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  1. Just watched 3 Central Michigan games. Both tackles looked pretty good TBH. QB was getting killed but almost all of it up the middle. Goedeke could be a sleeper.
  2. Posted this just over a year ago when I thought Faalele might come out. If Becton stayed on the field and teamed with this dude? Sheesh.
  3. Dude knows how to enjoy life. A lot of folks find that upsetting. I think it's cool.
  4. Abram Smith is UDFA material based on projections I've seen. Could be worth a day 3 pick if he's there.
  5. I was reluctant to get on board until I noticed the all caps. Now I'm all in.
  6. I'd heard it from a reporter who I'd figured was spot on but there was a lot of "he's making it up for credibility, it wasn't in the room" type of stuff. This was the first time I heard it this detailed form somebody who saw it.
  7. Gabriel Davis, Darnell Mooney, KJ Osborn, Quez Watkins to name a few. Also James Proche who I was a big fan of. He hasn't done a ton as a pro but he's coming along.
  8. This was my single biggest criticism of Joe D after that draft. So many quality receivers and he takes Morgan and Perine but passed on a bunch of good receivers.
  9. I've spent all season defending him from people calling him a lazy slob with no evidence of him actually being one. That changes a bit when Douglas says he neds to come back in shape and somebody leaked to NFL network that rehab was going slow and then he started packing on pounds. Hopefully it lights a fire under his ass and he comes in to camp in the best shape of his life but as of right now it's a terrible look.
  10. So he should probably cut his calories down to the point where he's not adding more weight to his weight bearing joint. Nobody is asking him to go on a hunger strike for six months. Just dial back the intake to a maintenance level.
  11. Probably right, but teams aren't going to give him a pass for not doing something because it wasn't easy enough.
  12. Calorie intake. You can be inactive and still drop weight. Hell, I need to drop about a million pounds and dropped a few last month after slipping a disc in my back at work. Just cut calories low enough to be functioning at a deficit.
  13. Not interested? Cool...keep scrolling. Want to hear the story from a player in the locker room for the first time since GimmeMyMoney Gate? Here it is....
  14. But the article was prompted by NFL network reporting specifically that Becton's rehab was slow going and THEN he started adding weight. Not good. At all.
  15. If you consider getting wide open against opposing defenses but having a QB who doesn't get you the ball then yes, Moore struggled mightily.
  16. Being a number 1 means consistently getting open all over the field. Moore did that. QB didn't deliver. No shortage of doubters though. Time will tell.
  17. D'oh. Did both sets of stats with the 4 sample despite him playing 7. Looked at it twice and thought it looked crazy but did the math again, using the FOUR...again. Dummy.
  18. Hope they end up with Trevor Penning on the OL. Would love him in Green and White if he can make the jump.
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