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  1. And the Rodgers deal should be the same. Pack can get a 1 next year if the Jets make a playoff run. But this year's pick? With no known outcomes? To take on one of the worst contracts you've ever seen in you life? This would be another typical dumb Jets move. Giving away premium picks to end a playoff drought and be looking for a QB again in 11 months.
  2. I don't think a GM should do something stupid just because another GM did something stupid. This should be the Favre package or less.
  3. Not sure if you realized, but the Packers are even more desperate to get rid of Rodgers and have no other buyers.
  4. Similar to the Favre compensation. Favre wasn't coming off of his worst season in years, didn't have an albatross of a contract wasn't 90% retired ten minutes before the trade was made.
  5. Looks like Joe D. might be on the verge of getting ripped off after all.
  6. Also... Joe D : We're in no hurry. There is no time line. Gutekunst: We want to get this done ASAP Joe is just hangin' out and letting the Packers get closer to the day that they owe Rodgers $60 million.
  7. Another good sign. Had no idea who this guy was up until a couple of weeks ago and he has been relentlessly trolling anyone who says Rodgers won't fetch a first. I think he's even been one of those "The Packers should get a 1 and multiple players" buffoons. After today's presser, he's flipping to smear campaign mode against Rodgers as it appears reality is setting in and there will be no top picks and elite young players.
  8. A 4th in 2023 and conditional 2024 that becomes a 1 if the Jets win a ring.
  9. Pick 13 for a one year rental on a 40 y/o QB? Gee...I'm super shocked that won't be happening.
  10. Even if you fast forward past what that dope Glenn Naughton has to say, check out this episode of JetNation Radio for the first 15-20 minutes to hear a few points on the Rodgers trade that are hugely important but for some reason greatly underplayed in the media. Also some stuff about Zach's regression and revisionist history around him being drafted.
  11. It's a non thing. Packers don't want Rodgers, have no other suitors and owe him $60 million to sit on the bench if they don't move him. Personally I'd be fine if the Jets pivot. If Stafford is medically cleared, tell the Pack to take a hike and bring in a recent SB winner who just might give you more than one season.
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