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  1. I've lost interest in most "main stream" TV and movies. I've come to prefer documentaries or interviews with historical figures. In London for the day and meeting a friend at a pub called "The Dog and Duck". Been there several times for drinks as it's his favorite London pub and I enjoy it as well. Turns out The Dog and Duck was also the favorite pub of George Orwell. Loved Animal Farm and 1984. Remembered this old doc I enjoyed and wondered who else likes documentaries and history. In terms of great documentaries, I just finished watching one on Explorer Ernest Shackleton. Reading the book now after watching the doc. Unbelievable story of survival for months spent stranded in Antarctica. Got some favorite docs? Share 'em here.
  2. Heat is on that list of "movies you stop to watch if you're flipping through the channels". Every time. So good.
  3. Had a friend who was a huge Soul Asylum fan so went to see them a few years ago. They were very good, but the Meat Puppets opened up and I've neve seen such a sh*t show on stage. Band members were even starting at the lead singer and you could tell they just wished they didn't need the money. Dude was a stumbling mess.
  4. Played there quite a bit in college. That should help with the move.
  5. Your doc mention any therapeutics? Have heard great things about Paxlovid. Get better, dude.
  6. I see what you're saying, but that's why I specified his need to be a physical player (block, win contested balls, etc) because we've seen enough Charone Peake types...great height and 40 but nothing else to offer. Which is why I wish there was more out there on him.
  7. Really wish there was more out there on this kid because his physical attributes are outstanding at ' 6'4'', 4.47 with 33'' arms. Having played at IUP. Listed as a WR but even saw some sites say he's a potential TE/H-Back. Unfortunately there's close to nothing in terms of full games to check him out online and he only had a couple of catches with Penn State before being dismissed. Have to like his chances if he's a physical guy at his size.
  8. My fandom has evolved from the point of simply rolling my eyes to comments like this to just wanting to vomit. How many years of bold proclamations followed by a 4 win season can we take? Just produce.
  9. No. That's why I didn't say that. I need proof or evidence of some wrongdoing before I talk about what a terrible person somebody is. And believe it or not, there are also some examples of the media being less than reliable when feeding the masses.
  10. Yes, and passing any type of judgement in the absence of evidence is what makes one an idiot.
  11. Sign him or don't? Those are the only options.
  12. People who make moral judgements based solely on accusations and an absence of proof are called idiots.
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