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  1. A little thing that makes a fan for life. A story the kid and all around him will tell for years. 😎
  2. Voted Vikings with the number of free agents who opted out of signing with the Jets.
  3. Bell sat out last year so no tests. Could be a factor.
  4. Trying to look at this objectively. I am not a lawyer and someone with legal experience please correct me if I am wrong. I don’t believe this to be an NFL issue but an issue for any corporation that has a collective bargaining agreement with any union. If a situation that is not spelled out in the agreement happens and penalties are initiated the courts can easily overturn them based on interpretation of the agreement. Corporations with no such agreement are more able to initiate penalties and their employees subject to those penalties based on the the arbitrary decisions of the employer. Only when a corporation is in violation of federal law like the ones covering disabilities do those companies face legal challenges and penalties. NFL as well as many businesses are between a rock and a hard place in these matters. For the last ten years or so almost every disaplinary decision not spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement has been challenged by the player and union and won in the courts by them. The courts are the last place common sense takes place legal interpretation over rules common sense.
  5. Wahoo Macdainal aka wrestler Chief Wahoo
  6. Find this move intriguing. Jets as an organization making 21 century moves. The stats quo is non existent. Know really nothing about the guy and how he will do but love the approach.
  7. Also advantage Jets for going with Gase.
  8. Also he is not in Miami. He is around teammates less chance of finding trouble or trouble finding him.
  9. Not trying to defend Goodall but this is on the owners. This would have been floated by whoever was commissioner. Just shows how greedy and dumb the owners are as a group.
  10. Namath 3000+ yards passing Maynard and Sauer both 1000+ yards receiving Snell 700+ yards rushing Lammons and Boozer for additional production 14 game season Best
  11. Just my opinion but Snell was Super Bowl III MVP.
  12. It was a dormitory complex that had cafeteria facilities. Back then they had mostly 2 a days. Lots of opportunity for fan interaction. Players seemed to enjoy it as much as the fans.
  13. Very good group but the best to me was 68, Snell, Maynard, Sour and Lamont’s. These four had some impressive stats and played a 14 game regular season.
  14. Buying a PSL is a personal choice. Passed on that opportunity for my season seats. Call me old school but the idea of paying the Jets X thousands of dollars for the privilege to pay them another X thousands for the tickets just didn’t sit well with me. My choice it was more a principal for me than the money. Still rooting for them just from afar rather than up close.
  15. Philbin is one of many AFL upstarts that should be in the Hall. Voters from that era had a negative view of the AFL players even after the merger.
  16. Problem with “What if’s “ not being able too truly enjoy the “What is “
  17. Many years ago when I was first married I went into a dress shop to get my then wife an outfit for her birthday. Knew nothing about women’s clothing. Will try to be politically correct. My ex being tiny I went into the petite section. Had no idea you could be a chubby petite 😮
  18. I said this earlier if Tru can show he can play at even close to his prior level under Williams great. If you are getting 2018 Tru go with one of the CB’s you listed. Or maybe a camp cut pick-up.
  19. Agreed both were Vets that played like trash. Go with youth and see if they at least give you effort and development.
  20. I’m Bocajetfan and I approve this message 😁
  21. Does the coach that should go nameless work?

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