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  1. Rooting for the Bills coming up. Lost in Tampa on the Wide Right. Chance to right a wrong.
  2. Has there been any mention of the Strength and Conditioning coaches? This is a huge hire in my opinion.
  3. Voted C although he is a highly skilled coach just not sure if he would fit in the NFL. Other than Bill Wallsh and Jimmy Johnson most College coaches have flamed out.
  4. A few weeks ago these were 2 of 3 additional Coaching opening I thought possible. With. the way Brady was playing Arians was a possibility of being let go. Three or four weeks later all 3 appear now to be back on solid ground. Harbaugh and Peterson may be possibilities but only very very slim.
  5. As I understand the new rules regarding interviews, if you have an opening you can begin the process. Coaches under contract can partake in Zoom interviews. Makes me wonder though about it not happening earlier.
  6. Yes Pray, a pox on their house, Vodoo dolls, Evil Eye what ever it takes too get Your Guy!!!
  7. There may not be an official draft board but all season you have scouts ratting players and prioritizing those players. Potential 1st, 2nd 3rd guys are having background checks started at this point. All this does not begin 2 or even 3 weeks before the draft. Why have a full time scouting staff if no real evaluations and rankings going on. Just my opinion from a business standpoint.
  8. Building a strong offensive and defensive line Productive run game to open up the passing game Pressure defense Not being totally focused on either side of the ball Constructing a staff of competent coaches no hanger on’s These are a few of many. The staff being a big one Rex, Bowles and Gase all had hanger on’s In key positions I think you will agree.
  9. Actually I believe the reason for both Lewis and Caldwell is the Ozzie Newsome connection shared with JD. All 3 may have a shared philosophy on the structure of a team. Also both Dalton and Stafford had some successful and productive seasons with the offensive systems utilized bye the offensive staffs they employed.
  10. I am guessing most of the people on this board have played competitive sports at some level. As a player did you ever step on a field or court wanting to lose? I’d have an issue with Becton if he said he agreed with the fans rooting for a lose. Never played at his level but I do know I would agree with his comments as a player. Fans need to deal with his comments similar to how players deal with comments from fans. Good for you Becton
  11. Tebow absolutely was not what ruined Sanchez. It was the organization thinking he was talented enough to carry a team. He was not was he great no but at least average to maybe above average. Most likely yes with a decent O-line and some decent Recievers yes, and I think he showed that in 2 play-off appearances.
  12. Jets have ruined their fair share, but so. Have many other organizations. Houston with Carr you could even say Indy with Luck the list can go on and on.
  13. Kotite was short lived. Bill Walton is another story 🤬

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