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  1. Don’t believe there is much talent left out there on the open market. Priority 1 should be signing the remaining draft picks. 2 should be looking at possible trades followed by evaluating upcoming cuts by other teams. Do all this while building his staff.
  2. Football insiders and the talking heads have an idea who the top front office prospects are most fans have no idea. Douglas has a buzz about him from these types . For me this brings an excitement but most importantly the Eagles fought to keep this guy, bye most accounts. So for me it just lends credence to the buzz and a real reason to be excited.
  3. Yes the control issues were brought up and made clear in the interview process. Bye all accounts Douglas appears to be loyal to those he is associated with. Not an ego maniac. So I believe money was the thing not just for him but for those he wants to be associated with as the GM.
  4. Not sure how difficult it will be to build that staff. Can teams block some candidates who are under contract? What candidates are presently unemployed? Truthfully do’s anyone have some available names?
  5. Happy about the signing. Will be ecstatic after seeing roster moves.
  6. As I recall Fins played a number of games with 3 starters out on their O-line. Not defending Gase here just not willing to bash him over the O-line. If play calling can be shown as a factor bash on. Just remember also a very big part of Tannahills game was his feet and he relied heavily on it much like RG III and neither learned to slide or go out of bounds.
  7. The upgrades over 2018 are substantial and far outweigh the statues que. The fears most fans have is over sustain ability. Rex and yes even Bowles gave fans a glimpse of what could be. Only to see things fall apart. I for one will be optimistic and look forward rather than dwell on past failures. Whatever that future will be.
  8. People bring up Jay ajayi and Jarvis Landry without seeing the big picture. Ajayi was becoming a major distraction and to my recollection the Fins didn’t really loose major production at RB after the trade. Landry was more a cap casualty due to his asking price and the cap situation the Fin’s were in thanks to Tanny’s cap management.
  9. When all that is left on the Roster are Mac guys some fans will see it that way. Truth be told preference will be the deciding factor on who stays not who signed them
  10. Fans and not just Jets fans talk about trading down. Just when was the last time a team traded up into the top of the draft for a player not a QB. Just asking
  11. People need too forget about the #6 pick thing. What is his value now not knowing all the salaries my guess he falls somewhere in the 10 mil or just above. I think this is what a player with his talent and age would command. Just a guess.
  12. Agree not sure what the asking price is. My guess the going rate for what he produces would be in the 10 to 12 mil range. More than that let someone else overpay
  13. Cap management is easy. Cap management correctly not so much. Not when you take into consideration Roster management and fielding a competitive team for the long haul. Bye competitive I am talking playoff caliber not a 500 team
  14. Cutler was a last resort for the Fin’s. QB position was a shambles. Gase had a history with Cutler. Most people when faced with his situation would turn to a known commodity even if it is a bad one. Hell Rex turned to Ed Reed, other coaches had made similar decisions hard to fault them when facing a 5th or 6th option.
  15. Bye rule you can’t contact without permission. My guess is there is some backdoor communication teams don’t need the embarrassment of public rejection. Teams searching for a new GM or Coach have enough negativity attached to them.
  16. With any new regime hope is all fans have to hang their hats on. Bowles never developed into what Fans thought he was. To Rex’s credit he did get the team to 2 AFC championship games he did inherit a better roster. As the Roster became less talented his flaws become more apparent and a detriment. Here’s hoping for better results with Gase. Will stay positive till things change hope they don’t !!!
  17. When searching for a GM you have a pre-conceived notion of your organization. It’s important to hear what others think of you and your needs. You just might hear things that change your opinion on the direction you need to go. Hope the search is limited too many voices can create even more confusion.
  18. Voted Roster management and manage the cap. First six listings are in my opinion are interwoven to the above. To manage the roster you need to have a mix of Vets and younger players. That covers the scouting departments Pro and College. To provide that right mix you have to know the needs of the Coaching staff so working with the Head Coach is paramount. If a GM is doing all this the team has direction. If the GM is truly managing the roster not just bodies as I believe Mac was and others before him you are able too control the cap for the long term future you struck gold.
  19. You forget in the court of public opinion you are guilty until proven innocent. Not saying he is or isn’t but till actually proven it’s just smoke.
  20. Frost is one of my favorite poets. Held the title of White House poet in the JFK administration as I recall. Dam I’m old.
  21. Dam an intellectual reference something not often seen on a Jets message board. Cudos to you!!!

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