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  1. These two deserve each other. Adams might be the only player to give him more than a curt icy comment. I see Adams being a real locker room distraction at this point. Send him home use civid as the excuse.
  2. Seams a bit odd to me that Snyder seems to be trying to skate bye on this issue by not knowing it was going on. How could he not know team lawyers were writing 14 non disclosure agreements on this issue.
  3. Voted Tanny because in my opinion it was his failures that opened the door for the rest of those Jacka____ to walk through.
  4. Enough implies success. Success is relative to expectations. As constructed is the job complete NO but for me an excellent first step.
  5. Wondering how this plays in the locker room. Guess we will find out what the players think of Dak.
  6. Tend to agree with your breakdown. Thing that amazes me is the amount of movement JD was able to execute under the per amateurs of this draft. JD had this organization prepared and that’s a real positive. JD showed his ability too do his job.
  7. And the projected influx of cash from the new CBA. Not putting them in the same value category but is Prescott offering the Cowboys a discount?
  8. Was initially taken back by the trade. After taking time to digest it he did a good job with the draft capital he got for the move. As fans we often look short term JD was looking long term as well he should.
  9. Agreed. Thought he added potential upgrades to all three phases of the game.👏👏👏
  10. Haven’t seen this mentioned but I seem to recall the talking heads yesterday saying about QB’s being passed on. This guy being a 3 round pick. Know little about him but if my memory is correct this pick has value. So not all bad.
  11. Just tried to log in received a banned notification? Why believe it’s a mistake 

  12. Just saying to bad the draft is not in Vegas. JD just might have gone all in and won. Gets his receiver anyway.
  13. Really hard to grade any pick. For me Heart at the next level is what makes a successful pick. All these players have talent and deserve to be1st round picks and are able to play the game. Heart is what separates players from very good or great to being a bust at the NFL level. It’s one thing to get there another to stay.
  14. Just wondering if the Jets would trade back into the end of the first round for a potential WR. Just a thought
  15. Same reason I hate conference calls, they never end. LOL Multiple people asking or saying the same things just different words.
  16. Problem is the fan base can be as disfunctional as the organization has been.
  17. This makes me think back to the Jets passing on Marino and Sapp. Not saying he will be a HOF Tackle, but Dbrick type of career would not be a bad thing. So much depends on what he wants for a career one cash cow or a future.
  18. Everything points to a positive prospect. The intriguing thing to me is the injuries seems to be pretty clean. Not always the norm for Bama prospects.
  19. I believe many are underestimating the Ward effect on the receiving Corp. Anderson took a step forward after working with him. Perriman I believe is a better route runner and will produce even better results. It wasn’t all about money why Robby opted for a change of scenery. His connection with his college coach was a bigger factor than many are willing to admit. Perriman might be a diamond in the rough and if not easy to move on from. Willing to let this play out.

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