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  1. He's on the Top 5 FA CB's I'd like to see the Jets pursue.
  2. He can be the best LB to ever play for the Jets and if he just continues to get better and better after this past years rookie season then he most definitley will be.
  3. How about not only sign Fiedler but sign Arturo Freeman as well.
  4. Alex Barron and Brandon Browner please TS. I don't have NFL Network and I wanna hear how these guys do, thanks man.
  5. Amazing that this year there are no high school kids out there. Can you believe it people? A draft that in the Top 5 probably all 5 come from college!?
  6. Ty Law will be a Cleveland Brown re-united with Crennell in 2005.
  7. Greengal thinks of me everytime she puts on that Curtis Martin jersey I gave her. :wink:
  8. Greengal forces her students to take half naked pictures in the beginning of the year. :wink:
  9. Go Wake Go Zags Go Nova oh and of course Go UNCW Seahawks
  10. Few, thank god, keep Randy in Minnesota please.
  11. And Stephon Marbury the so called by himself "best point guard in the NBA" didn't even make the All-Star game.
  12. Wow check this site out, looks like JI is going down and JN is rising.
  13. Coles, McCareins, Cotchery and Chrebet. Trade Santana Moss to Dallas for #11 or #20 pick OR trade Santana to Oakland so they could have both Moss-Porter and we recieve their 1st round pick, whichever that is. Could anyone see this happening or am I just totally crazy?
  14. Hey, Cotchery, you know it's true.
  15. Bonds is on on the juice.
  16. Hey Hey Hey. I should get the credit for his arrival, I'm the one who told him about the site.
  17. Anyone see the chance of us going with a RB in the 1st round? I don't but if Jordan leaves to Oakland or Miami or somewhere else, could you see possibly the Jets taking Cadillac Williams at 26?
  18. 124

    Offensive Tackle

    Alex Barron is who I am pushing for to take over for McKenzie but if he doesn't fall to 26 we should really take a look at Fred Miller and Jonas Jennings.
  19. Sorry TX, maybe I just havn't woken up yet today. :wink:
  20. This is only a good move if the offensive line can protect him for at least 15 seconds on every pass play.
  21. My bad guys my bad I ment to say Fabini and Bryan Thomas.
  22. No surprise here. Just hoping that Miami isn't willing to give up 2 1st round picks for him.
  23. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=1997572 Now I think the funny thing about this is that he's unhappy with a run first offense and yet they are saying that Baltimore will probably be his next home. :?:
  24. http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/columns/story?columnist=pasquarelli_len&id=1997579 2 years a little more then $4 million with a $2 million signing bonus.
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