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  1. Baker Mayfield

    Believe he will be on their board and that they would trade up but not more than 3 spots.
  2. Army-Navy

    Slug fest. Pre game described as a 15 second fist fight on each down.
  3. Analytics In Football

    Throw in the totally inconsistent officiating and numbers lie
  4. Army-Navy

    14_13 Army. Army coach is quite a leader
  5. Army-Navy

    Difference in game Army 4th and 2 goes for it drive result touchdown Navy 4th and 2 field goal
  6. With the Jets history of #2 draft picks the risk reward is worth a shot. Only caveat would be if they want to move up for a top pick that #2 pick might have to come into play.
  7. ### Jets \ Panthers Game Thread ###

    Thought stickoum was banned
  8. Baker Mayfield

    Bye no means am I a talent evaluator and have only seen him play a few times. What I have seen is an attitude one that ignites his team. Not the Johnny Manzel self centered dollars image more the Bret Favre let’s have fun guys and kick some a- -
  9. Baker Mayfield

    Broadway Baker?
  10. Coach Mike Leach

    As quoted you can’t please everyone. Feel sorry for anyone that just can’t see the humor and the truth in his interview
  11. Have a hard time understanding all the panic on this board. Yes Ken O’Brien was the last tenured QB the Jets have had. There have been many late bloomers Jim Plunkett, Vinny T. most recently Alex Smith. Not saying Hack is any of them just that he could be and if not it is not the end of the world. Would it be nice to have stability at the position for the long term yes, but as a long time fan would settle for a team capable of a 5 or 6 year run going at least deep in the playoff’s. Notice i said Team and it takes a Team not just a player.
  12. Tampa game HUGE test

    Jets match up well here. Question is what coaching staff and players show up the One that coached and played vs The falcon and fins or the bills.
  13. Could be wrong but the Florida job comes up every 4 years on average since 2001
  14. Don’t see ether place being desirable coaching turnover at both have been a revolving door. Both need a total rebuild of their programs and I don’t believe ether fan base is up for it or would be happy with the result from it. Both fan bases see themselves a perennial powers and it’s just not the case.
  15. Sorry but hope he stays.
  16. Check out UCF this evening their QB Milton 73% completions 19 TD’s 3 Int’s almost 2000 passing. This sophomore is fun to watch.
  17. As for Bowles the losses to N.E., Miami and Atlanta were steps backwards. This win was a step forward. He will need more forward steps for me to say he needs to be excited. It was a step forward though. Hope he can prove me wrong continuity would be a blessing for the organization and its fan base.
  18. Hate to hear about these things. Just don’t understand these non contact injuries. Good luck young man.
  19. Fire Bowles Now!

    Bowles has shown little to no growth as a head coach. Actually I think he has regressed. The defense is ranked at the bottom of the league showing a lack of ability to adjust in game, His sideline dimmer appears to be one of confusion. Was actually hoping he would show signs growth now Black Monday can’t come soon enough and would applaud a change now.
  20. How bad are Bowles & Rogers?

    Was willing to give Bowles the opportunity to show he has grown into the position. He has shown nothing his clock management is poor, the ability to adjust in game is nonexistent. If there is someone on staff that Mac is comfortable with as an interim he needs to be cut loose ASAP. Worse case at the final whistle of the last game a press release needs to be issued. Black Monday is too late.
  21. Redemption for Gordon?

    The guy has a lot to prove and is a total risk. For a team trying to build through the draft all picks are valuable even when trying to move up for a player you may like in round 4-5 and 6. Will they have Gordon’s talent no at the same time they will not have his baggage should he falter
  22. The Petty injury played into the McCown decision. McCown has been adaquit so far and in my opinion done nothing to warrant losing his job.
  23. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Can not accept a tanking philosophy. I support the players and want to see them reap the rewards for their efforts. These young men need to feel the support of the fans not the ridicule of them for doing their best and winning as many games as possible. When fans vocal about tanking the are undermining their efforts.
  24. Gang Green SQUISHED. THE. FISH!

    Living in South Florida I am so pleased with this win. The thought of having to listen to thir fans in person and on Sorts talk radio was a depressing thought also. Having to read their mocking reports in print was something I was not looking forward to. All I can say is J-E-T- S JrtsJets
  25. Hurricane Irma - Part Two

    Glad to hear everyone is safe. Are you staying with your niece or the horses?