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  1. It’s quite amazing how the Jets have had so much continuity at this one position. Schmidt, Fields, Sweeney, Mawae then Mangold.
  2. Voted no. Color is fine we’re they lost me was using block numbers and that football logo looks like something my 2 1/2 granddaughter drew. I would call it a juvenile concept design. Just my opinion.
  3. Under the old CBA were their organization and coaches who were over demanding absolutely. The current CBA in some areas went to far in the other direction. Players and owners need to rethink some of these issues and come to a better solution. Hard to believe in the current environment this is possible, but the future of the game depends on it. This next CBA negotiation just smells like a knock down drag out.
  4. Just old school. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. That’s me
  5. Like the philosophy. Does anyone recall how Bowles handled this? Looking for contrasts.
  6. I believe PS players a team would like too retain are offered future contracts. Not sure how these are interpreted in the CBA and if a player with this type of contract would be eligible to play in the AAF or any other type league.
  7. And why the draft is such a crapshoot. Getting a true read of the heart of a player often is the difference between a true player and a bust.
  8. Think it had more to do with the Rookie Salary Scale.
  9. Enjoy. Ask him about his recollections of Bill’s Meadowbrook😃
  10. Exactly, Arizona and Kingsbury are a wild card. What type of offense will they run? Will Kingsbury try to do what Chip Kelly was unable to do. My contention is the type of offense Kingsbury and Kelly ran in college does not translate to the NFL due to the speed of defensive players. In college you play against team that have 2 .org 3 players that have the speed and ability to defend against this offense. In the NFL you have 8 to 10 players able to defend against a Murray led offense.
  11. Not just contract money (guaranteed and signing bonus) . Didn’t his brother have language issues similar to what delayed Sam from signing resulting in a long holdout?
  12. Exactly memory my be falling me but wasn’t Gholston raved about by the talking heads. How did that turn out?
  13. On a rookie contract so cheap, new system how does he end up fitting. Has little to no trade value. So what is the issue with waiting for preseason to finish and seeing where the chips fall. As I said earlier trade value at Best appears to be a conditional pick. So yes give it time to play out.
  14. At best the Jets would get a conditional pick for Lee. Bowles and Rogers did nothing to develop players. Williams has a history of getting the most out of his players. Just think it’s worth the time to see if Lee has any value. You weren’t getting value back anyway let the preseason play out and go from there.
  15. Agree with this. Lee has a skill set that I believe was never used or developed by Bowles. If Williams is unable to get more out of Lee ( I believe he will) he walks and you were not going to get much or anything for him anyway.
  16. Myers, Roberts and Copeland have had erratic careers and may not be worth the contracts or value they have placed on themselves. Remember the last player Mac showed loyalty to Fitz how did that turn out? I was in favor of that signing MY MISTAKE. After that debacle I have no issue if all 3 walk.
  17. Question do the Jets really need a change of philosophy or better player evaluation. For me it’s evaluation.
  18. Yes so many possible scenarios. No one will be putting out anything early about trades or groundwork so we are left to speculation. Hope the Jets can trade back but we may not hear anything till 15 seconds left on the clock. My guess only
  19. Don’t believe you will see any movement til draft day unless it’s to #1. So many scenarios of who will be available makes moving early a bigger gamble than last year.
  20. The truthful answer is no. To think that position coaches have not been reviewing the talent on the team and giving input would be inaccurate to assume.Think Gase has a better feel for the talent levels of his players tan you may realize or admit to.
  21. All these moves were part of plan A well maybe not Mosely plan A2. Some complain about the Center position but both top FA got costly contracts the Jets felt as grossly over paying no matter what fans may think. FA and the draft are not over with then you have roster cuts. Contrary to what some think Jets are on plan and moving forward. As for the players the Jets released they had a figure in mind for each that was below that of the players. Test the market and go from there. Some got there price and walked.

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