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  1. I kid you not...within 15 seconds of publishing this, Saleh announces Davis won't be playing this week. Feel free to ignore it and I'll bump it on Monday....lol
  2. Noticed that too and shook my head. They have the whole field to work with and we keep seeing multiple guys in a 3-5 yard space.
  3. He's meh. Not gonna' dominate but not a liability either. Middle of the road.
  4. Wholly disagree. Had plenty of push vs Atlanta but numbers didn't look great because the run was abandoned early, GVR allowed some hits in the backfield and multiple runs inside the 5 yd line.
  5. While AVT is dominating and McGovern is looking more like the guy they thought they were getting in free agency. GVR is the only issue. If not for the spinal injury he may have already lost his job to Cam Clark. OL is 80% good to go.
  6. It's an interesting question, but where do you move Mekhi?
  7. Since taking over at LT in week 2: OVR: 74.2 RBK: 60.9 PBK: 84.5
  8. Have been very impressed with Fant at LT and decided to see where PFF had him ranked since taking over at LT in week 2. Numbers were even better than I expected.
  9. You have to count every yard Brown has picked up since 2016 to get him to the number Herndon put up last season.
  10. The one drop in the Chargers game was his last drop of the season which is why I said there were no issues with him beyond that.
  11. How did he mess up as a receiving TE in the second half last season after struggling early on as a blocking TE?
  12. Who has played 9 snaps this season and has 103 yards receiving over the past 51 NFL games. Just over 2 yards per game.
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