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  1. Tend to agree with balancing rep’s. See the Jets having 3 position battles with no defined 1, 2, or 3 rated so called stringers. That’s WR, RB and CB. Rep’s more meaningful than ranking at this time.
  2. My guess is that JD and Zach’s agent are waiting to see the Lawrence deal. The closer it gets to camp they will be looking to pull the trigger though. No rush at this point.
  3. For me it would be not being competitive. INt’s, fumbles, sacks and penalties.
  4. Never saw Gilles as a goon, more of an enforcer. He was the don’t go there guy protecting Line mates not the instigator.
  5. BUT BUT THE JOHNSON’S ARE CHEAP. Nothing has changed with this organization.
  6. Agree completely. Thing is as far as I can tell people are only saying he had offers but not what they were. Was he offered a third and how far back to get that third.
  7. As a fan this is an issue that has frustrated me for more than a few years. Now to get the players to buy in.
  8. Tough to find. Got mine many years ago from Mitchell Ness checked but couldn’t find it online. Good luck.
  9. First thing that came to my mind was that scene from The Natural. The players sitting in the locker room in front of that totally boorish and wimpy motivational speaker.
  10. Two years ago this guy was a top 5 pick at worst. Sat out this year. Does anyone know what he was doing was he working on his skills set? Players that did play have film no matter how limited that shows something about their talent level. As I said two years ago a no brainer, today I need assurances. Agree O-line needs to addressed early just wonder if he is the guy to invest in.
  11. Not sure if is a reflection on confidence in Boyer or an example of a backup plan. Seem to recall that one of the things that impressed JD about his decision on this Head Coach was his vision not just for the team but his staff should he loose a coach and having in house choices and continuity.
  12. Rooting for the Bills coming up. Lost in Tampa on the Wide Right. Chance to right a wrong.
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