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  1. That's strange. I'm sure you've told me many times that everyone has a right to their own opinion. Didn't realize that didn't apply to me.
  2. And I get to do it at will.
  3. Gilchrist was solid in year one. Really didn't hear any complaints about him. Year two, he fell apart with the rest of the secondary. Now playing in Houston, PFF has him rated as the 23rd best safety (81.2) out of 109 graded safeties.
  4. You hate Mac. We know. You love Bowles. We know. They have three wins. They might finish with 3 wins. I said between 2-4 wins. It could be that some people were right about them all along. Mac has done some good things. Bowles? Not so much. I'm sure Mo was better because of Bowles. He draws the line at a year and a half of no effort before putting his foot down.
  5. Correction, Macc tried to compete with the worst roster in the league that he inherited. Too much Idzik to overcome so he tore it all down, a process that intentionally makes it one of the worst rosters in the league. I think the Ravens are glad they didn't fire Ozzie Newsome for needing a decade before picking a good QB in the draft. How long does Elway have left in Denver? He's bombed on multiple QB's too. Hindsight makes picking the right QB the easiest thing in the world. The Jets "should've drafted" a million QB's who were passed on by every team multiple times. I believe it's extremely difficult to find a good QB, but if you're putting good pieces in place while you're looking, you should keep your job. Just think...Mac may have had a playoff team on his hands in year one of Bowles didn't decide to make Steven Ridley his featured back in week 17 against the Bills. Mac can't do everything.
  6. This isn't about an entire team being inspired. It's about one guy who was taking a ton of plays off until he got called out.
  7. Perhaps I should have said they should let the GM who isn't an accountant pick the coach.
  8. We'll see after this season, but I think he's fine. He has done some very good things as a GM. Can't say the same about Bowles as a HC. Sadly, I think he's back too.
  9. A ton of that money was spent on cornerbacks because when Mac took over, their no. 1 CB was Darrin Walls. I wish I was joking about that, but I'm not. Woody wanted Revis back and Bowles wanted a guy he had the previous year in Cro. Mac missed on Skrine. I don't expect perfection from a GM. It's not an easy job.
  10. You just let Mac make the hire. It's time for a GM to pick a HC.
  11. Fitz, Revis, Cromartie, Skrine....I sure hope it costs him his job.
  12. Good point. Pats never really use Gronk unless he's playing Adams. Fasano? Dude was unstoppable with the most prolific 3 reception/25 yard performance I've ever seen. Mercedes Lewis...got tired of watching his end zone celebrations against Adams too. Njoku's grabbing Adams had shoving him away was totes on Adams, nothing to do with refs blowing a call. Teams are just letting their TE's score "at will" against Adams. It hurts.
  13. It was terrible. Not sure why Bowles has this immeasurably high level of loyalty to players who are clearly overmatched, but he does.
  14. No idea if he did or not, but what do you think motivated him after taking almost a year and a half off? I don't know the answer, but I'd be willing to bet it wasn't Todd Bowles. If it was Bowles, I guess we know now that it only takes 20 or so games before he'll get on a player for mailing it in. Good to know.
  15. I don't think there's any way his agent didn't make him aware of this well before week seven. As much as I'd love to credit the CS or teammates for "getting him going", I find it hard to believe they waited for 20+ effortless performances before speaking up. Mo napped on the field for almost a season and a half, then comes out playing with his hair on fire a few days after being ripped by a national analyst. Does that mean it definitely impacted Mo? Absolutely not...but that's one hell of a coincidence.

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