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  1. Pissed that this organization has swung and missed for so many years
  2. Amari is also playing in a system that will utilize his talent. Not sure that would be the case with the Jets. Having to wait for a coach willing and capable of using him properly, he might never see his potential realized here. Just my opinion.
  3. Bocajetfan

    $80 Million Cousins

    That sounds like cap hell . That’s just about enough to sign draft picks
  4. Bocajetfan

    $80 Million Cousins

    Not sure what the Minnesota cap situation looks like but that 80 million sure sounds like it will be difficult to retain talent.
  5. Bocajetfan


    White Russian’s and Dubble Stuff Oreo’s great combination.
  6. Think his status depends on how he checks out medically. Could fall if he is still having issues.
  7. Most likely you are correct, but he could have language in his contract that protects him. Not sure what it would be but lawyers have more of a clue how than I. Just one of the schlubs.
  8. Don’t think Bowles will resign but one can hope
  9. What would your staff look like, who would you like to hire.
  10. Sure someone associated with the Jets PR department tracks fan reaction and support. Not so much for coaching and personnel decisions but too monitor market share of its fan base in order to grow it. They must be fighting a real up hill battle at this point to just find a way to keep the status quote.
  11. I said this in a thread a while ago. Not sure the criteria for the Rex and Bowles hires. Both were passed over by teams that employed both. Rex had several years with the Ravens and they passed. Bowles was the interim at Miami and they passed. What did both those organizations see that the Jets didn’t?
  12. Bocajetfan

    SNY Postgame WOW

    I think that trio would bring a lot of the excitement Costello was talking about when he referenced Rex.

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