless of position. RT, Edge, DT, LT, Center, DB, Guard, LB will that player project to one worth of a second contract that’s what I want from my first round pick that’s an impact player.
  11. Honestly believe a big part of the turnover is not just talent but the salary cap. With the way QB, Wide Reciever and a number of so-called impact positions salaries have escalated when teams have multiple players to pay cheaper talent is needed to control the cap.
  12. Bocajetfan

    If we can’t trade back...

    Impact is a matter of interpretation. From an individual standpoint an o-lineman’s stat line would not be as impressive as an edge player. Thing is offensive production as a whole would trump that of an edge rusher.
  13. Bocajetfan

    Jets Playing on Halloween?

    If memory serves me correctly that game an inflatable sex doll fell from the upper deck in front of the Broadcast booth and Gifford panicked thinking someone had fallen.
  14. Bocajetfan

    Jets Playing on Halloween?

    Pumpkin didn’t make it on the playing field but behind the bench. Security took it under the tunnel thus the chant “WE WANT THE PUMPKIN”. Security brought it back out and tossed it in the stands. Guess they were concerned about a riot.😎
  15. Bocajetfan

    Jets Playing on Halloween?

    Halloween at the Meadowlands “WE WANT THE PUMPKIN “ memories 😋

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