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  1. Thing is teams willing to trade a 1, 2 or 3 are trading for a starter not a back-up. Back-up’s merit a 6 conditional 5. Bridgewater as the Jets back-up is worth more to this team than that. Just my opinion.
  2. Bocajetfan

    Ben Braden - Zone Blocking

    By all accounts he has been less than stellar in Miami
  3. Pre-draft I favored Mayfield most due his intangibles were higher, on field I saw them about equal. Since his signing the reaction of teammates to Darnold makes me believe Sam’s intangibles were under rated.
  4. Bocajetfan

    Jets Training Camp - 8/12

    Was it just me or did he look way smaller than 302?
  5. Bocajetfan

    Game Observations (ATL)

    Are there any injury up dates?
  6. Voted other. You listed 2 O-linemen and for all intents this appears to be the weakest position this team has. Center being the anchor Mawae is a great choice. Jets have had a history of exceptional players Mangold, Fields, Schmidt any of them would be excellent choices.
  7. Difference between the Browns and Jets is Browns hired a Baseball guy and Jets hired a Football guy to manage the Analytics. Don’t know much about the Jets hire but according to Cimini he has several years of Football experience. Good thing or bad time will tell.
  8. Bocajetfan

    Countdown to Kickoff

    Played against him in high school he was a star running back at Noth Shore High on Long Island
  9. Class act is a Class act
  10. Bocajetfan

    Your best Jets practice/game story

    Friend of mine had a contact on the Jets staff and got my boys and I a tour of the facility at Hofstra. Got to watch training camp practice on the field. After practice walked back to the facility with Dennis Byrd, he sat down on the curb and talked Football with my boys for about 15 minuets and signed a football for each of them. When they thanked him for the talk and autographs I became even more impressed with him when he replied “No thank you guys”
  11. Bocajetfan

    TE’s Or CB’s? - Training Camp vibes

    Voted CB mostly from my heart. Hopefully secondary play will be improved over what was on the field last season
  12. Bocajetfan

    Jets Training Camp - 7/29

    I am sure Packer fans and their front office were thrilled beyond belief to see Arron Rogers on “Shark Week”
  13. If my memory serves me the last time the Jets ventured into this draft it turned into Rob Morre and Browning Nagel. Morre was an ok wide receiver but the lost draft pick landed the Jets Nagel a bust. Food for thought the draft pick next year most likely more valuable so pass.
  14. Looks to be very limited. Seems to have an agenda to boost pre season game attendance. If you want to gauge the players attend the games