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  1. Pass blocking in 2018 wasn't a complete disaster and Herndon was crucial in his development. Give him middle of the road pass protection, with decent targets and a running game and he'll be elite.
  2. Exactly this. Expecting a kid with no O-line, no running game and limited targets to succeed with Adam Gase running the show just isn't realistic IMO. Better blocking, better run game, improved targets and hopefully a better version of Gase help get this turned around.
  3. What year did you start watching? 1987 Most underrated player in that time? Steve McLendon Most overrated player in that time? Brad Smith Best draft class you've ever seen? 2006 Worst draft class you've ever seen? 1998 Best bang for buck draft pick: Mo Lewis (soon to be Sam Darnold) Worst bang for buck draft pick: Gholston Feel free to play along.
  4. I like Jenkins, but to upgrade at that spot with an UDFA would be excellent. I think that at the very least, Huff makes it as a situational/developmental guy.
  5. Which would be more likely if he's not getting 50 reps per game. Part-time receiver who has chemistry with Darnold and can have an impact when he's on the field.
  6. Exactly. No harm in bringing in a guy who didn't look bad at all last season.
  7. Name a long-shot player that nobody is really talking about that you think has a chance to make the 53. I'm going with Michigan UDFA OG Ben Braden. Has managed to stick around for a few years, multiple regimes and was brough back by Joe D. after letting him go for about five minutes.
  8. Pretty much, except we didn't see any "really bad" in 2019 after the Jax game. Which, if you recall, was when Darnold sat down with Gase to explain how he thought the offense would run better.
  9. Could not verify through PFF but you're probably right.
  10. I've seen a few fans express concern over Darnold having thrown 28 INT's in just 26 games. However, 50% of his INT's came in just 4 of those 26 games (4 vs NE and MIA and 3 vs Minnesota and Jax). 10 games with 0 INT's 10 games with 1 INT Threw 5 over the final 9 games of 2019. Discuss
  11. Not at all. I'm just saying that it's going to take something catastrophic to get people to focus on the football side of things instead of the media and/or Jamal Adams. I used this as an example because I think we agree that the Fant signing was a questionable move. I hope and pray his game against SF last season is what the Jets are getting.
  12. Only thing I’m “hitching my cart to” is reality. I know people get emotional about this team being so terrible, but we should probably be upset about things that are real vs things that are imagined. I suppose we’ll have some of that if George Fant gets Darnold killed.
  13. Was Jamal requesting a trade a menial story? I’d argue it was the biggest story of the offseason. Grievances filed against the team by multiple people. Does that fall under “meant for public consumption”? Buggest free agent signings also menial? What about the random firing of Morton a couple years back? He wasn’t only the first to report it but forecasted it several days before it was official. I remember that one well because somebody told me I was a “conspiracy theorist” when I said Manish was predicting a firing. Dont like him? That’s fine. Everyone is entitled to feel how they like about any other person. But the narratives about Manish aren’t supported by the facts, whether he comes in the JN podcast or not.

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