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  1. Eh, it's mostly about sub packages nowadays. Teams spend more time in nickel/dime than they do in their base.
  2. AFJF

    Random fun facts

    Korean War night eventually beat that record.
  3. The worst ones are these podcast dorks! Who doesn't have one at this point?
  4. Juston Burris. That's all I got. Played some S in college but Jets never gave him a look there. Just got a 2-yr deal in Carolina to play there after doing a solid job for Cleveland.
  5. I’ve watched every episode of every season and got half way through the final season last night. Incredible stuff.
  6. Been banging the McLendon drum for a couple years now. Wasn't surprised to hear Qvale single him out when we interviewed him. Doesn't get the attention he deserves because you don't get fantasy football points for leadership or dominant play against the run, but that dude needs to be made a coach as soon as he retires.
  7. Um, maybe you didn't hear, but Tom Compton missed week 17, soooo...
  8. I thing Darnold, Herndon, Fatukasi, Shepherd will be better than Sheldon and Winters. Time will tell.
  9. Sorry, your post suggested you had an interest in knowing how it impacted Seattle's win total. It would seem the small number wasn't what you were hoping for?
  10. But he's not the one saying it. He's the reporter who spoke to the person from FootballOutsiders who said it.
  11. Like his versatility. But athletically looked meh when I watched him.
  12. Multiple reports have said vast majority of first 3 weeks will be strenght and conditioning. Haven't seen much beyond that.
  13. Fantastic song. Had the album many moons ago.
  14. I was convinced they were going to tank for Lawrence, but why would you go out and sign Cam if that were the case? Odd.
  15. The number of people who not only don't care about other human beings, but who wear their disinterest in the well-being of others like a badge of honor is so strange.
  16. Saw that headline earlier and just shook my head. These people are atrocious.
  17. Now we need to see Edoga. If he's jacked, the Jets O-line is in good shape. If he looks like the same dude...see ya.
  18. Monster year for Q on the way.
  19. https://psmag.com/education/a-compensation-for-cold-weather-higher-iqs-25414

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