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  1. 124

    Hope everything is good with you brother. Just tweeted you.

  2. www.L7tailgate.com

  3. 124

    Bro are you ready to talk to me now?

  4. 124

    Dude, I don't know why you haven't talked to me in 2+ months but I miss you and I miss our friendship. You were a great friend to me and I miss you man. Please call me or text me or something. 201-400-1492.

  5. 124

    Bro why the **** have you ignored me for over 2 months and why do you want to throw our friendship away? I thought we were great friends man.

  6. 124

    Okay, just DELETE the L7Tailgate twitter page already since you obviously do not want to be friends anymore for whatever stupid reason that is. I thought you were my best friend and I was one of yours but I guess not dude. Thats' really ****ed up. Just delete the page and we'll call it whatever. Tim and Lori are buying the seat in 2011 now anyways. IDK why you are doing this. Bye.

  7. 124

    Bro why won't you answer your phone?

  8. 124

    Did you forget how to answer your phone?

  9. 124

    The only thing I can't get to now is Private Messaging.

  10. 124

    Hey Phil, I'm kind of restricted here. Can't PM, can't set avatar or anything in my profile. Is there a way to change this? Thanks again.

  11. 124

    Even though I'm staying in Section 230, I'll go back to "124" whenever you get a chance. Just isn't the same username.

  12. Did you do away with twitter?

  13. I'm Section 230 in the new stadium, RIP 124 1998-2009

  14. Whats your feeling on the Ronnie Brown 1st round tender?

  15. Damn, that sucks dude.

  16. Damn, that sucks.

  17. I am going to hang w. you in Cortland for a couple days this summer. We'll party like no others. Get ready to get your drink on!

  18. Get your ass back on twitter. Its March.

  19. Whats with the hate dude? Lol

  20. 124

    You went to Cincy and didn't invite me!? Dick!

  21. 124

    Surprised to see you around here tonight.

  22. Just got to see Daybreakers... I recomend it... pretty good flick.

  23. I chose to see Up In The Air today over Holmes, and I'm glad I did. It was hysterical, but also just an overall good flick. I'll think you'll be giving UITA at least a 3 of 4, SJ.

  24. 124

    Are you sitting in 124 again?

  25. Sausage subs rock dude, gfy

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