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  1. If not a developmental player then Justin Miller is a good look at in my mind and he should be there at 26. BUT, could this be a possibility? Trade Fabini and B.Thomas with possibly a 2nd day pick to Dallas for the 20th selection and draft Alex Barron OT from Florida State there and go with either Browner or Miller at 26? How awesome would that be. And to go with Barron we could sign Jonas Jennings.
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    For the NCAA Men's Basketball tourny we should get a section up for that come March / April.
  3. I am worried about it to a point because of the limited time Chad will have to learn Dinger's new offense and actually get to practice it. That might incrase his time in the Pre-Season games which could also increase a risk of him being hurt in the Pre-Season. If we are not going to bring back Quincy Carter, which it looks like we arn't, we should really pursue Jay Fiedler who said he'd like to be Chad's back-up.
  4. Alright, awesome, happy to be here TS...I hope the past is all forgotten.
  5. The All-Star game isn't as good as it used to be just 3 or 4 years ago. The highlight of All-Star weekend to most people now is the Slam Dunk contest. Aside from that, nobody really cares. Although I must give some props to A.I. for winning MVP.
  6. Hey I like the mock draft idea with the trading of Abraham and all but if that were not to happen could you possibly see us selecting either Alex Barron the OT from Florida State or Brandon Browner the CB from Oregon State?
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