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  1. Can understand his reaction, years ago I was up for a promotion. Did not get the promotion. Was asked by members of upper management to take this person and teach them the ropes. My response was if I was not qualified for the position how am I qualified to mentor that person?
  2. My takeaway from that interview was very pro Bechton. Seems the Jets are in contact with Bechton and the people he is working with. Jets seem to be understanding of his absence and satisfied with the reports. As much as I would like to see him in Florham Park he has his legit reason for being absent. Along with the fact Camp was not mandatory.
  3. Hard for me to say he royally screwed up but mistakes were made. Remember also he worked that draft with Macs staff . That to me was his biggest mistake but he was hired and faced with the draft before he was truly able to build his own staff. Could be wrong about this but don’t think so.
  4. Always felt the staff that Bowles built with the Jets was his downfall. Will be interesting to see what changes he might make in Tampa if any.
  5. Jet fans tried that years ago at the meadowlands stadium that’s how they got Met Life.
  6. Don’t think he will be mediocre. Question is will he be as proficient. Who will Bills promote or hire. Who might Dabble steal for his staff. Lots of change possible and how comfortable will Allen be. All very big question marks.
  7. Jets offensive staff did a lot of learning on the fly. The loss of Knapp can not be underestimated. Young staff young players didn’t have that steady hand Knapp would have had early on in the season. Many thought Zac needed a Vet presence, without Knapp even more so. Felt the offensive showed a lot of progress both coaches and players being more comfortable. Looking forward to year 2.
  8. Most are looking at the Head Coaches but what about the staffs. So far 3 OC’s and 1 DC have been hired. By my count that amounts to 11 OC and 9 DC openings could be more depending on future hires. Yes some will be figure head positions but still positions that need filling. That’s a lot of transition for teams. How much could this affect present playoff teams. I think next years playoff teams will look dramatically different. Discuss
  9. Not sure if it’s the crowd or the talent of the players listed. I’ll go with the talent level of the players.
  10. I believe Martndale took the bullet for his guys. Rift began most notably when Harbaugh showed little to no confidence in his D. Defense was poor but lots of injuries Wink I believe felt his D needed to be shown some confidence not torn down mentally with a lack of.
  11. Stay at 4 because no teams want to trade up at a realistic price. Offers may be out there but not for a fair price.
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