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  1. Bocajetfan


    So many NFL teams have O-line issues. Wonder how many of these guys are grading out as prospects. Might be hard to judge pass protection due to blitz rules but run game translates.
  2. None are the future but more than serviceable for the short term. Haskins has value that’s it for this class do you really see the need to trade up to 3 for a player that should be available at 10 or higher? Just don’t see anyone making a legit offer for the 3rd pick. Just bad timing nobody worth moving up for.
  3. The odds of the Jets finding a trade partner is about 30% at best in my opinion. With a week QB class and Flacco being moved, Foles and even Tannehill as options for others why trade up?
  4. Late first early second is best case top three can’t see it.Could see someone tradeing back into the first for him.
  5. Other than Arizona and Kingsbury I just don’t see another HC or OC willing to go all in on this kid and the offensive style to allow the kid to thrive. Could be wrong just don’t see it.
  6. Bocajetfan

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    Truth be told Bell wanted to be paid. Question is when he gets his money and he will just how motivated will he be. My hope is he will be,but there have been a number of outstanding players that once paid tanked. Grading the heart of Free Agents is almost as hard as grading draft picks.
  7. Bocajetfan

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    The cost of a trade for Brown would be multiple picks one being a first round. Maccs future is most likely questionable. Tradeing away future picks is a disaster waiting too happen. Just my opinion.
  8. Bocajetfan

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    Could possibly see signing Brown if he becomes a Free Agent the cost of a trade plus the signing not so much. You can justify the money combine that with the loss of draft picks you are mortgaging the future.
  9. Bocajetfan

    Spencer Long to the Bills

    Long is an upgrade for the Bills. As bad as the Jets O-Line is the Bill’s were not far behind if at all.
  10. Bocajetfan

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    The last draft picks I can honestly say gave the Jets equal or better performance were Brick and Mangold. We are talking about building a team for the long haul and not a one year run.
  11. Bocajetfan

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    You can build a team through Free Agency but on average you only get 2 or 3 years of production from those players. You have to be able to draft there replacements when you let them walk so you have cheaper replacements and not kill your cap. Something few have been able too do.
  12. From back in the day Johnny Sample Best was a major contributor in Super Bowl III Worst was O’Donnell
  13. AAF sets royalty rates manufacturers set the price
  14. Bocajetfan

    AAF First 2 Game Highlights

    Just allowing viewers a look inside was cool and who knows what an NFL review sounds like.
  15. Bocajetfan

    AAF First 2 Game Highlights

    Which means money owners are not willing to give up

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