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  1. Problem with “What if’s “ not being able too truly enjoy the “What is “
  2. Many years ago when I was first married I went into a dress shop to get my then wife an outfit for her birthday. Knew nothing about women’s clothing. Will try to be politically correct. My ex being tiny I went into the petite section. Had no idea you could be a chubby petite 😮
  3. I said this earlier if Tru can show he can play at even close to his prior level under Williams great. If you are getting 2018 Tru go with one of the CB’s you listed. Or maybe a camp cut pick-up.
  4. Agreed both were Vets that played like trash. Go with youth and see if they at least give you effort and development.
  5. I’m Bocajetfan and I approve this message 😁
  6. Does the coach that should go nameless work?
  7. 2017 Tru one of the better CB’s in the league. Was 2018 really even one of the best CB’s on the Jets my opinion not so much. Just effort wise he had a negative impact on the D as a whole.
  8. If what you get is 2018 Tru i just feel his negative impact out weighs the cap hit. Just me! Thanks for the break down.
  9. This staff under Gase appears demanding and emotional. The only coaches under Bowles that showed any of that were Boyer and Green. New Day and so far players appear responsive and positive.
  10. Did.Tru take the money and tank very possible. Saying that I will give him a chance to prove himself. Played well for Williams in the past. Bowles and Rogers may have been an issue with him. If camp and pre season looks like the 2018 Tru say goodbye his being on the roster will have a negative impact, just my opinion.
  11. There are question marks at all three CB to me is the one that stands out. OL and EDG not as much. OL might not be elite but serviceable much will depend on health. As for depth Draft and undrafted free agents are versatile and surprisingly be more than just a bunch of Camp fodder. Edge has some talent and coaching and proper use of talent will help alleviate those fears.
  12. Gase coach’s hard if Loaggains is that softer edge delivering the same message that’s his value. Also if I recall correctly he is a very good scheming guy as per people that know him and a sounding board for Gase. Believe this was mentioned in a thread when he was hired. I will trust the hire and reserve judgment players seem too like the direction the offense taking time will tell.
  13. Fresh look also on my I pad page appears brighter
  14. So would you say he was Driven to develop the talent he had. Strength, hand eye coordination, precision route running. To me that took work to succeed so to me he was driven.
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