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  1. Agree at CB which I was I singled them out as guys who will play because there's no other option. And yes, obviously Wilson is the only option at QB but that's because he should be good enough to start, as is the case with AVT, Moore and in time I think we'll see the same from Nasirildeen.
  2. Give it a click and feel free to give it a thumbs up if you like it. Jets 2021 Rookie Class Ready to Roll from JetNation.com - YouTube
  3. We've seen it enough times at seemingly every position over the years. Guy looks great and camp and like garbage in games. My hope is always that at guy at least flashes the traits that are supposed to be a strength and I like that we've seen that with Wilson. When a dude comes in and everyone agrees that he's very good at x, y, z and you never see it in any setting on the pro level, it's worrying...a la Vernon Gholston. And as somebody pulled up some old articles on Darnold the other day, there were plenty of people questioning his play early on.
  4. He's an average to slightly above average 28 y/o safety who should make 9 or 10 mil per season. Reports I saw suggest he wants significantly more than that. I think we're going to see Joe D pay big for premium positions and otherwise go with "take it or leave it" offers that he sees as fair.
  5. If Nasirildeen wins a starting job, how many rooks an legitimately start for this team? Two or three CB's but that's just because there's no depth there. But Wilson, AVT, Moore, Nasirildeen and Carter could all end up starting. Not like Idzik's class where a bunch of guys started because the whole roster was trash, but because they're actually good football players.
  6. Agree with a lot of your takes CB, but can't get on board here. You can't overpay because a guy is nice or of high character. Those things should have some value for sure, but if you have an average player at a non-premium position who is looking to be paid like an All-Pro, you let him walk.
  7. I would be sooo pissed off right now if I was 12.
  8. Missed this tweet earlier because I was out running some errants.
  9. Zach got his money. Jets will have to live with it. Time for football.
  10. D'oh...read that wrong. Just glad it's done.
  11. Right, which is why it's dumb for teams to allow it to halt any progress even a little bit. They should've blown past the posturing and given the kid his money instead of being the only team in the NFL that couldn't get the job done. Either way, he's under contract, he got what he deserved, and the Jets can also claim a win no matter how meaningless it may be.
  12. The offsets are idiotic posturing for the agent to pretend he's doing something for the player. In the end, it will not matter one bit to either party. Wilson isn't getting cut before his deal ends and they aren't declining his fifth-year option. If they do, nobody is paying him more than a million or two to come in as a first round bust camp body. That's the money the billionaire owners will save themselves and what they looked like buffoons over. I'm glad the kid got his money and the team gets to pretend they won something.
  13. Take a look in to the rookie wage scale. Contracts aren't the way they were back in the days of Sam Bradford. Wilson's money was set aside the second he was drafted. It just came down to whether or not the Jets would give it to him this month or next year. Wilson wanted his money this month but the Jets wanted to hold some of it back. I'm glad the kid won.
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