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  1. Jackie Robinson played high school ball with his nephew. Spoke on several occasions.
  2. He will have a short leash. Most only know what they have read about him. Weeks ago he was the darling of just about every team needing a kicker. What happened in Minnesota who really knows. Did they try to change something in his approach? Make the kicks he stays miss and next man up. Won’t bash him till he deserves it.
  3. Honestly believe Sheppard has this Roster spot . Expendable when they find that receiver.
  4. Wondering how they handle the kicker situation. Will they sign a kicker or wait and bring several in. Not sure if there is one out there that’s a can’t miss pardon the pun.
  5. Waiver claim can begin today my question is what time. When can practice squad players be signed
  6. There will be pickups Roster is not set. Most likely Wed.
  7. Danny Woodhead was a fan of his see Dortch in the same light. He most likely gets a chance some place.
  8. Practices and contact have been limited in just about all sports. Seem to recall an article I read once that describes the training staff as critical to college programs due to the fact they had the most exposure too players in the off season. Which I thought implied training programs were not as restive in college as it is in the pros. If that is the case it could be a factor. As you stated though the attention paid to these types of injuries is not as focused on by the general fan in college vs pros. Most likely due to fantasy football most fans now focus on the whole league rather than just one team.
  9. Don’t have any real data, but just seems that since the last CBA limiting both training and practice time muscle injuries like Hamstring, Calf etc are up. Getting players into football shape is more difficult for training staffs. Maybe someone that follows the college Game closely can compare better. College game is not as restricted as Professionals.
  10. Understand its pre-season. What has me pumped is the interaction of the coaching staff including Gase with the players. Not just in practice but during the game. Coaching should never end on the practice field.
  11. Bump guess everyone is waiting on information
  12. But But I thought these players are professional and don’t need motivation 😲 right. Football is an ultimate team sport, it’s players and coaches all working together with one goal. Coaches instill a confidence in the players that goals are attainable and players feed off that.
  13. Beaver Falls is just outside of Pittsburgh about 75 miles from Morgantown WV. Had a college friend from the same area same accent.
  14. Understand where you are coming from. Jets have bigger needs at O-line and CB that fifth rounder could be a player or more importantly a chip in moving up for a specific player. Just an opinion.
  15. A team like the Jets with the needs they have no. Team like the Vikings who I believe see themselves with a limited widow yes. Still hope it comes back to bight them.
  16. Agreed unless Gase was trying to set examples and get the remaining players attention. Parcels did this at every stop and to much bigger names.

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