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  1. No reason he couldn't have done this last year with Bilal Powell who is one of the best blocking backs in the NFL and looked better than Gore did in 2019. Pardon me if I'm not excited to see that the Jets got older and slower at RB2 after Gase had no idea what to do with a better option in 2019.
  2. I disagree but I don't think you're off by much. I'd say he's safe unless 2020 is an absolute catastrophe. If it's 3 wins or less and tons of blowouts, he goes. If he wins 4 or more and can claim the team was "in every game", he'll be back IMO.
  3. The person who hired him said he was "taking football where it's going", so maybe calling him a "genius" was putting it mildly. This guy is the future of the NFL according to his boss. I'm glad you think he's great. I hope you're right and his actual on-field results for the past four seasons are a fluke. He won't have a schedule flooded with garbage opposing QB's and no road trips in 2020 like he did in 2019.
  4. His record and offensive rankings tell us what he is. A very bad head coach for a guy who is supposed to be an offensive genius. Might he improve after many years of failure? Highly unlikely, but not impossible?
  5. Yup. Started out as a basketball player and they convinced him to give football a shot at TE. Seattle moved him to OT.
  6. I'm actually going to be pretty disappointed if we don't see Fant catch a few passes this season. Freakishly athletic and Seattle had him run a few routes during the season. Didn't look half bad doing it.
  7. Saw that blatant contradiction as well and just had to SMH. ”Shut up and talk”!!!
  8. Percentage of Seahawks offensive snaps played for Fant over his last 3 seasons with Seattle: 2016: 63% 2018: 35% 2019: 43%
  9. This never gets old. Watched it several times since the Jets took him.
  10. DJ is right. QW showed some great traits down the stretch last season. He's spending this offseason getting stronger, should be healthy and playing with a year under his belt. Big year in 2020.
  11. Probably the only move this offseason that I didn't like. If Fant is no better than he was a couple years ago, it's a ton of money for a guy to not play or be a blocking TE. However, if he plays the way he did against SF in wk 17, it's a bargain.
  12. Cutting Anderson would be a cap hit of nearly $10 mil. He's safe this season but unless he puts up 12 sacks, he's gone next year for a 9 mil cap savings.
  13. I think one of my biggest issues is that they took a RB with plenty of holes on their roster. If you're a stacked team that's solid up and down, I don't care what round you take one in because it's a luxury you can afford when the rest of the roster is strong. I'd have taken another O-lineman or WR in that spot but it is what it is. All things considered I think Joe D got a hell of a haul in this class.
  14. I’m rarely a fan of using a pick non a RB before rd6 or rd7 but It is what it is. Clark is the guy I want to see. With a full training camp my hope is he can eventually steal a starting job this season.

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