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  1. Dewayne Robertson. With Fergie a 50/50 to return and his replacement probably would be James Reed or Alan Harper? Please. You need a really good DT in this league to have a strong line to stop the run and Dewayne will eventually become one of the best DT's in the game. Dewayne is not replaceable.
  2. Either way we would have lost the game with or without Moss' PR. If we had Coles, who knows, maybe he would've caught a lot of those balls that Moss dropped during the season.
  3. Pat Williams would be nice but I just don't see him coming here.
  4. F Moss if we can get Mason, Coles or Burress.
  5. Not like anyone here was probably planning it but if by some slight chance you were, don't to go Alaska. :wink:
  6. He had a pretty damn good 2003 campagin and if he can return to that form then this is a pretty good trade for the Vikings. Harris and the 7th overall pick with a 2nd day pick for Moss will probably turn out for the better with Minnesota. They have a good 3-some behind Moss with Burleson, Campbell and Robinson and either Mike Williams or Braylon Edwards will come with the #7 pick as well.
  7. This the exact trade the Sixers need. Hell yeah man, AI and Webber, the Sixers will win the East.
  8. 1-Womack 2-Jeter 3-ARod 4-Sheff 5-Giambi 6-Mastui 7-Posada 8-Bernie 9-Tino
  9. Excellent. Brandon Browner is the guy I probably want the most in this draft but I think Alex Barron is the #1 guy we should pursue to help the line improve and get younger at the same time.
  10. Ronny Turiaf - Gonzaga There he is ladies and gents, the man of the hour. The man who will lead the Zags to the Final 4.
  11. I am willing to bet a lot of $ that Braylon Edwards will be the better of the 2.
  12. Yep. And, imagine that offense in Arizona if only they could find at least a little bit more then average Quarterback to go with Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, Travis Henry, Freddie Jones (if re-signed) and Bryant Johnson. All Arizona would have to work on now is getting a litte more help in the secondary, along with getting a franchise QB.
  13. True, and now the Raiders will have a hole to fill at LB with the loss of Harris. The DLine needs to get a legitimate pass rusher as well and Charles Woodson isn't as good as many people make him out to be, they certainly have holes on that defense but their offense could have the ability to be just as good as the Colts'.
  14. Report: Bills' Henry could soon be on way to Arizona Feb. 23, 2005 Compiled From Wire Reports The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly closing in on a deal for Buffalo Bills running back Travis Henry. According to the Rochester Democrat and Journal the Bills would send the disgruntled Henry to Arizona in exchange for left tackle L.J. Shelton. Henry, who topped 1,300 yards in 2002 and 2003, lost his starting job last season to up-and-coming Willis McGahee and made his feelings known that he had no desire to be a back up in 2005. He has one year left on his current contract. Shelton was the Cardinals' 1999 first-round draft pick, but he fell out of favor with coach Dennis Green last season. He's under contract through 2008 at $3 million per season.
  15. By Clark Judge SportsLine.com Senior Writer If you want to know what's up with former USC wide receiver Mike Williams, here's a suggestion: Don't ask an NFL coach or general manager. They haven't seen him in over a year, and they're not sure what they'll find when they dissect Williams at this week's scouting combine in Indianapolis. "The key," said San Diego executive vice president and general manager A.J. Smith, "is what kind of shape he's in after a year off. Everyone knows who he is and what he's capable of doing. We just haven't seen it for a year." Williams disappeared last year when a court ruling denied him admission to the 2004 NFL Draft and sabotaged his eligibility for another collegiate season. So Williams sat while others played, and among the others was Michigan's Braylon Edwards -- widely considered the best wide receiver in this year's draft. Williams isn't far behind, but NFL types don't know where to place him until seeing him at this week's combine and attending his pro workout, scheduled for March 10 in Tampa. Until then ... "You're making a leap from last year to looking at someone who's taken a year off," said an AFC player personnel director. "Plus, where does he fit in with this year's class? There's a lot of gray there." It's not Williams' abilities that pro scouts question. He has sure hands. He has great size. He's physical. He's aggressive. He makes tough catches. He's a monster in the red zone. And he produces big plays. Study the videotapes of Williams' sophomore season at USC, and you find an impact player who hauled down 95 passes for 1,314 yards and 16 touchdowns. But don't stop there. Keep the footage rolling, and watch Williams run for 26 yards, complete both passes he attempted, block a kick and make a tackle. "When you go back and review the tape," said Smith, "you see someone who was dominant. He's a legitimate first-round talent." But this isn't about talent. It's about potential. Specifically, it's about Williams' speed and weight, and what those numbers convey to prospective suitors. A year ago when Williams thought he was entering the draft he turned up for a pro workout in great shape, only to run a 4.6 40 on a track. That would have pushed him down in last year's draft, and it will push him down again if the time doesn't improve. I'm not talking about sending him to the bottom of the first round. I'm talking about pushing him to the middle of the round instead of the top 10 where some thought he belonged last year at this time. "What you want to know is: Has he put on weight? Is he a step slower? Does he still have quickness?" said an NFC scout. "And we're not going to know that until we see him." It's uncertain if Williams will run at the combine or participate in drills. A list of questions was submitted to his agent, Mitch Frankel, but they were not answered. However, USC coach Pete Carroll said he believed Williams had been working "very hard" on his speed in workouts in Atlanta and pro scouts would be impressed with what they see. "He looked like he was in great shape the last time I saw him," said Carroll, "and that was about three weeks ago." One general manager said he was interested in Williams' physical condition because it would signal "what kind of worker he is." OK, I can buy that. The guy had the year off, and coaches want to see how he improved himself -- if, in fact, he did -- for this year's draft. They already know what he can do, and they have videotapes of the 2003 season as evidence. What they don't know is what he can do better, which is why speed becomes an issue. If he can't improve on a 4.6 and hasn't controlled his weight, you might be looking at a 6-foot-5 receiver with a future as a tight end or H-back. "You've got to look at the record," said Carroll. "This is an outstanding player who produces numbers, scores touchdowns and makes plays. He's an unusually gifted athlete." Now he has to prove it. All over again.
  16. Yes but now take a look at that Raiders offense: Kerry Collins and his strong arm, as long as he stays out of the bottle he'll be fine. Jerry Porter and Randy Moss could be the best 1-2 tandem in the league. LaMont Jordan will probably sign there. Boy oh boy...Oakland is baaaaack.
  17. PHILADELPHIA (Feb. 23, 2005) -- The Eagles tendered restricted free agent Brian Westbrook, giving Philadelphia the right to match any offer he receives or a first-round pick from any team that signs the running back. The one-year tender will cost the team $1.43 million, but the Eagles have the option of signing the third-year player to a long-term deal. Westbrook had a breakout season for the Eagles, scoring nine touchdowns and leading the team with 1,515 total yards. A versatile, dual-threat weapon, Westbrook rushed for 812 yards on 177 carries and led all NFL running backs in receptions with 73 for 703 yards last season. A third-round draft pick out of Villanova in 2002, Westbrook played in his first career Pro Bowl after joining the NFC squad as an injury replacement.
  18. I like ARod but I expect at least a .300 average and 40 HR's from a 25 million dollar per year man. Go Yankees / Go ARod!
  19. 124


    The Mets will be the best 3rd place team in Baseball. :wink: Go Yankees!
  20. TS, you're talking about Greg Oden I suppose and he is only a Junior so he's going to stay in High School for at least one more season. But yeah I don't think he's going to college either, he'll be taken #1 in the 2006 draft.
  21. That would be an excellent selection for the Pats. I'm hoping if Barron is off the board that we will grab him at 26 before the Pats though.
  22. Speak for yourself. :wink: Just kidding...welcome RS.
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