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  1. I know it's fun to watch the highlights, but went ahead and watched several Arkansas games in full to get a feel for this kid and thought I'd share a few plays that get ignored but have an impact.
  2. Looks like a bowling ball with butc..... Never mind.
  3. AFJF

    Cam Clark

    He was injured early in the season and was getting practice reps with the starters late in the season. The head coach was a f$%*ing moron and spent all year with the worst running back on the roster at the top of his depth chart. Not gonna' hold lack of playing time against the player with that buffoon running the show.
  4. AFJF

    Cam Clark

    Jets had plenty of chances to draft starter level guards other than AVT but they took a pass. This tells me they're fine with last year's fourth-rounder Cam Clark. Love it.
  5. Yeboah, Hoge, Rashed most interesting in the group IMO.
  6. Looks like they snagged Rashed as an UDFA. Now we get to find out which version was the real guy.
  7. Liked him early on in the process. LOVE that the Jets snagged him.
  8. Jets listed him as a LBer and I imagine that's where he'll be. Not an NFL safety IMO.
  9. Wanted Gainwell but loved both the UNC backs as well. Love the pick.
  10. Brevin Jordan and Kenny Yeboah would be nice to compliment Herndon. They might also take a look at Matt Bushman to give Wilson a familiar face in the huddle who he has some chemistry with. My UDFA/sleeper is Sean Beyer out of Iowa.
  11. I agree, but they just drafted a guy who can fill his role for pennies on the dollar and there are no proven CB's on the roster.
  12. Quite a few intriguing players left. Didn't include Hamilcar Rashed who had a monster year two seasons ago with 14.5 sacks and then had zero last year. Which one was the real guy?
  13. (1) Jets Videos on Twitter: "Elijah Moore says he learned "countless things" from his infamous Egg Bowl celebration: "Being in that situation again, I wouldn't even think about that" https://t.co/TzKdtqyc8G" / Twitter
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