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  1. LaDainian Tomlinson. http://www.nfl.com/players/ladainiantomlinson/careerstats?id=TOM683150 8-12, 143 yards, 7 TD. Clutch.
  2. Mark Brunell Jeff Garcia Kellen Clemens Kevin O'Connell Erik Ainge None of the names above are leading the Jets to the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl, if Mark Sanchez goes down.
  3. Revis will never walk, but he could be dealt after 2010, depending. I still put Nnamdi on the same level as Revis. The problem for Nnamdi is the Raiders just stick him on one side of the field and leave him there, unlike the Jets who move Revis all over the field to keep him on the teams #1 WR 95+% of the time. Nnamdi isn't moved, so teams can game plan to move their #1 WR to the other side of the field now. Its ridiculous that Oakland doesn't move him.
  4. In this defense Cromartie should be able to return to his '06-'07 form. Wilson is already better than any of the crap we had at #2 last year. I'm not saying we would be just as good right away, but give it a year of drafting/FA for some more pass rush in the front seven and we would be.
  5. Revis. More value for him + he's asking for WAY too much $ & will never get it here. Can send him to Oakland so he can get his precious $16-17 million a year and in return grab a 1st & a 3rd from Crazy Al. Cromartie in this defense will return to '07 form. He'll do just fine as the #1, if need be. I hope Revis is here, but, likelihood is he will not finish his career as a Jet UNTIL he comes down from his $16+ million a year demands. Jets will NEVER pay him that.
  6. Rex Ryan's Top 4 corners in 2008, when he helped John Harbaugh lead the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC Championship Game. 1. Fabian Washington (a former 1st round mini-bust) 2. Samari Rolle (who was past his prime at this point) 3. Corey Ivy 4. Chris McAlister (who also was past his prime at this point) I'm just saying, I think Rex could make do if he had to with: 1. Antonio Cromartie 2. Kyle Wilson 3. Dwight Lowery 4. Marquice Cole / Drew Coleman
  7. He was dissin' on them because they were looking like Kerry & Lito out there (Cromartie & Pool). AKA -- they were getting beat.
  8. There is no way LeBron is going to any place else but the Knicks. He's doing this announcement 12 miles from the Knicks training facility, right in the area of where the Knicks/Rangers use to fly out/in. This just makes too much sense. He isn't going to Connecticut to announce he's going to be playing in Cleveland, Chicago, or Miami, and the Nets did nothing to convince him they have the pieces around him. The Knicks went out and got a top tier Power Foward. He is going to be a Knick. Time for us Knicks fans to start celebrating, break out the champagne.
  9. This will be the easiest World Cup Final victory ever for the Netherlands. SO happy we didn't have to face Germany. We did it baby! Hup Holland Hup!
  10. It's all but certain now... Welcome to the Knicks LeBron James!
  11. Great move resigning him. When push comes to shove having a franchise LT locked up for the next 8 years is more important than a franchise CB, C, or LB. I love Revis, Mangold, and Harris, I do, but you need your franchise QB's blindside protected and now the Jets have taken care of that. D'Brick's contract doesn't effect the 30% rule of extending contracts which is why this was the easiest deal to complete as opposed to the other three, two of which making under $1 million (Revis, Harris) and the other (Mangold) not making much more than that. I wouldn't expect a deal for Mangold or Harris before the season begins. One will be resigned between February and March, the other franchised. Maybe in Revis situation the Jets buy back the final two years and move up some money into his 2010 base salary and then restructure next off-season when a new CBA is in place.
  12. Brett Favre's announcement show will now be 2 or 3 hours. Guaranteed.
  13. 1. Jets (13-3) 2. Patriots (11-5) 3. Dolphins (10-6) 4. Bills (2-14)
  14. Lmfao. Jay, I'm half "back". I'll check out the site 1 or 2x a week, and maybe a post or two, but that's it. My permanent home is on JI.
  15. Is he still too sexy for his shirt?
  16. I am the Joe that David is talking about, FYI. And yes I can confirm this is true (that the Titans uniforms are done for):
  17. Hell yeah baby, hell yeah! Hup Holland Hup!
  18. Joe Johnson & Amare Stoudamire will be Knicks. LeBron & Bosh to either Miami or Chicago. The key is after those two are signed is finding a way to trade David Lee to San Antonio or New Orleans for either Tony Paker or CP3. We need a ****ing PG.
  19. Lito Sheppard was a Pro Bowl CB for a few years... would not have been a bad selection.
  20. You know old timers are always going to vote for The Beatles. /Dump.
  21. And the problem is? The man is quickly becoming the most popular coach in the NFL. He and his advisors know the book is going to sell well in the New York/New Jersey area, which means the book is going to do well. Its not like he's the head coach of the St. Louis Rams. And as Jbro said above me, enjoy the pubilicity while it lasts because one day it will be gone once again and the Jets will once again become an NFL after thought. We're lucky to have a colorful guy like Rex. These are the things that come with it.
  22. Not everybody gets the same injuries, issues, problems, etc.... You do know that, right? It is not a rule that all Wide Receiver's must have this kind of injury occur to them, just as it's not a rule that all professional athletes must buy 16 cars, 4 houses and cheat on their wives.
  23. Yes. Agreed. I mean, Vick killed DOGGIES. He is by far the worst. Who cares about the stupid humans the other killed, ha, they're only humans, but the DOGGIES? SAVE THE DOGGIESSSSSSSS
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