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  1. 2017 Tru one of the better CB’s in the league. Was 2018 really even one of the best CB’s on the Jets my opinion not so much. Just effort wise he had a negative impact on the D as a whole.
  2. If what you get is 2018 Tru i just feel his negative impact out weighs the cap hit. Just me! Thanks for the break down.
  3. This staff under Gase appears demanding and emotional. The only coaches under Bowles that showed any of that were Boyer and Green. New Day and so far players appear responsive and positive.
  4. Did.Tru take the money and tank very possible. Saying that I will give him a chance to prove himself. Played well for Williams in the past. Bowles and Rogers may have been an issue with him. If camp and pre season looks like the 2018 Tru say goodbye his being on the roster will have a negative impact, just my opinion.
  5. There are question marks at all three CB to me is the one that stands out. OL and EDG not as much. OL might not be elite but serviceable much will depend on health. As for depth Draft and undrafted free agents are versatile and surprisingly be more than just a bunch of Camp fodder. Edge has some talent and coaching and proper use of talent will help alleviate those fears.
  6. Gase coach’s hard if Loaggains is that softer edge delivering the same message that’s his value. Also if I recall correctly he is a very good scheming guy as per people that know him and a sounding board for Gase. Believe this was mentioned in a thread when he was hired. I will trust the hire and reserve judgment players seem too like the direction the offense taking time will tell.
  7. Fresh look also on my I pad page appears brighter
  8. So would you say he was Driven to develop the talent he had. Strength, hand eye coordination, precision route running. To me that took work to succeed so to me he was driven.
  9. I did edit my post to say Drive doesn’t guarantee Character. Character is super objective and in my mind relates to off field issues mostly of a legal nature. Domestic violence, drunken disorderly, drunk driving for example are examples of a lack of character and can be avoided by making the proper choice.
  10. Exactly that’s why CB in my opinion is weakest
  11. Would you say 5% to 10% of players lack character or is it higher? As I said Drive is not a guarantee of character. I would say of the remaining 90% those with drive also have character. Just my opinion.
  12. With only the knowledge of roster depth I would say CB. Jets actually have I believe a lot of versatile, but unproven O-line depth.
  13. Voted Drive. Talent without drive is wasted talent. You can overcome a lack of talent with Drive. Drive can indicate character, but not always. In my opinion at least 80% of the time if you see someone with drive they have character.
  14. Personally I believe C.J. has been growing into his role. After getting rid of Rex and Idzik he felt the need to seek advice on replacements which he should have. We can argue who the advisors should have been but he needed advice. He gave Macc and Bowles the opportunity to grow and it failed. After seeing what did not work he went out to find people with a different perspective. As a fan I can only hope for a better result. Gase and Douglas appear to be a duo that can work. Time will tell
  15. Not sure if I am correct but I thought I read the deal was struck before the Houston announcement.
  16. Other than possible trades I agree on the judgment call it will be difficult. Cut down accusations are tough players have options older players might be looking for a ring more than money. Younger players opportunity that’s where selling a vision will come into play.
  17. Sorry didn’t you mean Marlins Fan? They have more than 1 fan 🤪
  18. Its possible, but his name may or may not have come up around the time of Macc being hired. Who really other than C.J. knows for sure. This time around his name did come up and moved to the head of the class. Was it just Gase or were others that had his ear support this guy. C.J. bought in and Douglas sold himself. Gase played a major role just not sold as it being only him.
  19. Thanks for responding. Macc to Houston is interesting for Jets fans just not sure how it is to the Houston organization and it’s fans. Those 5 drafts at least 4 have a lot of negativity to them not just locally but nationally. Houston fans know the name and history.
  20. Kelly has already intervened for the Jets. Gase and Douglas have a connection was Kelly involved with the two at some point? Yes I realize Kelly’s interview was for GM can there be a carryover from that. Savage might be interested just not sure his ego would permit it, just might sit sit the season out . Houston is a possible landing spot with a bigger role.
  21. Kelly is under contract no? So any offer needs to be a promotion correct. Savage is free to sign but would he be interested in a position under Douglas and Kelly. Just asking.
  22. What I believe to be a positive for him is he has seen first hand a tough media and fan base. Not that he had to deal directly with them but he knows firsthand what to expect. Not many others are as tough as Philly and New York.
  23. Is Houston interested? Does he have an interview set up. Thought people were just wondering would Houston be interested.

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