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  1. Funny, JoeC36 and I were in Indianapolis as well last year. Sat next to the Jets tunnel. In Cleveland we are in the opposite endzone of the Dawg Pound. We are in Section 146.
  2. Haha, I definitely wanted to do KC dude, but we don't have a ton of $ right now and CLE & PIT were cheaper to do total than KC was, but it definitely is on the bucket list for a future year.
  3. Lol you guys are nuts. Joe, you know I'm respectful & good on the road ... BP, I remember Cleveland. I got food dumped on me, too. I'm ready for a new experience. Not going to the Muni Lot. Found a calmer tailgate at a lot next to the stadium & not a mile walk like that one was. I'm sure Pittsburgh will be fine since it's not the AFCCG, but who knows. Worst case scenario I'll have Max mail Joe & I out with all his million$.
  4. Duane is going? Is he bringing the big rig?
  5. Duane is going? Is he bringing the big rig? @Maxman
  6. The first four home games will be great & the usual song & dance. 8am-12/1230pm tailgate. Yes the three consecutive night games suck, but at least we get the one Saturday night game & we close it out hungover, or still awake from the night before, on New Years Day with another 8am tailgate. Certainly not the best tailgating schedule of all-time, but I'm happy with 6 of the 8 games, and really 7 out of 8 are fine with me. The only real bummer is Indianapolis.
  7. That's the worst part. I was hoping for a home game on Christmas Eve again.
  8. Looking forward to Pittsburgh & Cleveland w/ JoeC36. Hope to run into some of you guys there. Glad to hear Duane is going so I won't be the biggest Jets fan target by Steeler fans. KC is definitely on my bucket list, but for the price to do KC we were able to do PIT & CLE. Saving up for NO next year. Can do KC another time for sure. It's in my Top 5 of stadiums I'd like to do.
  9. Voting ends in 24 hours (8pm Wed night) Please help out an old friend and vote here: http://patspropaganda.com/post/131586081420/patriots-jets-frenemy-fanenergy-ticket-giveaway Vote for @L7Panda. that's me. @L7Panda .............. THANK YOU
  10. Hopefully a suitable replacement can come around, someone Ed can "mentor" (I know, how hard can it really be?) ... perhaps Max should take the helm.
  11. His inability to hang onto the football is one that worries me, but as a No.3 back/possible camp body, we could do much worse. Still I would rather address this need through the draft with someone with better hands and more speed. Wouldn't hate this move though. He's more simliar to Powell than Ivory.
  12. I've missed you as well old friend.
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