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    Our brain requires the use of 1/3 of the energy used to run the rest of our body.
  2. Sorry you haven't taken the time to watch Franklin-Myers this season. He has been outstanding. Huff is also 5th among rookies in QB pressures with 8 despite very few reps.
  3. I'll have to take your word for it. Only saw the first 10 minutes or so. Thought I must be crazy but I wanted to walk out and looked at the two people I was with and didn't have to say a word. They just nodded and we all got up and left.
  4. If his employment was based on results he would've been fired after getting his ass handed to him by San Francisco's 2nd/3rd stringers.
  5. Was waiting to greet him after the game with a pat on the back yesterday. Very encouraging.
  6. Gotta get a guy with HC experience. But somebody who was good at it, not like Adam Gase.
  7. First step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Kudos to Gase for coming to terms with the fact that coaching isn't his strong suit.
  8. Yeah, totally average against GB in his rookie year.
  9. It’d be nice if they don’t bench any players who offer a glimpse of playmaking ability. If Mims makes one or two plays, fans are gonna be excited. If Mims doesn’t make a play and Andrews gets blown up by a slumping Ed Oliver, it’s gonna be a bad look for Joe D.
  10. Yeah, this is what we should really be discussing. Not the Jets players set to return, but the difference between slumping and losing multiple games in a row.
  11. I believe context matters. I believe Gase can single handedly hold a QB back. We saw it with Tannehill and we're seeing it now with Darnold. I wouldn't say those performances late in his rookie season were league average. Looked fantastic against GB and Houston late in the season despite having to work with a Bowles/Bates combo. I would suspect though that the Jets FO is more in line with your thinking and we'll see him play great elsewhere.
  12. It's not fantasy football. Can't put up numbers no matter the supporting cast.
  13. Looked like a stud down the stretch of his rookie year. Then Gase showed up.
  14. This showcase would happen with an improved head coach and supporting cast, BTW. And while Lou Holtz and a picuture of Bear Bryant would be an upgrade over Gase and Patton Oswolt, I'm thinking Todd Monken or David Shaw.

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