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  1. Bocajetfan

    Tid bit on Darnolds pick vs Colts

    To bad we have the new site rules believe they have a web site and now we can’t link it 😪
  2. Bocajetfan

    Kacey Rodgers Back Next Week

    Hope for him, his family and the Jets things go well if he resumes full play calling. If defense looks and played poorly could get ugly.
  3. Bocajetfan

    This is 100% Sick

    Question is the web site less expensive than a billboard. What would it cost to incorporate the cout down to a billboard? LOL
  4. Tend to agree with your thoughts. So many of the roughing the passer penalty’s called this season have been head scratchers extending drives. Its a roll of the dice though with pass interference calls. Tough man to man with pressure off the line may be the best option.
  5. Congratulations and best to alll
  6. Bocajetfan

    Jets + 3 vs Vikings

    A motivated Trumaine Johnson
  7. Drafting a player using Hack as an example in the 2nd round when he most likely has a late 3rd or 4th round grade. On a big board you may have 3 or4 players very close just think Mac has not placed enough importance on the offensive side of the team when deficiencies were apparent.
  8. Bye no means do I consider myself a draft guru but other than Hack has he over drafted a player. We can argue 2 safety’s ect. But has the value of a player really been over rated in real time not talking hind site.. my problem with Mac is in not placing more value on filling needs with multiple picks when value was apparent.
  9. Bocajetfan

    Poll Rank Sam d'Arnaud's Play Through Week 6

    Voted B+ for QB performance over all. Would probably go A if the question was only about Rookie QB performance. In my opinion he is striding not taking Baby Steps.
  10. He is a talent that may be worn out and never see the fruits 🍎 of a second contract due to the state of the Giants O-line and the same for a futre. QB
  11. Bocajetfan


    If Long is your best option you live with it. I remember when Mangold was snapping the ball with his off hand due to injury.
  12. Bocajetfan


    That’s a great stat. Before reading that I wondered when was the last time the Jets scored in all 4 quarters.
  13. Bocajetfan

    FIRE MAC AND BOWLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done. Hope the superstition does not extend to the same underwear 😲
  14. For me it was brown/grey/white hope not to be bald before I see another lol
  15. Hope the sting from the three losses is still lingering. Past teams I believe thought they could walk on the field and get the win. This team is not good enough for that to happen,they need to play to win the game.

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