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  1. Looks to be very limited. Seems to have an agenda to boost pre season game attendance. If you want to gauge the players attend the games
  2. Bocajetfan

    Can we talk Flowers?

    Always believed that there was two types of speed. Practice speed and Game speed. Only saw a few of his games at Oklahoma, but he seemed to play fast in those games hence Game speed.
  3. Mac was lucky at the same time the Jets have a history of passing on opportunity that come their way. Marino and Sapp two of the most notable.
  4. Bocajetfan

    Bowles is fired up!

    Bowles and emotion how did this happen?
  5. Colts did not do anything for Luck either they are looking at 2 years wondering if he can be what he was projected to be!!!
  6. Remember Denver made that move after Jets moved to 3
  7. Could have also played Browns - Barkley Giants trade out Denver- Darnold Colts trade out Buffalo-Allen Browns- Mayfield Giants trade out again Arizona-Rosen Jets D____ in hand
  8. Bocajetfan

    If the Jets had stayed at 37 and 49?

    Bye moving to 3 Mac and the Jets controlled the first 6 picks of the draft. Browns forced to take Mayfield Giants get their stud offensive weapon can’t be enticed to move from 2 Jets get their QB of the future Browns fill need Denver lands Chubb Indy gets protection for Luck Bye standing pat the scenario would be totally unknown!!!
  9. With all the WR you need someone to throw the ball. Training camp arm. Josh and Sam are on the roster, Petty gone and nobody really knows what they think of Hack everything about him is an assumption. Teddy is a physical question mark, if healthy could be trade bait or the #3 and Hack is gone.
  10. Bocajetfan

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    Trade talks took place last night. Had a grasp of interest
  11. Bocajetfan

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    Not just a player but a leader will set an example for players. Believe the team that takes him will not regret it.
  12. My best guess is any offer is a conditional one next year.
  13. It is not just on the words that part can be rationally explained it is when you look at his body language many will base their interpretation of those words. That is when the words get lost or misinterpreted.
  14. Had heard about his attitude but never saw it myself. After seeing his presser reminded me of Cuttler. NY press would eat this guy alive and turn the lockeroom into a total zoo. Teammates would be covering for him constantly or be thrown under the bus by this guy.
  15. Voted Mayfield over Rosen. Just my opinion both are equal as passers but Mayfield trumps him with the It Factor. Many are concerned about batted balls due to his height but just as much is on O-line play. If O-lineman occupies their opponent they cannot get their hands up to block those passes