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  1. If the Moss-Coles trade happens we are going to need a new punt returner unless we are going to use JMac or try to have Cotchery do both KO's and PR's we should try to pick-up a specialist who can also be a #5 WR / future #4.
  2. Yeah, Go to KC, you'll get the $ but your not going to win when your the only guy in the secondary that is about half way decent.
  3. Great article and I hope Laveranues is back.
  4. Cornerback's decision might lead to trade ESPN.com news services The Oakland Raiders didn't surprise anyone by placing the franchise tag on cornerback Charles Woodson, but what happened Friday caught them completely off guard. Woodson signed his one-year, $10.5 million franchise tender, which creates major cap problems for the Raiders. The Raiders are $15.7 million over the $85.5 million salary cap, not counting the Jerry Porter contract and the future acquisition of wide receiver Randy Moss, who has a $7.25 million salary. Woodson's agent, Carl Poston, likely made the move because of the Raiders' cap issues and decided to not risk the chance of having the franchise tag pulled before he had a chance to sign it. Poston was in Indianapolis for the scouting combine and walked over to the Raiders' hotel with a signed tender offer. By signing it, Woodson's $10.5 million is guaranteed. He submitted copies to the league and the NFL Management Council. Poston said the Raiders were surprised when they saw the signed contract. There was talk of having the franchise tag revoked or the possibility of making a trade. But in a statement released late Friday night, in which the Raiders reacted to the Woodson move, the team hinted that a trade remains a strong possibility. "The actions of agent Carl Poston and Charles Woodson tell us that they have have reached a long-term deal with a team and we expect a trade very soon," the statement read. Translation: The Raiders apparently feel that Woodson will sign an offer sheet with another team which, as a franchise player, he has a right to do. Oakland could match the offer sheet and retain Woodson at the terms specified, or decline to match and receive a pair of first-round draft choices as compensation. Or the two teams could reach agreement on a trade for a package of draft picks and/or players. The only potential flaw in the Raiders' logic is that, for Woodson to have reached even a tacit agreement with another team, that team would be in violation of NFL anti-tampering rules. Even as a franchise player, Woodson and his agent are not permitted to discuss deals with other teams until the free agency signing period begins Wednesday. The signing of Porter freed the club to designate the four-time Pro Bowl cornerback as its franchise player again. Raiders coach Norv Turner, in a statement about the cornerback earlier this week, sounded like a man expecting to see Woodson on his roster. "We're pleased to retain the services of Charles Woodson," Turner said. Woodson has said he wants to be the highest paid at his position, a distinction currently held by Denver's Champ Bailey. Among the Raiders' most talented and popular players, Woodson has battled injuries and clashed with management and coaches in recent years. In addition, he was arrested in downtown Oakland in December for investigation of public intoxication. Woodson and teammate Marques Anderson were arrested early Dec. 21 after refusing to leave the back seat of a woman's car, and both were jailed briefly. Police said Woodson and Anderson were uncooperative, had problems maintaining their balance, had bloodshot watery eyes and a strong odor of alcohol. They were acting in a belligerent manner, police said. Woodson, who signed a one-year tender for $8.782 million last Aug. 31 after missing 33 days of training camp, was sidelined for the final three games last season with an injured knee. He finished with 74 tackles, 2
  5. 1) Fred Smoot 2) Oliver Ross or Jonas Jennings 3) Pat Williams
  6. Nice! Gash is a great hire, glad to have him here coaching our backs.
  7. He will be wearing #18 in Oakland according to ESPN.com because Jerry Porter already holds #84 and he wants to go back to his rookie year number.
  8. Ty Law will be a Cleveland Brown in 2005, re-united with Romeo Crennell. I said this the other day and I am sticking to it. Anthony Henry will not return and Crennell will sign up Law to a 3-4 year deal.
  9. TX...8-8 for who? The Bills? Because we will have a better record then last year's 10-6, I guarentee that and I'll take any bet you wish.
  10. Probably they could lose the rest of the season and then in Round 1 when they're are a 2 or 3 seed and still be said as the best team in College Basketball.
  11. 124

    Dam Yankee Fans.

    Now that would be awesome, haha.
  12. Like I said the other day: LJ Shelton for Travis Henry is almost a done deal, no way Henry ends up in Oakland.
  13. Muhsin would be good for about 2 years but he could eaisly turn out to be another Curtis Conway for this team if we take a shot at him and try to pick him up. Jerry Rice, he's the greatest WR and maybe the greatest player of all-time but there comes a time when you just gotta hang um up and hopefully now he realizes this is it.
  14. I'd rather have Coles then Moss, especially with Chad as the quarterback for at least the next 6 years.
  15. Way to look on the downside. We will be fine. We just need a good Off-season and that all starts on March 2nd.
  16. 124


    I didn't mean that. Mets will finish 3rd in the NL East.
  17. It's Sooth and his posse in disguise. :wink:
  18. Swann raising money for campaign in Pennsylvania Associated Press HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Former Pittsburgh Steelers star Lynn Swann has formed a campaign committee to raise money for a potential run for governor in 2006. Swann named his committee Team 88, the number he wore as a wide receiver for the Steelers from 1974 to 1982, when the team won four Super Bowls. "I'm considering a run for governor of Pennsylvania," Swann told a cheering Republican audience Thursday night in Westmoreland County, near Pittsburgh. "It was one of the reasons I accepted the invitation to come out and speak to you this evening, not so much for you to listen to me but for me to hear you." On Wednesday, Swann filed papers to form a campaign committee for governor, which allows him to begin raising money for a campaign. "I will spend time introducing myself to communities across the commonwealth," the NFL Hall of Famer said in a statement. "We will also explore the potential political and financial support for my candidacy." Swann, who turns 53 next month, faces at least two prospective opponents in the GOP primary. The winner will take on incumbent Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell in November. A Quinnipiac University poll of voters conducted earlier this month showed Rendell winning a hypothetical matchup against Swann, 50 to 34 percent.
  19. Barron, Barnes or Browner. Give me a B on the Jets!
  20. Like a picture of McGraw in action, there is one at NewYorkJets.com from when we played San Diego after the game, one of the last one's with him smiling.
  21. Ape's are cool, but nobody can beat Ling Ling the Panda.
  22. No, that's just more incested freaks. :wink:
  23. I sent both of you emails yesterday, just wondering if you got them yet?
  24. Brandon Browner Mike Nugent Alex Barron Justin Miller Roscoe Parrish
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