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  1. This offsets a HUGE chunk of May's possible franchise tag.
  2. Teams should definitely avoid any and all players who show improvement from one year to the next in college. HUGE red flag IMO.
  3. Teams routinely blow smoke regarding their own players and how they view them. Everyone is great. Everyone is a hard worker. Coaches are always "excited to see" a guy up close. But if you could find out what the Jets REALLY thought about three of their own players, who would you choose? And of course everyone would say Sam so let's leave him off. I'm going with: Herndon- He had a very good rookie season, was hurt in year two and was terrible in games 1-9 in 2020 but was very good once again in weeks 10-16 but saw very few targets. He's still TE1 IMO. Ty Johnson- Fits
  4. No. Amount of time missed due to injury for the rookies makes it impossible to have any idea as to whether or not the group will be celebrated or make us sick after year 3.
  5. Any time I hear Tony Pauline or Benjamin Albright sharing their "insider info"
  6. I think it makes sense to keep Wesco around since he can play FB and the offense will probably call for one.
  7. Couldn't believe how many people were down on QW after what he put on film as a rookie. Perfect example as to how you can't use a stat line to show how well a player is or is not playing.
  8. No. It is not a scoop. This is why I said that not everything they say is a scoop. Sometimes they jus throw out an opinion based on what they're seeing/hearing.
  9. could live with a couple of picks on defense early but four of those six need to be spent on offense. The new QB needs something to work with.
  10. If they get a premium pick for Darnold, it's hard to see Joe D not loading up on offense.
  11. Can somebody show me the last time LaCanfora had a "scoop" that was turned out to be correct?
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