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  1. Suh will carry that rep forever on the field but as some have mentioned he has cleaned his act up. Just trying to point out he is not the total POS some have implied
  2. Suh is not a choir boy is a dominant force on the field. I would dare to compare him to Sapp on the field, a player may complain about not drafting. As for so many POS type comments I would suggest you check out some of his charity work and see if that opinion is totally warranted. Sorry do not know how to copy and paste or I would have saved you any trouble If you care to be fair in your opinion process
  3. None of these rook QBs will...

    Some have implied this may be the best QB draft class in decades. It may be but the draft is and always will be a crapshoot. The Jets are poised to get one of the top 3 (who they are is open to discussion). They also have a young talent although coming off a major injury. Worst case they have a #1 next year if both are a bust. So exactly what is the issue with taking their best shot?
  4. Will giants take Barkley?

    Hear this statement every draft and amazed at how many teams whiff. Don’t know if Giants will go QB or Running Back my best guess is 60-40 QB. To me that makes Macs move a positive one.
  5. Rosen, Darnold, or this trade was an epic fail!

    Draft is such a crap shoot hell over the last 10 years or so #1 QB’s being busts. All you can ask is to be in the mix. This draft has 4 QB’s considered top 10 talents, so considering the position that translates into top 5 draft picks. It only fails if the choice is a bust. Better yet the Jets have a #1 next year to offer hope again.
  6. So what now for the OL?

    And there may be some good value in rounds 3 or 4 of the draft.
  7. QB, O-line, Running Back😱
  8. Totally agree with this post. The three #2’s was something Mac felt the organization could live with. Giving up a future 1 was a deal breaker and Mac I am sure played hardball over the thought of it.
  9. Can we come off the ledge now?

    Come in off the ledge. Rope sales are still curtailed at Home Depot and Lowe’s in the New York, New Jersey markets for the near future though.
  10. Teddy Bridgewater is special.

    Sar please not sure I can survive another tank for off seaso. Lol
  11. Teddy Bridgewater is special.

    When I think of Bridgewater I think of Dante Cullpepper. It is a low risk high reward signing. Hope for the best Jets have little to lose on this one.
  12. Tyrann Mathieu - CB or Safety

    Love the guy but pass. Just not sure what he has left. Mac has been signing free agent with an injury history. For me this is getting old. At best the production has been 50/50. Time to sign players that can produce for at least 4 years.hell I would accept 3.
  13. Cousins could drag this out for a week or better if he and his agent feel they could get a bidding war.
  14. You are correct the saga needs to be over quickly. May end up playing against the Jets but if Cousins is given an offer a time frame needs to be attached. Jets can not afford to have themselves played and used to get Minnesota to up their offer. Minnesota would be wise to play hardball also. Take it or leave it should be the mantra.